Chapter 60 DGM is out!

8 thoughts on “Chapter 60 DGM is out!

  1. Um if you are going to pick a new novel can you please choose a novel with game element or sport genres

  2. Well… I don’t know if you already know, but, Qidian will start translating the novel in three weeks or so… Just came here to say this, after all, you are spending your time and energy to translate it when it will be stolen from you. Whatever you continue to translate or take a new project, keep the good work 🙂

    1. Yeah, I made a post about it recently. They will take over the novel, but I believe they can’t steal it because the translations are mine. (Intellectual property) They can ask me to take down my translations, but it will remain on aggregator sites. Translating this has been a blast so I’ll continue till I can’t. XD

      1. Im grateful you translated this. You did a good job on it. Perhaps try joining the wuxiaworld translating team. Who knows you might even be able to make decent money as a translator in the future. (Qidian and WuxiaWorld have something of an unhappy relationship.)
        Also can I contact you somehow? I want to learn various things like how to make a site with ads.

        1. Er I’m just a recently joined translator on this site (though I do have some power) You can join our discord and leave a message for Vin. You can also msg the site owner (kiki) but she’s busy nowadays

      2. Its too bad your work is being transferred to them since now your rearing up the notch after been so long this story haven’t updated for goddamn how many years. I can’t say for sure Qidian would rally up this one in haste since other of their works is left dust like my new fav novel in there Cthulhu Gonfalon where a story of a transmigration person from Earth became a jellyfish, gained power then rise up like Cthulhu in appearance, giant tentacles and powerful but not cold, heartless, merciless existence. That novel was stooped over 8-9 months ago and no update since sigh…. I do worry this good grade novel is gonna be left over in the dust, I wish it wouldn’t happen to this too.

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