Chapter 49: I’ll give you one chance (4/4)

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ChickenBakuba translating again.

-Chapter 49, DGM-

Half a month had already passed since the old base of the dark brotherhood was destroyed. Within this period, Link spent most of his time in his attic.

The attic was simple and crude. Although he was quite wealthy currently, Link liked the tranquil atmosphere the attic held. Hence, he did not change his room.

Although Link had made tremendous progress in his thesis, he still did not know the definite direction of his thesis. Although his thesis was written exquisitely, its structure was in a mess. His thesis seemed like it made a lot of sense, but it did not give a distinct concept.

The scientific law for gravity was insufficient to summarise the content of his thesis.

It was akin to a person feeling his way through the dark. He would not know if ahead of him was filled with thorns and brambles or a smooth path. He would not know what he would encounter.

“At the end, what will I end up with?” Link looked expectantly at the unending rows of characters on the paper.

However, Link did not feel like he had much inspiration today. Link wrote a bit of his thesis in the morning, but he soon found it difficult to make progress. Link unworriedly set down his quill pen and rested both his hands comfortably on the back of his head. His eyes half closed, Link gazed at the beautiful Gwinnett forest bathed in the golden morning sunlight past the attic window.

His heart relaxed and he began to calm down.

Link did not know how much time had passed, but eventually, footsteps sounded out from the corridor behind his door. The footsteps were somewhat mixed. Link could tell from one of the footsteps that it was very heavy, but it was taking light steps on purpose, as if the owner was afraid of disturbing him.

Link knew who the footsteps belonged to. When the footsteps reached his door, Link pointed his crescent magic wand at the wooden door and casted ‘Master’s Hand’.

The door swung open with a squeak. Outside the door stood the three mercenaries of the flamingo squad.

“Come on in.” Link said.

Hank walked in first, carrying a bulging burlap on his back. As the attic was narrow and cramped, Hank had no choice but to stoop his head. After Lucy and Greedin entered the room, the room was almost filled.

“Mister Link, you ought to find a bigger room.” Greedin couldn’t help but state. It wasn’t like Link had no money. A powerful and respectable magician like Link had no need to live in a shabby attic room like this.

Link laughed. “I don’t really care, I’ve long become used to this room. It’s also more quiet here.”

Link swiveled his head towards Hank. “At any rate, has Witt’s treasures have been uncovered?”

Hank nodded his head, lowering the burlap onto the ground. From the sounds of it, the things in the burlap did not look light. Hank undid the rope around the burlap, revealing brilliant golden rays of light. It was gold coins!

“We uncovered 18 different locations, and earned a total of 2,900 gold coins. Adding the money earned from pawning the equipment and jewelry, it adds up to 4,000 gold coins in total. This amount greatly surpassed our expectations, so we brought 2,000 gold coins today.” Hank said in a low voice as if he was scared of someone overhearing them.

Only god knew how how nervous he was when he had carried this sack of gold coins down the streets. If anyone had discovered the sum of money on him, a disaster would break out.

Link’s expression remained neutral, but a smile slowly crept onto his lips. “If I remember correctly, our original agreement was 1,500 gold coins. Why the extra 500 coins?”

What Hank respected1 the most about Link was his profound nature. It seemed like nothing in the world could get him flustered. Hank explained, “You’re a magician. And for a magician to stay in river valley village for so long, it must be that you’re aiming to get into eastern valley magic academy, right?”

Link nodded. He had more or less understood Hank’s intentions, but he let Hank continue.

“We had heard before that the studying fees for eastern valley magic academy was 2,000 gold coins. I know that your problem is getting the money to enter the academy in time. For a magician, the time for studying is of the utmost importance.

“With our current level of strength, we also know that it is unwise to hold on to this large a sum of cash. We also can’t possibly spend it all. Therefore, rather than leave the cash lying around somewhere, we decided to gift it to you.”

To ordinary people, the value of even one gold coin was astonishing. If one only required the expenses of eatin and drinking daily, 30 silver coins would allow him to comfortably live for a year. After the mercenaries handed the 2,000 gold coins to Link, when they divided the remaining 2,000 between themselves, each of them would still receive 650 gold coins. This was a massive sum of money.

To the three of them, this money was enough to get them the things they previously wanted.

Take Hank for an example; he had managed to get the excellent suit of steel armour he had wanted. As for Lucy, she had long replaced her equipment with the brand new sword she had wanted at the blacksmith’s. She had also gotten a durable armor sewn from crocodile skin. As for Greedin, there was no need to talk about changing his bow — even his arrows were all replaced. As for now, his arrows were feathered steel-tipped arrows. One arrow went for the outrageous price of 3 silver coins.

The three mercenaries had even bought over a small courtyard as their temporary mercenary base.

This was a situation they had dared not dream about previously.

Of course, their goals remained unchanged. Hank still dreamt of establishing a mercenary guild of their own. While his ideas were fine, reality said otherwise. The biggest shortcomings for their idea was their strength. They were too weak currently.

Hamk was a level 3 warrior while Lucy and Greedin were both level 2s. While their level was strength was considered not bad for a mercenary squad, it was far from enough to establish a mercenary guild.

Take now, although they had so many gold coins, they only dared to equip normal equipment instead of splurging to buy magic equipments. The reason was simple; they were scared they would have ‘a life to spend money but not a life to enjoy it’.2 The chance of them getting ambushed and killed during the night immediately after they equipped the magic equipments before getting their magic equipment looted wasn’t low.

Hank’s explanation won over Link. Link nodded after a thought. ‘Since I really do need the cash, I’ll just accept the money.’

2,000 gold coins was the admission price for commoners. Since he was the child of a noble, the admission price would be reduced by quite a bit. However, studying magic was an exorbitant craft and Link did not mind having some extra cash in his pocket.

A small smile formed on Hank’s face. Lucy glanced at the burlap heaped with gold coins, with a bit of reluctance in her eyes. As for Greedin, he had already left the attic. He was afraid that if he stayed on, he would snatch back the money.

After keeping the money, Link suddenly said, “The dark brotherhood has been eradicated. This information will be unable to be fully kept under wraps. I’m afraid that during this period, many people will visit you on the sly.3

Originally, they were temporary partners, and they would have no association with each other whatsoever after the deal was done. However, this Hank’s character was not bad. This could be seen from his magnanimous 2,000 gold coins he had given Link. This individual, Hank, had ambition and good taste. He was well worth investing in.

If a person like Hank was given a chance, he would definitely soar!

Although Link was sent by the ruler of light to this alternate world, c’est la vie; the water was under the bridge and the mission of saving the world was somewhat unreasonable, regardless of whether it was continuously earning free points to increase his power, for obtaining a good shelter under his head or to prevent being chased around like a wild dog by the dark elf armies, he needed to actively change the world.

Fighting against the dark elf armies was a huge problem, something that he could not face with just himself. He needed helpers, and from the looks of it, flamingo squad was a pretty good choice. They were people worth cooperating with.

Link had hit the hammer on the head. The flamingo squad indeed had some trouble the last few days.

Hank drew a deep sigh, his eyebrows furrowed. “Recently, the Gwinnett forest’s has had a huge power void.4 We always take extreme caution whenever we sell things, but it’s impossible to hide these sort of stuff. A few pryers on us had been sent the last few days.”

Fortunately, their strength within Gwinnett forest was considered pretty good. They did not actually have enough strength to exterminate the entire dark brotherhood. If they wanted to survive, they needed to rely on Link.

Hank reckoned the only reason why they were still alive was because those pryers did not have clear information yet on their strength and abilities.

With Hank words, Lucy and Greedin lowered their heads. They felt tremendous pressure.

Although they had earned a huge sum of money, if they let their guard slip, they would not have a chance to spend their money. When they had no cash they wanted cash, but when they finally got cash, they were constantly insecure. Money was really twisted.

Link asked, “Why not grab the cash and leave this place? You can head to the southern free alliance.5 Nobody will recognise you or find trouble with you.”

Hank shook his head with a bitter smile, “We still haven’t given you your money yet, how can we just pack up and leave?6 Then again, our strength is insufficient. It’ll be the same wherever we go. The moment our wealth is discovered we’ll be in huge danger.”

For some reason, Hank felt like when he had said this sentence, he had a weird feeling, like…like…his entire person, no, his life had reached a turning point. From mediocre to extraordinary.7

As expected, when Hank had said this sentence, Link broke into laughter. Not the formal, perfunctory shallow type of laughter, but instead genuine laughter from the heart. “Very good. For your actions today, I’ll give you one chance.”8

Link had 39 free points currently. This was enough to afford a level 3 magic spell. And in the catalogue of level 3 magic spells, there was one particular mystery-type spell.9

It was extraordinary because it could change the aptitude of a warrior’s body. It could allow a warrior that could not achieve warrior qi make a breakthrough.

A warrior’s warrior qi had many power applications, but it was ultimately considered a type of magic, albeit crude. It was considered one of the most original forms of magic.

For a long period of time, warriors’ use for warrior qi was limited and crude, and the warrior qi they possessed was also extremely thin. Very little warriors were able to break through to level 4. As for level 6 to 8, only geniuses that were seen once in a hundred years would have that aptitude to reach that level.

However, 1,000 years prior, a magician by the name of Waynes had changed this situation. He had conducted extremely detailed and rigorous research on warriors’ warrior qi. This magician was extremely bizarre. For his research, he killed powerful warriors everywhere. Legend had it that he once killed a level 8 legendary-tier warrior before dissecting the warrior’s body!

In the end, he had finally uncovered all the secrets of warrior qi. He then founded a magic school for studying warrior qi.

Yes; warrior qi relied on innate talent, but it also required acquired skills and tempering. Of course, this mystery-class magic spell was called magic, but it was known as warrior qi exercise in the warrior world.

In a flash, Link had found the warrior qi mystery-type spell in the catalogue of magic spells.

Mysterious strength

Level 3 mystery-type spell

Mana consumption: 80

Use: Alter the constitution of the target, greatly upgrading the talent potential of the target. At the same time, inputs a set of tempering method in the target’s mind. After the use of the tempering method, the target will gradually utilise his potential, continuously promoting his power.

(Note: I’ve slaughtered countless talented warriors. Let this spell be my atonement.)

-Chapter 49, end-

Tler’s notes:

Uh oh, Link being a saint again. I hope he casts the spell on himself too or something.

Edit: omg next chapter is just meaningless lines of text where everyone sucks Link’s d for being so powerful. well at least link has his own lackeys now. Hope he doesn’t forget about em. T.T

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