Chapter 50: The First Followers (Requitement)

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-Chapter 50, DGM-

A chance?

Hank’s breathing begin to quicken. He did not know what chance Link was giving him, but he knew how Link worked. He had relied on only a level 0 magic spell to wipe out the dark brotherhood’s general headquarters in its entirety. He was a genius magician. Would any chance he dished out be average?

That would be a resounding no!

Hank suppressed his pounding heartbeat, quietly waiting.

Contrary to expectations, Lucy and Greedin who were behind Hank did not have similar reactions to Hank. Instead, they did not feel any peculiar premonitions.1 However, they had felt Hank’s wordless seriousness, so they remained silent.

Link had finished purchasing the magic. Link grabbed hold of his crescent magic wand, mana slowly seeping out of it.

A level 3 mysterious-type magic. The casting process would be different and extremely complicated. Green halos of magic runes would appear around the crescent magic wand during casting.

The halo of magic runes was a special type of magic structure. Link had seen a simple introduction of this magic structure in a magic book before. The book had said that the magic rune halo was an essential magic structure for higher levelled spells, and every halo contained an opposite and independent magic structure. When the halos combined, it would form an even more complicated and powerful magic.

Link reasoned that it was the theory equivalent of modularity. If a halo was an atom, then they would form together to create molecules and give rise to various types of magic.2

‘It is good to use modularity as a reference. Modularity has anazing potential, I should conduct thorough research on it in the future.’ Link thought.

This spell ‘mysterious strength’ contained 9 full halos which would extend from the bottom to the tip of the magic wand. Every halo would glow green light, and the green light would converge into a dull ball of green light at the wand’s tip. Within the ball of light, there would be countless magic runes swimming inside it like tadpoles. These magic runes were numerous, and extremely concentrated. If one examined the inside of the green ball carefully, one would get a migraine.

Under the green radiance of the magic, Link’s body seemed to be enveloped with a layer of mysterious halos. Because the mana within his body was continuously surging forth, his entire body began to shine.

Hank swallowed a mouthful of saliva, his eyes full of wonder.3 Lucy and Greedin had stopped breathing.

The first time they had encountered Link, they had thought him to be a normal young man. But in this moment, this young man seemed to be an existence on par with a god’s.

While casting, Link laid out a brief explanation for Hank. “Hank, have you heard of warrior qi breathing methods before?”

Hank’s ragged breathing halted, his heart hammering into his chest like a drum. He nodded his head, “Of course, the nobility uses them to pass on inheritances!”

In Feloma continent, warrior qi breathing methods were monopolised by the nobility, and were absolutely not allowed to be leaked unless it was to a person of direct lineage to the nobility. The only way for commoners to gain a warrior qi breathing method was to join the army and achieve some meritorious deed and be conferred a title by a noble, turning into the noble’s knight. They would then be able to obtain the warrior qi breathing method from the noble’s family as a reward.4

However, it was extremely hard to walk this road of obtaining a warrior qi breathing method. A commoner becoming a knight had to walk a road fraught with difficulties, and had to put his life on the line. One would need to pin 9 lives out of 10 to have a strand of success in becoming a knight. Even if they managed to obtain a warrior qi breathing method after all their sweat and tears, it would be a basic and simple one.

However, this magician called Link seemed like he was going to pass him one!

At this moment, Hank felt like his blood was boiling. He carefully held his breath as he was afraid of his breath accidentally blowing out Link’s green ball of light when he exhaled. This made him slightly stifled.

Lucy and Greedin who were behind him were also stumped for words.

Lucy’s cheeks were flushed red, her pair of shining eyes fixed on the magic’s radiance. The brilliant radiance of the magic had enraptured even Greedin who had long forgotten about the issue of the 2,000 gold coins he was initially reluctant to part with. His mind only had the four words ‘warrior qi breathing method’ revolving about in his head.

On Feloma continent, to all warriors, the four words ‘warrior qi breathing method’ carried heavy destiny with them!

With a warrior qi breathing method, one would rocket up in status, stepping into the upper ranks of the world. Without it, then one would always remain struggling in the mud irregardless of their strive.

“Hank, are you ready?” Link glanced at the giant who was a head taller than him and his body twice his width.

“Thud!” The attic flooring lowly creaked as Hank went on a knee, humbly lowering his head before Link. He looked very much like a knight receiving a fief from an emperor. His voice trembled as he replied, “Yes, I am ready!”

Link pointed his magic wand at Hank, and the green light entered into Hank’s body. Hank’s body began to glow.

The glow from Hank’s body was yellow in colour, caused by the awakening/excitement of Hank’s innate potential of his earth elemental warrior qi. Link’s ‘mysterious strength’ spell’s greatest benefit was awakening one’s potential, optimising one’s constitution and allowing one to absorb the most power from the environment.

Under the effect of the magic, Hank’s warrior qi leapt up a huge chunk in an instant.

It did not end there.

Hank felt like something else had been added in his mind. As his eyelids flickered shut, he realised it was a warrior qi breathing method5 which was recorded in extreme detail. Many of the important parts which were extremely valuable knowledge were clearly pointed out.

When Hank’s eyes flickered open, Hank pressed a hand onto his heart, solemnly uttering an oath, “Mister Link, I, Hank, son of Patin, swear on the ruler of light’s name. If you accept, then from this day onwards, I will be eternally devoted to you, and will accompany you forevermore. When my strength is needed and my name is called upon, I will do everything in my power to assist!”6

Right, a warrior qi breathing method; he had obtained a warrior qi breathing method that all warriors yearned for and imagined in their dreams. Furthermore, it was a complete warrior qi breathing method. The detailed information of the tempering method told him that as long as he persevered in tempering himself day after day, his warrior qi would unceasingly increase. And this time, it would not be like before and halt for long periods of time.

With this method, the realm of legendary was no longer a dream. Some day in the future, he could be powerful without match, a warrior which everyone looked up to.

Hank recalled his past with nostalgia.

He had came from humble origins, born in a remote mountain village. He had been fathered by a blacksmith. Both father and son had been headstrong, and they had often butted heads. When he was young, he had bore a grudge against his father and left his home, hoping to pave his own path in the world out there. He had desired to become successful before returning to his hometown. Over the years, he had been persistent and determined. However, his success had always been limited. Although he dearly missed his parents and his little sister back in his hometown, he was too ashamed to return.7

However, all of that had changed today.

Deeply sighing, Hank felt a satisfaction he had not felt in a long time. His heart was filled with gratitude and respect towards this young magician.8 For an act of benevolence like this, he would not mind giving his life to requite it.

Link was slightly startled by Hank’s response. He had only wanted an ally, nothing more. He certainly did not want something like a follower. One needed to know that in for people in the light faction, swearing on the name of the ruler of light meant unconditional fulfilment with no leeway. Hank doing this was akin to selling himself to Link.

On the other hand, Link had merely done some hocus pocus and nothing more. This cost was something near-nil value. A bargain this good would never occur on earth. However, after second thoughts, this was an alternate reality which had its own rules after all. Link was not blind to the value of a warrior qi breathing method towards warriors. Link had no need to be at a loss. After all, the saying went ‘when in rome, do as the romans’.

So Link agreed. “I accept you as my follower. However, I don’t like being disturbed. You can live your own life. When I need you, I’ll find you.”

“Yes, senior.” Hank said, before turning to Lucy and Greedin and shooting them a meaningful look.

The mercenaries had battled together for a long time, and they came to a tacit understanding. Lucy and Greedin were eyeing Link’s wand with coveting gazes. When Hank signalled at them with his eyes, the two of them caught on. They stepped forward without hesitation, similarly falling to their knees with a thud.

“Senior, we’ll follow in your footsteps!” This was Lucy saying the perfunctory words. After all, she had only met Link for so long.

“Senior, please allow me to look up to your glory!” This was Greedin. The rascal was extremely adept at mocking others. Who would’ve thought that for all his scathing vitriol, he would be this good at flattering too…

“In the years to come, the 3 plain mercenaries became a legend to the world.
Awoken from within, they were the stars in the night sky that suddenly shone more than the others.
For it was told their power was bestowed upon by a young magician;
The young magician that grew limitlessly and soared to the heavens. Unfathomable power and determination that stood against the swirling, unfair world.
He stomped the very wickedness, the sourness, the bitterness the world had to offer.
This scripture from the young magician that became legendary.
With all seek, all haste, all granted.
He is the God of Magic.”

-Chapter 50, end-

Tler’s notes:

Was shorter than i thought and ocd wont let the chapters stay at 49

Last part wasn’t canon, but i thought it was very cool. You can find it in the comments

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 50: The First Followers (Requitement)

  1. In the years to come. This 3 plain mercenary became a legend to the world.
    Waking up from within they are the stars in the night sky that suddenly shine more than the others.
    For it was told their power was bestow upon by a young magician.
    The young magician that grew without limits that soar to the heavens. Unfathomable power and determination that stand against the swirling unfair world.
    Stomped the very wickedness. the sourness, the bitterness the world has to offer.
    The scripture from the young magician that became legendary.
    With all seek, all haste, all granted.
    His the God of Magic.

    – Ruler of Light diary.

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