Chapters 31-32 of DGM are out!

Stockpiling chapters lol and i’m glad to tell u there’s another cliffhanger

Well shit sorry guys was really bloody exhausted cause i was out the entire day

was really drunk. well here are teh chapters gonna crash

on another note a lot of stuff are super glitchy and needs fixing. you mya notice footnotes do not work and the chapter titles i used to put on every page is gone. and my template has also been changed so chapter 33 won’t be coming out as fast as I thought it would although it’s a short chap

Well Kiki is doing her best job though, it takes really hard effort to repaste and edit everything manually herself imo and not to mention she did it within 1 day or something

without further ado;

Chapter 31, chapter 32

Chapters 31-32 of DGM are out!

16 thoughts on “Chapters 31-32 of DGM are out!

  1. There is no link to the chapter, and is not the first time either

    Thanks for the good work, appreciate your effort
    Thanks for the enjoyment you bring into my life and many others

  2. There is no link to the chapter, and this is not the first time, thanks for the good works and the enjoyment your translation bring to my life and many others

  3. Sorry, i just saw the all caps in the ‘page not found’ (i just copy pasted) of my earlier comment.
    They are so loud it hurt to see but i cannot edit it 🙁

  4. Thanks but it seems there are no links?
    And also clicking the ‘next chapter’ link from chapter 30 gives a 404 PAGE NOT FOUND…

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