Chapter 9: Dark Elf Magician Holm


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-Chapter 9, Descent of the God of Magic-

Hidden in the shadows of the ancient tree, Link slowed his breathing down as much as possible, thinking of how to escape from the pursuit of the dark elves.

“20 free points, let’s use 9 to increase my mana recover first.”

Unless an accident happened, he would play cat and mouse with the dark elves. In this period of time, if he had a high mana regeneration speed, the longer he hid, the more mana he would regenerate, and the more advantageous he would be.

Adding 9 free points to mana recovery speed, it immediately increased to 9.2 mana per hour. His mana capacity was now 91, and he still had 23 mana points. If he held out for 7 hours, he would totally regenerate his mana.

Currently, he had 6 rank 0 magic spells, 2 rank 1 magic spellls he could freely use. Even if an accident happened, he still had the capability to escape.

Faint voices came from the ruins of the transmission tower. The dark elves were probably discussing what to do.

All the people in the academy were already killed, an overwhelming number of dark elves were probably gathering around the transmission tower ruins. This was probably the most optimal time to escape from the academy.

Link thought for a while, and then had an idea.

“Buy magic spell: Silence.”


Level 0 magic spell

Use: Blocks out a large amount of noise, including footstep noise, breathing noise, talking noise, etc. One cast can last for 20 minutes.

After buying the magic spell, Link felt a familiar dizziness in his head. After the dizziness passed, he had learnt the level 0 spell.

“Silence!” Link read silently in his heart, immediately using this spell.

At this moment, the transmission tower magic explosion had already died down, the light had already disappeared. The magic academy was once again filled in darkness.

Link had already applied the invisibility and silence spell on his body, and was hidden like a phantom.

He stood up, avoiding the street lights, following the familiar street routes in his head, heading for the back door route of the academy.

The dark elf assassins actually never discovered any abnormalies. Link successfully left the academy.

The magic academy located in the flower garden district of Glaston city, this was where the upper classes of society gathered. Most of the people living here had great influence.

This also implied that this district was crowded with dark elf assassins.

However, the dark elf assassins in the magic academy were different; their targets were the upper class people. They were extremely clear of their mission, and wouldn’t rashly kill anyone.

That’s why, as long as Link didn’t demonstrate his identity as a magician, even if he got caught by these assassins, he should be safe.

At this, Link rejoiced at his first selection. He wore a set of plain, grey robes. Added with his average looks, as long as he hide his magic wand, his appearance couldn’t be more normal.

‘Before the news spread in the magic academy, I should be safe in the magic academy. However, I mustn’t lower my guard. The further I am from the magic academy, the safer. Before the dark elves’ army arrive, I must leave Glaston city.’

Link’s footsteps were very swift. With the aid of the two spells’ protections, he was very safe and did not meet any obstructions.

-Magic academy, transmission tower-

While Link was escaping from the magic academy, a group of dark elf assassins stood at the rubble of the transmission tower, looking at each other in dismay. They found the scene before their eyes hard to believe.

The commander Ryan Giggs was unexpectedly dead, the transmission tower was destroyed. Their surprise attack on the magic academy was now like that of a fart – useless.

“What now, Terry?” A dark elf assassin looked at Terry.

Although Terry had chosen to run when faced with Link, after the commander had died, he was now the highest rank among the dark elves present.

Terry’s heart was heavy. The transmission tower was a crucial part of the main army’s surprise attack. If there was no news of the success of the assassination plan, the marshal outside the city would not rashly order to attack.

Right now, the mission could fail because of this incident. If that happened, all the dark elves would receive punishment according to martial law. It was even possible that they would be put to death by the irate army marshal.

“I think the only thing we can do now is avenge our late commander, and find the teenage magician!” Terry said.

The dark elves looked at each other, and the same dark elf from before opened his mouth. “Isn’t he already transported away?”

“Impossible. Nobody would transmit anything while the transmission tower was crumbling unless he is courting death. He definitely destroyed the transmission tower first before escaping from here. If I’m not wrong, it is very possible for him to be hiding at some dark corner of the magic academy or in the shadows.”

“We will immediately start searching!”

The dark elf assassins dispersed in all directions, headed towards all corners of the magic academy, searching for any possible hiding place.

The magic academy wasn’t too big; the circumference did not exceed more than 300 meters. The hiding places were also not a lot. Under 30 minutes, the dark elf assassins searched approximately 200 meters of the academy, turning it upside down, but they were unable to find even half a shadow of Link.

After half an hour, the dark elf assassins once again assembled at the ruins of the transmission tower.

“Didn’t find, he has escaped.”

“If he has escaped out of the magic academy, then we cannot find him. It is a pity we can’t use the Black Forest’s hunting hounds to find him.”

Terry creased his eyebrows tightly, he was left at his end’s wits.

At this moment, a cold voice sounded out from the darkness. “What happened here? Why is the transmission tower destroyed? How did that brat Ryan Giggs die?”

All the dark elves turned their heads, looking at the black and silver gown of the newcomer. He was a middle-aged dark elf propped on an ebony stick, standing at where the door of the transmission tower once was.

Behind him stood two dark elf warriors clad in full battle armour. These were his bodyguards.

Upon meeting this dark elf, all the dark elf assassins straightened their backs and chorused together. “Superior holm.”

Holm was a rank 2 war magician, and a silver moon legislative member. He had once singlehandedly fought off 3 crack assassins from the Norton kingdom. In the end, he had not only managed to escape without a single hair lost or a single wound, he had also managed to kill one of the assassins. This had allowed him to obtain a high reputation.

On this mission to attack Glaston city, he was given the task of activating the transmission tower to deliver the news of success to the main dark elf army 50 kilometers away.

To ensure his safety, he was to wait until everyone in the magic academy was purged before he entered the field.

Now, everyone in the magic academy was purged, but the crucial transmission tower had been destroyed. What meaning was there for him to be here now?

“What happened here?” Holm loudly enquired. He looked at Ryan Giggs’s corpse, walking over quickly to examine his wound.

“Level 0 magic? Don’t tell me this dolt was defeated by an apprentice magician?” Holms was unable to comprehend what would bring about the death of Ryan.

A level 3 dark elf warrior armed to the teeth and possessing warrior qi, was actually fallen by an ‘earth spike’ magic. This was humiliation to all warriors!

No, this was humiliation to all dark elves!

“I want an explanation!” Holm’s voice was as cold as ice slags.

Terry sucked in a mouthful of air, walking forward. “Sir, the situation went like this.”

He begin to narrate everything he saw, from the time he saw that teenage magician to every sentence Commander Ryan Giggs had said. Every response and move the teenage magician had made, he had precisely narrated without omitting anything.

His words were very direct. All the surrounding dark elves listened quietly, feeling as if they were there and had experienced the battle in person. In their imaginations, they had seen an indomitable and level-headed teenage magician.

His magic was like a web of death; the moment he appeared, this web would start weaving. Every magic spell he cast was like a thread of silk; unceasingly tightly wrapping around its prey, until it suffocated and died.

When Terry had finished, all the dark elves simultaneously shivered. They had never expected this inferior magic academy to be hiding such a dreadful person.

They were also rejoicing; rejoicing that they had never bumped into that horrifying person. Otherwise, they would not have any chance to stand here and listen to this story.

Holm listened calmly. He was a magician, and understood the dreadfulness of that fellow magician better than any other dark elf assassin here.

Within the span of 1 second, casting 9 level 0 magic spells, with every single spell receiving precise and accurate manipulation. What kind of control over magic did this guy have?

Using two barrages of fireballs just to make Ryan Giggs disorientated, before casting a ‘grease’ magic spell to create an opening. After that, he utilised the ‘vector throw’ magic spell to conclude the fight. The precision of all the scenes in the fight made Holm’s heart leap in alarm.

“This is a fighting grandmaster!” Holm concluded.

He immediately resolved himself. “He’s this young, but he’s already this accomplished. If he grows up, he will definitely grow into a horrifying enemy. We must kill him!”

“But, Senior, he has already escaped the magic academy.”

“He will leave behind scent, he’ll leave behind footprints. These are all sufficient enough for us to pursue.”

Holm coldly chuckled, the fiery-red magic crystal on the staff in his hand suddenly lit up, magic power launching against the floor. The soil on the ground begin to immediately morph and change, turning into a ginormous hound around 2 meters tall.

Earth hound

Level 2 magic spell

Use: Condense the element of earth into a huge hound. This hound has extraordinary strength as well as a keen sense of smell and sight.

(Note: Do not ever let the head of the hunting hound focus on you.)

The place where the eyes of the hound were meant to be instead had two black holes, lacking eyeballs. After it appeared, Holm pointed at the corpse of Ryan Giggs. “Find the killer!”

The earth hound pounced on the dead body of Ryan Giggs, continuously sniffing at it for a dozen seconds. The hound let out a low growl before turning towards the magic academy, sniffing while moving.

“You, and also you. Leave the city and inform the marshal of this news!” Holm handed over a scroll to the dark elf assassins. Since the transmission tower was destroyed, there was no option but to let the dark elf assassins run a bit.

“Roger.” The dark elf assassin received the scroll, his body disappearing in the darkness of the night.

“The rest of you, keep up!” Holm commanded.

-Chapter 9, end-

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