Chapter 58: Truly an Unwavering Maiden

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-Chapter 58, DGM-

Red leaf valley was three kilometers to the south of river valley village. Because the valley was filled with maple trees, when autumn arrived, the valley would be filled with red leaves, hence, the valley was known as red leaf valley.

The canyon was long and narrow, with a small brook flowing through it. Because it was autumn, the brook was almost dried up.

At one side of the dried up brook was a log cabin.1

There were many sentries stationed around the log cabin. They were all robbers from the syndicate. They were all experts in stealth. Although they were hidden in the forest, the birds and small critters had not discovered them, foraging for food right beside them.

The interior of the log cabin was simply furnished. In the middle of the log cabin hung two metal chains from the ceiling with each of Lucy’s arms fastened to it. Her hair was in disarray. Her leather armour had been stripped off her. Her skin was raked with the bruises of whips, and her tattered arms were bloodied. The wounds were horrifyingly deep, so much that even a faint part of her bone could be seen.

The syndicate was extremely cruel towards their captives. From the time Lucy had been captured till now, only two hours had passed. However, they had already tortured her to near-death.

In the corner of the room stood a dark figure. He was the torturer.

”Heh, pretty girl, you still won’t tell us?” His voice was mild and gentle. It sounded like that of an old friend’s.

Lucy’s head lolled weakly, the fiery locks of her red hair dangling down. Her crimson blood dripped down from her body, splashing onto the floor. A puddle of blood could be seen beneath her body.

Lucy uncontrollably shivered. It wasn’t out of fear, but a protective response from her body. Every time this voice spoke in the last two hours, the whip would come cracking at her.

A black whip lashed out from the figure’s hand like a viper. It cracked at Lucy’s stomach, and quickly returned to the figure’s hand. Split skin and fresh blood could be seen on Lucy’s stomach where it landed.

The whip was heavy. Lucy felt the blow of the whip surge through the inner organs of her body. She bit her bloodied lips as she felt the sickly sweet sensation of blood rising from her throat and forced it back down.

A sneer on her face, Lucy feebly chuckled, “Do you really have nothing else other than whipping?”

A bit of pain was nothing compared to her experience in the mercenary career. She had suffered way more than this before. She still remembered their incident with the black rock mountain in north. In the volcanic crater, they had captured a lava spider. However, in the process of capturing it, she had been hit by the lava acid spurted out by the lava spider. The pain she had felt was akin to something stabbing through her soul. Up until now, the pain was still fresh in her memory.

Even when she had met with that injury, she had not uttered a single cry. Even if the whip used to lash her was dipped in saltwater, it was merely a sting to her!

Just as she finished, the whip cracked again. This time, the whip struck her face. Because of her thick, red hair, this lash was not as hard. However, a deep gash still appeared on her face.

“Why bother even hiding the information?” A hint of frustration finally made its way into the figure’s voice. “If you want money, I can give you 1,000 gold coins. You can find any place to settle down, and live luxuriously for a lifetime…”

“Pah! Stop dreaming!” Lucy spat at the figure in the corner. “I, your mother, am itching to kill you!”2

She wasn’t anything like those weak ladies who only knew how to weep and wail. She was nicknamed the ‘Fire rose’ of the Flamingo mercenary squad. If there was a favour to be repaid, a debt to be collected, the syndicate might as well had straightforwardly confronted them. These cowards that lurked in the shadows would definitely face her wrath when she got the chance, provided she lived to tell the tale.

“Then I’m afraid you won’t get this chance. Nobody will come to rescue you. I suppose there’s no harm in telling you this. We are the SYNDICATE. Your two mercenary buddies won’t muster the courage to even look for you. They don’t even have the strength to rescue you. Heh.” The figure snickered. “Not to mention that we’ve only just started. If you continue giving the silent treatment, we’ll let you know what hell on earth is.”

Lucy paled when she heard the three syllabuses — Syndicate.3 She was familiar with the syndicate. It was a viper that terrorised Feloma continent. Gwinnett forest was an area under their control.

Their influence was tenfold, a hundredfold more than the dark brotherhood, and was something that the flamingo mercenary squad would be able to fight. Even if Hank and the others attempted to rescue her, they would only be coming to their deaths.

If it really was the syndicate that had abducted her, then it looked like she wouldn’t survive this time.

Bitterly smiling, Her mind involuntarily flashed to a thin figure of a young man. That genius magician which she had recently pledged her life to…would he come to rescue her?

She did not know.

As far as she remembered, that young man was perpetually tranquil and unperturbed. The expression in his eyes had never ever fluctuated before either. His pupils were as dark as midnight, yet they seemed to carry a deep tranquility, like nothing existed that could possibly alarm him.

When she had tidied up his room for him, he did not even spare a glance for her. Her alluring figure and attractive face had no appeal to him whatsoever. He only had his eyes on his magic. The most he had paid heed to her was when she had finished tidying up his room, which he had faintly muttered a word of thanks to her.

An apathetic person like him….Lucy had no idea of knowing what place she had in Link’s heart beyond a follower.

However, she could easily guess that it didn’t amount to much.

‘Alas…I figured I would be able to start truly using the warrior qi breathing method…looks like I won’t have a chance to.’ Lucy sighed.

Just when a bright road of the future had appeared in front of her eyes, she had suddenly been bitten by a ferocious viper. Now, everything she had would be lost, like ashes swept away by the wind.

“Finally seen reality?” Lucy could hear the grin in the figure’s voice from the shadows.

Lucy ground her teeth and shook her head. “Fuck you.”4

Given the syndicate’s tremendous power, even if her master, the powerful magician Link, intervened, it would be for naught. Him not appearing to save her was merely a rational decision on his part. However, her oath to him would not be broken.

“What a tough lady…you have my respect. Ahaha.” The figure stepped out from the shadows. He was dressed in a typical robber’s attire. A mask hid his face. He wore a brown-gray leather armour. His left hand gripped a bloodied whip while his right hand clutched a bright dagger.

He tossed away the whip, slashing his dagger in the air a few times. The blade flickered in the air, the cold glint of metal reflecting into Lucy’s eyes. He walked to Lucy’s side, a disturbing grin on his face. Pressing Lucy’s chin up to look at him, he snarled, “See this dagger of mine? He’s called disembowler.”

His dagger gently traced circles over Lucy’s chest, his voice disturbingly mild. “He is very much sharp, particularly to those who refuse to cooperate. I’d gradually slice apart their flesh, opening their chest to allow them to see their own beating heart. Then I’d repeat the same to their stomach, allowing them to have a nice view of their liver, intestines, and more… Rest assured, I am particularly gentle in my cuts. You won’t immediately die.”

“You’re a fucking demon!” Lucy finally felt terror. She was not afraid of dying, but suffering something like that could drive even the strongest warriors insane with pain.

“Thanks for the compliment.” The robber beamed like a cheshire cat, his smile splitting to both of his ears. And yet his eyes were freezing cold. “Now, I give you your final chance. Will you tell us or not.”

For a moment, hesitation struck Lucy. But this hesitation was quickly stopped. “It’s only death. I will watch you from the kingdom of god5 as you descend into hell!”

“Wow!” The robber exclaimed in surprise. His dagger inched towards Lucy’s badly mutilated chest.

At this moment, the door of the log cabin was sharply rapped on. A voice from outside called out, “Senior, a message has arrived from the two mercenaries at river valley village.”

The knife froze. The robber retracted the knife, lightly patting Lucy’s face, “Oh, your companions came to see themselves to their deaths…stupid, just like you.”

The person threw open the door, walking out.

Lucy’s eyes glowed. ‘Has he come to save me?’

She knew Hank and Greedin well. These two men would definitely set off to rescue her. However, their skills were limited, and there was no way they could have found her under such a short time. Only Link would be able to move within such a short time.

Mixed feelings swam about within Lucy. Happiness, anxiety, gratefulness. In her mind, the figure of the young magician became even more distinct.

-Outside the log cabin-

Ander’s eyebrows shot up as he listened to the message.6 “Why is there a magician? Fuck!”

They had requested for Lucy to be undamaged, but Lucy had already been tortured horribly. This was a problem. After thinking, Ander spoke, “Return to them, and tell them to come to red leaf valley.”

“Understood, Senior.” The bandit turned to leave.

Ander watched the bandit leaving. “Ordinary people don’t understand magic runes, and they also wouldn’t dare to contact us. Only a magician would realise his value. It seems like this magic rune really is on the magician’s body. Hehe, these three people want a trade? How naive!”

Ander motioned to a sentry. After a while, a black figure darted out from the woods. “Senior, do you have any commands?”

“Gather all the night blade members. Also, tell them to all wear magic resistance armour and daggers! Bring all my magic resistant equipment here too!” Ander ordered.

“Understood, Senior.”

Ander snorted. “Magician? How great can one be?”

-Chapter 58, DGM-

Tler’s notes:

I can’t wait for this Ander to be crushed in the balls by Link…

And seriously does every hot chick fall in love with link 0_o

IMPORTANT NOTE: Al Wright will be changed to Elliot after much consideration. I considered Edwin, Aldwin, Ellet, Elet or Alwin but I settled on Elliot after asking other translators for help.

Also, this chapter seems really glitchy for some unknown reason…calling vin for help.

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