Chapter 51: My Brother! (Top)

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-Chapter 51, DGM-

Link’s mana capscity was 99.1 mana. A level 3 mysterious strength spell consumed 90 mana. After casting it once, he did not have enough mana to cast another.

When a magician’s mana was in abundance, his body would have a hazy sort of radiance, and his pupils would also look unusually bright. This was the brilliance of magic. However, now that Link only had 9 mana left, the magic radiance on his body once again became dull. Although his pupils were as calm as ever, they were dark like a bottomless pit with no light.

When the three mercenaries had first met Link, they had seen him in this state.

As for Lucy’s and Greedin’s vow of loyalty, Link had no qualms about them. After some thought, he decided that the mercenary squad acted as one body. Furthermore, these two people were not bad. In a fight, they could be counted on to watch your backs.

Thus he nodded his head and agreed.

“I will also grant both of you a warrior qi breathing exercise, but only later. Now, my mana is almost depleted. However, I must remind you that the warrior qi breathing exercise is, after all, just an exercise. If one wants to be successful, he needs to exert determination far surpassing that of ordinary people.”

When all was said and done, ‘mysterious strength’ was only a level 3 magic spell after all. Furthermore, it was only exchanged with free points. In other words, it was only a level 3 warrior qi breathing exercise of average quality. Its effect would not be anything extraordinary.

Link reckoned that if the three of them diligently tempered themselves, they would all be able to reach level 5 by the age of 35 years old. However, their progress past level 5 would be extremely difficult. For Lucy and Greedin, their limits were probably level 6. As for Hank, his would be a little higher — level 7. This was considered his peak.

Of course, this was only temporary. If the three of them were really useful, Link wouldn’t mind giving them even higher leveled warrior qi breathing methods.

“We understand!” The three mercenaries bobbed their heads. What they were most scared of wasn’t hardship, but instead making no progress even after hard work!

Link looked exhausted. The three of them did not stay more and bade him farewell, leaving the attic. When they reached the inn’s hall on the first level of the inn, Hank emotionally said, “Now, we may actually realise our dreams.”

Lucy’s heart was still palpitating from the shock from just now. She murmured, “I feel like these past few days have been a dream. Hank, wanna give the remaining gold coins to senior? I heard that studying magic is extremely expensive. After paying the studying fees, he shouldn’t have much money left.”

The three of them still had 1,500 gold coins left on their hands. To them, it was a sum of money they could not spend finish and could only save up.

“Lucy’s right. Hank, what do you think?” Greedin said.

Greedin no longer cared about the money. With the warrior qi breathing exercise, he would have a limitless future. When money was compared to the warrior qi breathing exercise, it was nothing. A warrior qi breathing exercise was priceless, and it depended on whether Link wanted to give it to them. If he was still unwilling to part with a little bit of money like this, then he would be no more than a shortsighted scoundrel.

Of course, Hank had zero objections. When he had sworn to become Link’s follower, he had sold his life to Link. The way he saw it, the entire flamingo squad was now Link’s followers. Both sides would benefit together. The more success Link had in his magic, the brighter their future would be.

Since this was the case, they might as well fully support Link’s studies.

After thinking, Hank said, “Not only should we pass this money to senior; we should also raise our strength. We can earn more money and support senior’s studies even more!”

Lucy and Greedin were both quick-witted enough to understand the reasoning behind Hank’s words, so they nodded. Hank spoke again, “Also, for now, we should try to maintain low profiles. Until this is all over, let’s not freely show our faces to the public. Let’s go back, focus on cultivation, and I’ll teach you guys the tempering method so you can practice it for now.”

During this period of time, there was an especially large amount of forces keeping an out eye for them, and today, they had been very careful on their way to river valley’s inn, lest they cause trouble for Link.

Under their current circumstances, the wisest choice was to imitate tortoises in remaining inconspicuous. After the trio finished consulting, they were ready to head back to their yards and gather money, but right as they walked out of the inn, they saw a horse carriage stop in front of the inn.

The carriage was exquisitely-made; its hood was sky-blue, its edges were inlaid with silver, and the horses were all tall, long-legged, purebred horses. They gave off an aura that seemed to be superior over even the battle steeds of the north. The driver was extremely well-dressed too. One glance was enough to tell that the horse carriage belonged to a great personage.

“I wonder which great personage has arrived?” The people in the inn discussed in soft whispers.

“Shh, don’t you see the badge on the carriage? That carriage belongs to eastern valley magic academy!” Someone spectated quietly.

Someone else sucked in a breath, “Then doesn’t that mean there’s a magician sitting inside that carriage?”

Hearing those whispers, the three mercenaries quickly rushed to the side. Since their encounter with Link, a deep impression was left on her hearts: Authentic magicians were like gods, and compared to rogue magicians, authentic magicians were practically on different levels of existence. Just think, Link had yet to attend academy, but he was already so strong. How much of a freak would a formal student of eastern valley magic academy be then?

“I wonder how strong that formal magician is?” The three thought simultaneously.

The carriage came to a stop, and a blue mage-robed youth stepped out. When he saw this youth, Greedin couldn’t help but draw in a breath.

“Christ, how is it that there’s someone so much more handsome than me in this world?!” He had always thought he was a very handsome man, and with his picturesque looks, he had captured the hearts of many women, but after seeing the blue-robed magician, for the first time, Greedin felt ashamed of his own looks.

Look at him, this magician, with his robust body fitted into tailored mage robes and devastatingly good looks and a wand of white jade in his hand. It seemed as though his whole person was shining, appearing as glorious and resplendent as a fallen Sun God.

A handsome appearance, coupled with a magician’s noble status… he was practically spoiled rotten by the ruler of light!

Anyhow, his presence ensured that he would be the sole leading character on the scene, and all around, everyone seemed to have been dwarfed. Even Hank, with his 2-meter stature, suddenly seemed ordinary.

“I envy him!” Greenid felt as though he had suffered a blow.

Lucy swore under her breath, “Pretty boy!” When she was younger, a handsome man had cheated on her. Not only did that pretty boy cheated her of her emotions, but he had also cheated her of her money, and since then, she never looked favorably upon handsome men again. By comparison, she felt that men like Link were much more reliable.

Hank was the calmest of the three. His eyebrows furrowed slightly, noticing something was off. “Why do I feel like this magician from eastern valley academy is still far from Mr. Link’s level of power?”

He was a a level 3 warrior and had a warrior qi breathing technique along with a keen intuition. He had a feeling that the magician was exceedingly weak, and that if he wanted to, he could beat the magician with one blow.

“Who knows? Maybe he’s just a flower vase1.” Lucy spoke again, disdainfully thinking, no handsome men were good!

At this moment, the young magician had already entered the inn under everybody’s gazes. The three mercenaries from the flamingo squad retracted their gazes and returned to their own courtyard.2

Naturally, the magician who had entered the inn was Elliot.

This time, not only had he brought the answers to Link’s questions from before — he had also brought the magic book and a pen.

He knew that after Link had given him the 1,300, gold coins, he himself would definitely not have that much money. Although he had no way to pay back this money in full yet, his knowledge from the magic academy told him that 1,300 gold coins was not a large sum in the world of magicians.

As an important disciple of Moira, by relying on himself to write level 0 enchantment scrolls, he had crafted the most basic alchemic medicine and earned 15 silver coins. This trip, he had brought 10 silver coins with him to help ease the awkward situation.

Finding the innkeeper, he asked, “Ah, Matt, do you know what room my friend, mister Link, is staying in?”

-Chapter 51, end-

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