Chapter 46: Bandits’ Treasure (2,000 received)

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-Chapter 46, DGM-

In the game, when hunting for loot, players would search down the Boss’s corpse or scour the surroundings for anything that fetched a pretty price.

Although the loot was commonly taken from the bodies, the general etiquette for looting bodies was done in a respectful and gentlemanly manner.

However, the way the flamingo squad did their looting was blatant ransacking. Barbaric and without a single ounce of respect for the dead. Link wss flabbergasted. The body was looted clean, like a nest of locusts had just passed through a field of crops.

Anything worth value was swiped in the quiet ore mine. Everything was stripped clean. If not for Link stopping them, Link suspected they would have ripped off the dark brotherhood members’ trousers to sell.1

Within half an hour of Witt’s death, Hank, Lucy and Greedin stood at the plaza of echo valley, their faces flushed with excitement. Beside them was a small mountain of their ‘loot’.

This included the leather armour of all the dark brotherhood members, be it the ordinary members positioned outside the cave or the elite members stationed inside the cave. Their leather armours were all stripped off, along with their weapons. They formed a miniature mount everest when piled together.

They had obtained 75 sets of ordinary leather armour, 28 sets of elite leather armour, 50 bows, 100 swords of various quality, 30 shields and 25 daggers.

There were also 4 magic equipments!

Respectively, they were Green’s ‘fire warrior battle armour’, his ‘blazing epee’, Witt’s corroding dagger and his detection crystal ball.

Although Witt’s corroding dagger did not seem special when Witt displayed it, it was an equipment of the excellent grade that could go for a really good price. An estimate would put it at 200 gold coins and above.

Lucy’s face was bright red as her almond eyes shone with childlike excitement. She continuously ran back and forth to count the amount of loot as her fiery hair flickered like fire. She held a pen in her hand, rapidly summing up the loot on a piece of parchment.

“Ordinary armours are 1 gold coin, elite armours 2 gold coins, a bow goes for 1.5 gold coins, ordinary steel swords go for 2 gold coins…these equipment go for at least 800 gold coins!” (Tl’s note: Author put here that he used the WOW table for calculating or something like that)

The moment she said that, Hank and Greedin burst into exuberant shouts of joy.

“So much!”

“This is like a dream!”

For their previous mission, a profit of 5 gold coins was already a lot. Their normal remuneration was in silver coins. For an investigation mission, they were paid around 20 silver coins (equivalent to 2 gold coins). They would then split the cash and each of them would get 7-8 pieces of silver.

They usually completed around a dozen missions within a year, earning around 50 silver coins per person. Although they lived their days well, they lived with their lives on the edge of a knife, their days full of excitement and thrills. Therefore, whenever they had no missions, they splurged extravagantly. If it weren’t for Lucy, they could have spent all their cash, so much so that they could not even afford spare change.

But in one day, the cash from the equipment they had looted was at least 800 gold coins. This was more than the gross income for the last 10 years of their mercenary careers.

“It’s not the end!”

Lucy’s pulse was racing. With this money, she could afford even better equipment. The things she couldn’t afford before, she could buy them all!

The equipment could be sold, but every bandit had a purse on them. Naturally, these purses were swiped. Witt even had a private safe, which was smashed open by Hank’s warhammer. It contained at least 80 gold coins inside!

When added up, there were an extra 200 gold coins. The gleaming white silver and brilliant gold of the gold coins. The mercenaries were smitten.

At the same time, every bandit had their own personal hoard of items, such as precious stones/gems, jewelry, pocket watches and various kinds of valuable gadgets. They were all snatched away by the mercenaries.

“Silver-plated watches — every one is 3 gold coins, this ruby ring can go for at least 5 gold coins, and this. A silver sculpture of a horse. This looks like a work from grandmaster Dick, must be quite valuable…”

Lucy rapidly calculated the figures again, and she finally concluded, “They can go for at least 400 gold coins.”

Hank and Greedin swallowed their saliva.

Greedin counted his fingers, “800 plus 200 plus 400, good lord, it’s 1400 gold coins!”2

He could get at least 100 gold coins from his share. With this huge sum of money, he would feel insecure everywhere he went. No, the second he received his share he would find a pretty woman to birth him a child. When the day came that he finally met with an accident and died in his line of work, he still had a lineage.

As for a safe and unremarkable life, Greedin had never considered that before. He was a man who lived off the thrill from risks, unable to stay in one place for a long time. Truth to be told, all three persons in the flamingo squad were the same.

Hank was considered the most coolheaded in the trio. After the figures of loot were summed up, he looked towards Link and waited for his allocation. He knew that the reason for their amount of loot was entirely due to the power of this magician.

Lucy and Greedin also stared at Link. They were slightly apprehensive, worried that Link would grab a big cut of the shares.

Link was slightly disappointed. Although the money was a big deal to ordinary citizens, it was like a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood; utterly inadequate. He had stormed the general headquarters of the dark brotherhood but he still could not afford the studying fees for the academy.

However, he did not have any regret. Because the greatest value out of all the loot that he had received was Taurus’s demonising magic runes.

Although this stuff was wicked, and had incredible power, it also contained the ever-so sought knowledge that all magicians pursued.

A legendary object like this would not be revealed openly on the side of the ruler of light. However, if sold to the dark elves in the north from Pei’lin’de nation, it would definitely fetch a price in the tens of thousands of gold coins.

Of course, Link would not sell it.

With his current level of magic, he did not qualify to even study demonising magic runes. However, he could in the future. Collecting it first was not a bad idea.

Towards the matter of Link pocketing the demonising runes, the three mercenaries had no qualms. They were as eager as can be to stay away from that evil stuff.

Seeing the flamingo squad watching him impatiently with bated breath, Link thought hard. “Give me the hard cash first. As for the rest of the valuables and equipments, you can divide among yourselves.”3

Sorting out the equipments were troublesome, and Link was the most scared of wasting time. He had already obtained a legendary object, and was satisfied. The mercenaries had also struggled along with him, they could handle some extra cash.4

And it was also not guaranteed that Link would not have enough for the studying fees, since Link had already spotted Witt’s treasure map in the pile of loot.

Of course, the map was rather hidden and none of the three mercenaries discovered it.

Digging for treasure in the game was rather fascinating. However, in real life, it would definitely be filthy, tiring and dangerous. Link wanted to have nothing with it. The best solution would be for someone to do the digging and send over the gold coins. However, this required someone trustworthy.

These three mercenaries were not bad, and they were capable. Although they forgot themselves when they saw the huge sum of money, it could be told from their eyes that they had not lost rationality. The only thing Link worried about was their character. After all, they had only met for a short time. Thus, he had also said those words to test their moral standing.

The three mercenaries looked at each other after Link was done. Hank informed Link in disbelieve, “Link, the leftover equipment can go for at least 1,200 gold coins.”

“En, I know. But it’s too troublesome sorting them out, and I don’t have much time on my hands. You guys also worked pretty hard,” Link said.

“But how is this a good reason? You should receive at least 1000 gold coins.” Lucy said firmly.

Even Greedin who appeared stingy had never thought of overtaking his share. Out of the 1,400 gold coins, he had only hoped for 100 gold coins.

Now, not only had this young magician helped them wipe out the dark brotherhood’s general headquarters, he had also repeatedly saved their lives. Especially Lucy; Link had just pulled her from the jaws of death, and she was very grateful.

Hank also nodded. Although Greedin seemed slightly reluctant, he also agreed with Lucy’s words.

Link grinned. The fact that they could say this meant that they were trustworthy. Although this could not represent their entire character, it said well of their basic integrity.

At any rate, Link was not going to go and dig for buried treasure. It was a waste of time and energy, and he needed to test people. Since the flamingo squad had already passed the test, they might as well go dig up the treasures for him.

When everything was dug up, he did not need to have all the treasure. Just a portion of it would be enough to enter the academy.

Pointing at the small notebook in the pile of loot, Link grinned, “You see that notebook with a red seal on it?”

Lucy glanced at it, disdain evident on her face. “Of course, that’s Witt’s erotic diary. He wrote about his experiences inside.”

Lucy had found that notebook when she was ransacking Witt’s room. It was found on Witt’s desk. When she flipped it open to take a look, she realised it was just an eyesore.

If it weren’t for the decent material of the notebook which could fetch a few silver coins, it would not appear in the pile of loot at all.

-Chapter 46, end-

Tler’s notes:

I was free so yeah

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