Chapter 53: My Brother! (Bottom, 1/3)

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-Chapter 53, DGM-

This night, river valley inn’s attic’s candlelight was always on.1 Two young magicians were going on a mental journey.2

One was devotedly studying a magic book and the other was totally absorbed by the former’s thesis. As time flew by, it unwittingly became very late.

Link felt a little tired, and he put down the magic book and prepared to sleep.3 His body’s constitution was weak and thin, and he treated his body very carefully. Occasionally, he would forget about the time, but as long as he came back to his senses, he would ensure his body got sufficient rest.

Lying on his mattress, Link saw Elliot still engrossed in his written thesis. Link reminded him, “Oi, Elliot, it’s quite late already. It’s best to sleep now.”

“Wu~ Wait for a while, there’s still a problem here.” Elliot turned a deaf ear to Link’s advice, his hand rapidly writing on a parchment of paper. He was currently deriving a magic transformation equation on Link’s thesis.

Although he did not know the use of the magic transformation, but it did not diminish the beauty of the equation in any way. As a magician, although he was only a magic apprentice, he could easily feel a graceful sense of beauty from the magic formula. To him, this was like a pervert who had caught sight of a beautiful woman. He could not resist the profound attraction of the formula.

Seeing Elliot’s dazed expression, Link knew he could not dissuade him so he gave up and slept himself.

A night passed silently.

At 3 a.m. in the morning of the second day, Link roused from his mattress, extremely refreshed. However, he felt like there was movement in the room. When he opened his eyes to look, he realised Elliot still hadn’t slept yet. His eyes were bloodshot like a rabbit’s, but he did not look sleepy in the least.

“Right, he’s a lunatic too.” Link admitted. In the previous game world, Elliot becoming a legendary tier magician at the peak of existence was not through absolutely luck.

Link did not want to disturb him, so he sat up and cast a light spell, picked up the magic book Elliot had given to him and began reading again.

This magic book was eastern valley magic academy’s property, and he couldn’t possibly always have it. Thus, he did not bother with the small details and instead memorised all the content in the magic book first so he could slowly digest the information at a later date.

His memory was astonishing, and since he had just woke up in the morning,4 he felt energetic from head to foot. Reading the entire thing once through, Link had more or less gotten the entire book memorised near perfectly. Rereading it once more to correct any errors in his memory, he reread it for the third time to consolidate and strengthen his memory of it. When he reread it for the fourth time, Link had already deeply engraved this level 1 magic book ‘the advancement of magic’ into his memory. As long as he slightly recalled it, every image regarding this book would pop out, something like a convenient powerpoint slide.

“Having a good brain is really useful, huh.” Link was very satisfied with his extraordinary memory.

At this moment, the sky was already bright. Looking once more at Elliot, Link discovered that he was still staring at the thesis like he was mad. From the pallid and wan colour of his face, Link reckoned that his body would crumble apart if this continued.

Link strode forward, forcefully snatching his own thesis back. “Hey, rest a bit.”

“Wait-wait-wait, let me see it one more time.” Elliot anxiously glared at the parchment of paper in Link’s hand, with the expression of wanting to snatch it but not daring to snatch it back.5

“I haven’t even written it finish yet, why the rush?” Link was slightly speechless. The thesis was written in a mess, and even now, it did not have a clear concept or theme. He himself felt that it was too embarrassing to show, why would it make Elliot into this mess?

“Ah, it’s not done?” Elliot despondently said.

He had read through it the entire night, but he had only seen three parchment sheets of content, and had only understood half of it. Furthermore, there were at least 15-16 pieces of paper here. As for the back of the parchment papers, he had taken a quick glance at it but did not understand anything at all.

But he was absolutely sure, that this thesis contained an incomparable and exquisite idea.

“Link, I feel that even if you tidy up the content and develop a theme for it, you would definitely meet the demands of the academy. Otherwise, why don’t I copy a portion of it and bring it back to let my teacher take a look?” Elliot brightened.

He believed that even if this thesis did not allow Link to enter the academy, he would earn the interest of his teacher. Perhaps, she would even loan him the magic books.

To Elliot, as long as he could help Link, he would not hesitate at all.

‘It’s too bad that Link’s magic talent is insufficient, or he could just directly enter the school.’ Elliot sighed in his heart. The light of magic on Link’s body was still as dull as before. It was clear that Link’s claimed injury was just a pretext.6

Link did not know what Elliot was thinking. He contemplated for a while, then nodded. “Alright. You didn’t sleep at all the entire night. After you eat finish your breakfast, rest first. I will then tidy up this part of the thesis and you can return.”

To be honest, although Link had only skimped through the book ‘the advancement of magic’, he had already benefitted from it. It was like a tourist in the desert who had gone for several nights without a single drop of water had suddenly stumbled upon a a clear spring. And this was only one book. If he could enter the academy to study, then it would be akin to a beggar stumbling upon Alibaba’s treasure.

In any case, Link was increasingly longing to enter the academy.

Elliot was indeed quite tired. After finishing his breakfast, he went to rest. Link began to sort out his thesis.

Although his thesis was far from completion, it more or less had an outline already. As the original owner, Link was exceedingly familiar with his own thesis. Thus, his tidying speed of the thesis was very fast.

He had already finished a quite a few parts of the thesis, and one of those primary portions was Sir Isaac Newton’s simple derivation of his law of gravity.

Yes, the formula of gravity. Link had managed to derive it earlier, but it was only the shallowest layer of the conclusion.[footnote]conclusion of gravity In addition, the formula contained some unproven hypothesises, and was extremely far from what Link could bite off currently.

“This part is considered the most perfect point with evidence, Elliot can bring this back. The remaining are still quite fuzzy, and would be embarrassing to present.”

Link had decided to only allow Elliot to bring the process of derivation of gravity’s formula. As for the following parts like the theory of relativity and other deeper parts, it was still very coarse. It would be embarrassing to display half-made products like these.

Link quickly arranged the portion that he had selected, and recopied it. Seeing that Elliot was still asleep, Link took out Elliot’s teacher’s answer scroll to look at it.

After looking at the explanation of one question, Link could tell the level of magic of Elliot’s teacher.

“Explaining this question so simply and yet so profoundly. This female teacher called Moira is not bad. Why hadn’t she appeared in the previous game world?” Link found it quite strange. He knew Elliot’s questions all had a certain degree of difficulty, but Moira’s answers were all perfect. Not only had she answered Link’s doubts, she had even Link huge enlightenment.

Carefully searching through his memories, Link realised that his memories indeed did not have any traces of Moira’s existence. Even in the accident of eastern valley magic academy, there had not been a shadow of Moira.

For a level 5 magician to possess her own magic tower, how could she not leave behind a single trace in history? This was absurd.

However, this was not anything important. Unable to get over it, Link placed it at one side and returned to the answers on the scroll. His speed was quick. The 6 questions were quickly looked through. However, there were still a few sentences on the back of the scroll. It had been written by Moira, and the handwriting was graceful.7

“I am happy that my disciple has a friend like you. Your understanding towards magic is profound and unique. If you have any new questions while on the path of pursuing magic, you can directly write a letter to me. I will use all my capabilities to answer. — Moira Dolskin.”

This meant that Link had obtained the appreciation of Moira.

After thinking, he realised that he did have new questions over these few days. Since Moira had said that she would help to answer him, why would he let go of a chance like this?

Link grasped his pen and wrote a few new questions. Elliot was going to return to the magic academy today, so he could conveniently bring the letter along with him.

When it was afternoon, Elliot woke up. When he left, he left behind 10 silver coins, but Link declined and explained, “Don’t worry about me. My friend, my father has returned my letter. He sent some money along with it.”

“Oh, so it’s like this.” Elliot relaxed. He knew Link’s father was a feudal lord.

“Then I’ll make my move first.”8

“See you.”

Elliot brought along Link’s arranged thesis, Moira’s magic book, and also Link’s letter to her. He got onto the carriage and returned to eastern valley magic academy.

Watching Elliot’s carriage fade into the distance, Link returned to the inn. At tis moment, the gazes of the people in the inn looking at him had changed. Their gazes now contained respect and reverence.

Link smiled. These were ordinary people. Staying inside this place to drink, gossip and chat idly, now that a star had appeared in the sky, they would exclaim in admiration. The reverence of ordinary people like these, Link did not have a single feeling towards it.

He approached the front desk and said to the innkeeper, Matt, “Deliver tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast to my room. Thanks.”

Matt’s grin was like a chrysanthemum’s. “No problem.”

Link then made his way to the attic, and began to peruse the magic book.

“I know a lot of level 1 spells. If I can alter a few and create a few magic techniques, my strength will upgrade by quite a bit. But which one should I alter first?”9

After much thought, Link resolved to alter the ‘vector throw’ spell. Because the consumption of the magic spell was small and it had a wide flexibility, even if the opponent had magic-resistant equipment, this magic spell still had good killing power.

Just as Link began to concentrate again on altering the magic spell, unknown to him, in Gwinnett forest’s underground world, a conspiracy was brewing.10

Echo valley.

Two shadows stood at the ruins of the valley.

“Have you found the magic runes?” One shadow wore a cloak, grasping a magic wand in his hand. If Witt was still alive, he would recognise that this man was the same magician that had given him the demonisation magic runes.

“Negative, the valley has nothing. But we found these.” The other shadow wore a brown and gray skintight leather armour, with a hood that obscured his face. He had just returned from the ore mine with a lump of rotting black and red flesh, and a few chips of a leather armour.

The cloaked magician started, “The smell of demonisation! I recognise this leather armour…it’s Witt’s. Witt was demonised, but he was still killed! Who would have such a powerful strength? Don’t tell me it’s the magicians from eastern valley magic academy?”

“No, Witt’s businesses were very careful. He would never provoke those guys. I heard from people that it was a group of mercenaries that had disposed of him.”

“Mercenaries?” The shadow lapsed into a short silence, before opening his mouth, “Find these people. The magic runes must not be lost! This is the down payment.”

“Got it.” The cloaked magician handed over a bag. The hooded shadow opened it and looked inside, before grinning with satisfaction. Unexpectedly, his body began to turn translucent, and eventually transparent. He disappeared into the valley.

‘Rustle~’ Quiet footsteps left the area. It was the shadow leaving; he had casted an invisibility spell.11

-Chapter 53, end-

Tler’s notes:

Ohhh is Moira good? Or bad? Link has no information about her at all lol. Or maybe he never had all the vital information to began with. Plot thickens.

I’m just here waiting for annie to pass by river valley village. Ya’ll may not have spotted the clue but Witt once said that “princess annie’s entourage would pass by river valley village in 2 months” or smth like that.

Another thing, do give suggestions (e.g. night mode?) and inform me of any mistakes. The other day I was browsing through my other chapters for reference to this chapter and spotted a few mistakes lol

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