Chapter 7: Who’s playing with who?

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Just so you know – Bracketed sentences are tl notes and there are a few names that I’ve changed, such as Gerastone academy -> Glaston academy and Flaming Lessor Magic Academy -> Fleming Lesser Magic Academy

-Chapter 7 (Descent of the God of Magic)-

The sudden appearance of the young magician left Ryan Giggs perplexed.

The attack made on Fleming Lessor Magic Academy wasn’t a challenge at all; the magicians here all greenhorns. Their magic skills were practically on the level of a newborn – weak and inexperienced.

Frankly, he was a tad disappointed. The magician stationed to guard the transmission tower had abundant mana. He could release powerful level 4 spells, but Ryan Giggs only used 2 seconds to decapitate him.

One charge, one strike, one knife, one kill. It was so easy it was enough to raise one’s hackles.1

A magician who did not know how to utilize his magic in battle. This was inconceivable. In the Black Forest, it would be impossible for magicians like these to get by.

The young man in front of him did not seem past 20 – probably some apprentice in the magic academy. With the dismal strength of the teachers in the academy, could their apprentices fare better?

With this thought in mind, Ryan Giggs did not immediately act. Instead, he hummed, sneering at the young man, “Youngster, just because you learnt magic for several days, you think you’ve magically grew strong? Look at him, his time spent learning magic has probably exceeded your age by a lot.”

Ryan Giggs kicked the corpse at his feet crudely. Link recognised the body. It was Fair, one of the level 4 magicians in the academy who could be counted on one hamd. He turned 50 this year and had studied magic for more than 30 years. Unexpectedly, Ryan Giggs’s words had hit home.

“Magic strength isn’t synonymous with the time spent studying, the most important is talent. Dark elf bastards, I’ll show you true magic.”

Link’s voice was neutral, his expression poised. While he was speaking, he casually tapped his foot on the ground a few times. This action was discreet and it went unnoticed.

“Hahaha, then let me test out your ‘talent’. Hughman, go and bring me his head!” Ryan Giggs gestured to a dark elf warrior beside him.

“As you wish!”

The dark elf warrior hefted a long shield and approached Link. When he reached 20 steps away from Link, he positioned the shield in front of him and charged.

Fighting skill: Lesser Charge

Use: The user utilises a special breathing method to make the body erupt with unimaginable power for a limited period of time.

The period of time, naturally, was the best time to take the magician down.

‘Shua~’ The dark elf warrior’s velocity neared the limits of the human body. As his body ploughed towards Link, it created a loud whistling sound against the air.

The trouble was that this warrior wielded a shield and wounding him with magic was difficult. If he got close to Link, one strike would be more than sufficient to decapitate Link.

Yes – only one strike.

In the darkness, Celine had already extended her magic wand, dull light flickering at the end of it. With Link in danger, she could not sit by and watch passively any longer.

However, at the last moment, Celine’s hand jolted back, interrupting the casting.

Hughman never reached Link.

When Hughman reached halfway to Link, his velocity had reached its maximum. Every step left a deep imprint in the ground. Stepping harder on the ground gave him more force to propel his body forward, allowing him to advance with higher speed.

However, when he reached 5 steps away from Link, he realized that the ground had turned soft. He was unable to continue his charge forwards.

Not only was his charge interrupted, because he lost his footing, one foot sunk into the soft ground.

His charging speed was extremely fast reaching over 20 meters per second. One foot had sunk into the soft ground, while the other was stepping on the solid ground. Under his high speed, a ‘ka’ sound rang out. Hughman’s hipbone was fractured.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of it. The vulnerable part between his two legs was also crushed onto the hard ground!

Because he was sprinting at a high speed, his fall was heavy. A loud snapping sound rang out, shattering the still silence of the night.

His hipbone was fractured and his vulnerable place crushed. This was the very definition of unbearable.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” His strident cries could be heard as he screamed bloody murder.

After 3 miserable times, the warrior’s head lolled as he fainted from the pain.

This was how warrior Hughman was disposed of by Link’s stealthily cast magic.


Level 0 magic spell

Use: Turning solid ground into soft mud.

(Note: Don’t step into it! Even worse don’t step into it forcefully! It is your own responsibility if you run at high speed and step into this.)

“Eh?” Ryan Giggs finally faced Link squarely. He looked at Hughman’s wretched condition before turning his glare onto Link imposingly. “Apprentice, you’ve angered me!”

This magician before him was merely a subpar one but had taken down Hughman. It wasn’t because his magic was powerful, but just because they were careless.

However, he begins to get serious now.

Producing a battle knife from his waist, he ordered the warrior beside him. “Terry, you guard the transmission tower. I’ll personally kill this brat with my own hands.”

“Yes, commander.” Terry withdrew to one side. He knew that Ryan Giggs would definitely not resort to ganging up on a juvenile magician due to his lofty pride.

Ryan Giggs slowly walked forward, swiping the battle knife in the air casually. The sharp whistle of the air was audible with every swipe.

The heavy obsidian shield in his hand glinted with a dull shine, looking extremely conspicuous in the darkness. This was the warrior qi of a level 3 warrior.

He continued walking unhurriedly towards Link.

“Fireball!” Link shouted.

A white ball of fire the size of a glass marble rapidly condensed, streaking across the air in a straight line towards Ryan Giggs.

Ryan Giggs casually raised his shield. A ‘peng’ sound sounded out. The fireball struck the shield, dispersing into harmless sparks. The warrior qi on the shield also did not have any noticeable change.

Level 0 magic spells were too weak, a strong level 3 warrior could easily defend against these type of attacks.

Ryan Giggs quietly said, “If your magic is only on this level, then you need not struggle. Stretch out your neck obediently and let me behead you.”

Ryan Giggs, donned in full anti-magic body armor, seemed like an insurmountable war chariot.

Celine who was still in the shadows extended her magic wand once more. Ryan Giggs was a veteran soldier and he possessed warrior qi. She didn’t believe that Link was able to prevail over this type of opponent.

She needed to help him.

In an instant, Link stretched out his hand.

The Crescent magic wand gripped in his hand weaved in the air, like a baton in a conductor’s hands.

Once again, a fireball condensed in the air. However, this time, Link condensed 9 fireballs in a split second.

Doing the maths, it meant that Link used almost a tenth of a second to condense each fireball. His astonishing speed in casting magic was displayed.

Another astonishing scene immediately followed.

9 fireballs were shot. Every trajectory of each fireball was random, drawing gravity-defying arcs in the air. However, their sole target was all the same — Ryan Giggs.

The most inconceivable thing was that fireballs also aimed at different points of Ryan Giggs’s body, some fireballs collided with Ryan Giggs’s chest, others spiraled around his body to hit his back, targetting the chinks in his armor. Some even flew towards the eye holes in his helmet.

‘Peng’ ‘Peng’ ‘Peng’ ‘Peng’ All the fireballs exploded simultaneously, a few flames spluttering into the seams of Ryan Giggs’s armor as they caused injury to him.

“Fucker, my patience has run out because of your small tricks.” Ryan Giggs boomed. The fireballs were extremely annoying, like bee stings.

With Hughman’s example, Ryan Giggs didn’t dare to charge Link, instead slowly jogging towards Link.

Link begins to wave his magic wand again.

‘Shua la’ Once again, 9 fireballs, once again, traced physics-defying arcs, aimed at the chinks in his armor.

This time, Ryan Giggs had learned from before, raising his shield to cover his head and face.

The fireballs had limited power, even if it hit him, his warrior qi protecting would reduce it to a mere scald which required only one or two hours to heal completely. As long as his eyes were fine, everything was alright.

‘Peng’ ‘Peng’ ‘Peng’ The fireballs exploded again. Even though it didn’t cause Ryan Giggs much harm, the impact of the explosion made Ryan Giggs have trouble breathing.

“This damned apprentice, I will definitely crush his skull!” Anger began to rise in Ryan Giggs’s heart, and his footsteps got increasingly quicker.

Anybody getting passively beaten would also get angry.

Link’s mana was quickly being exhausted by the fireball spells. However, he still had 13 free points and he quickly used 1 free point to exchange for 10 additional mana points. Afterwards, exploiting the moment when Ryan Giggs – who was battered and bruised from the barrage of fireballs – attacked out of anger, he suddenly changed his spell.



Level 0 magic

Use: The ground will become extremely slippery, like a layer of grease was wiped on it.

In an instant, the floor below Ryan Giggs became as smooth as a mirror.

At this moment, Ryan Giggs was still jogging, holding his shield in front of his face. He was bombarded by fireballs till he was fuming. It was this anger that caused his defeat.

In a fight, the most taboo thing to do was to lose your calm. This would cause one’s rationality decrease.

The outcome: Ryan Giggs never noticed what was happening beneath his feet.

More accurately, he was paying attention, but he was only paying attention to the use of the swamp technique. When he saw Link cast a spell, he was afraid of sinking into the soft ground and lightened his footsteps. However, he didn’t expect the floor to remain hard but instead turn as smooth and slippery like a mirror.

Thus, when he stepped on the slippery floor, he realized he had lapsed in his judgment. He panicked, losing his balance. The heavy armor on his body only served to lower his sense of balance. He fell on his back clumsily, facing the sky.

Now, let us talk a bit about armors.

It is impossible for all joints of any armor to be fully plated in metal. Some parts are required to be made of a soft leather material to allow movement. This is especially true for the crotch of a person.

When Ryan Giggs fell, a hole tore in his crotch area. Under normal circumstances, a hole would never tear there.

However, now, this hole would cause his demise.

“Purchase magic: Vector Throw!”

Vector throw:

Level 1 magic spell

Use: Throwing an object at high speed. The lighter the object, the faster the velocity.

Link understood the power of this spell very well. When throwing an object with 1 kg – for instance, a rock – rock or anything, the magic spell would allow the rock to attain a minimum speed of 50 meters per second.

1 kg rock and a minimum velocity of 50 meters per second. If this was to collide with a vulnerable part of the human body, it would spell disaster for said person.

After buying the magic spell, Link swiftly pointed his magic wand at the ground, lowly shouting. “Go!”

A rock the approximate size of a fist immediately shot out, drawing a beautiful arc, accurately striking Ryan Giggs’s crotch.

‘Peng’ a dreadful noise rang out. Although the sound was soft, it would jump the heart of anybody who heard it.

What was pain?

“Eh~” Ryan Giggs let out a muffled groan, sounding like a cock who’s neck was being twisted.

This was.

His body finally tumbled down, as he lost his shield and battle knife. He grabbed his crotch, rolling about on the ground.

He didn’t know what had happened down there, but he felt acute pain enough to drive anyone mad. Even scarier was when he clutched his crotch with his hands, he was actually unable to feel his “little brother’s”existence, as if it was already mincemeat.2

Pain, panic and fear, various emotions and feelings continuously surged through Ryan Giggs’s brain. He had long forgotten to defend, let alone maintain the warrior qi to defend against further magic spells.

“Earth thorn!”

Suddenly, a half-meter spike from the ground shot through a crack on the armour, driving through Ryan Giggs’s neck smoothly.

Ryan Giggs was dead.

The warrior’s face, Terry, was filled with disbelief.

The commander was slain! Furthermore, throughout the entire fight, the opponent had not moved an inch, instead just casting some low level magic spells from a distance.

How was this possible?

In ths shadows, Celine was similarly mute.

The highest level magic spell he cast was level 1, and he had killed a level 3 warrior who was wrapped up in iron armour like a stone. In her entire life, this was her first time witnessing something like this.

‘Zeze, by grasping the perfect opportunity and with his terrifying magic skill, this powerful warrior was played to death by him.’ Celine’s eyes were remarkable, having captured every detail of the fight.

Because of this, Celine was dumbstruck.

-Chapter 7 end-

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    1. they did have enough strength to back up their words. Ryan Giggs was a level 3 warrior and one of the highest leveled people deployed to infiltrate glaston city. He also had two level 2 warriors or something. Magic apprentices were people that could be slaughtered by ordinary citizens because their magic sucks balls

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