Chapter 43: Demonised Witt (2/4)

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DO TAKE NOTE: ‘Magic prints’ or whatever-prints will be changed to runes.

-Chapter 43, DGM-

Witt’s appearance was getting stranger and stranger.

The black vapour dug into his nostrils, and his body started shaking more and more violently. Red vapour begin to rise from the pores of his skin, condensing into a sturdy blood-red shield around him.

Under the shield, Witt’s body became seemed to morph, muscles spasming and growing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

As Witt thrashed about, Link felt an extreme sense of crisis in his heart. He had seen something similar to this?

He had seen this before in the previous game. This was a scene that would only appear half a year of the game’s opening. It had happened at eastern valley magic academy, and was also one of the factors that had led to the magic accident.

In the academy, a level 6 magician by the name of Bell had started researching black magic without permission, and it was also the most sinister class of all black magic — summoning demons. When he was discovered, he was in the midst of summoning a fiend.

Dean Anthony gathered many level 6 magicians to prevent Bell’s summoning. During the fight, Bell’s magic tower collapsed. The excess element supply in the tower then blew up, setting off huge elemental fluctuations throughout a big half of the academy.

And it didn’t stop there.

When Bell was slain, a black crystal had been found on his body. The crystal seemed to draw Bell’s blood, resurrecting Bell as a monster.

Not only could the monster use Bell’s magic, it had an extraordinarily magic-resistant constitution. As the huge fight in the academy raged on, the monster ultimately smashed open the demon tower seal enchantment, allowing the demon Taurus to run free.

During that time, Link had also participated in that mission. He had personally saw Bell resurrect with his own eyes. It was a harrowing experience.1

And now, Witt’s corpse was going through the exact same change Bell’s body had gone through!

“Quick! We need to get out, now!” Link roared.

This black crystal is also called demonisation runes, and inside the crystal holds a mixture of taboo black magic runes. When it came in contact with fresh blood, it could demonise the host of the blood.

After the demonisation, although the host would become bloodthirsty and deranged, his power would spike by at least twofold. Furthermore, the magic resistance and physical defense of his skin would be largely increased, turning him into a killing machine.

Although the demonisation process could be broken, that required extreme strength, more than the maker of the runes. However, the maker of the runes was a demon from a different plane, and demons were often powerful.

In the previous game world, even the level 7 magician Anthony was unable to break the demonisation process. Even destroying Bell’s corpse was impossible, as the power of the runes would protect the host, just like the blood-red shield protecting Witt’s body.

The reason was simple, it was because the demon that made the runes at that time was the confined demon Taurus, who possessed legendary tier power.2

Link was unresigned as he slowly back-pedalled, staring at the black crystal. Information popped up in his vision.

Demonisation runes

Quality: Legendary

Use: Demonise a life from the light faction, turning someone into a demon.3

(Note: If you aren’t legendary tier, don’t fruitlessly attempt to break the demonisation process. Prepare to fight, youngster!)

A legendary tier product, this meant that it was produced by a legendary tier demon. If a magic product as powerful as this appeared in Gwinnett forest at this time, Link did not believe it had no connections with Taurus.

Link reckoned that the maker of this magic runes were most likely Taurus himself.

Why would Taurus’s magic runes appear here? Link did not know, but he knew that the demonised Witt was dangerous. He estimated the four of them to not be his match. Retreat was the best option.

Link was still slightly unreconciled. As he retreated, he waved his magic wand. A ‘glass pearl’ shot out, speeding towards the demonised Witt. The ‘glass pearl’ easily hit its target. However, there was only a ‘puff’ sound. Not even a ripple affected the blood-red shield.

This completely broke all thoughts of Link of disrupting the demonisation process.

The flamingo squad took Link’s words seriously. Seeing that even Link had lost his composure, they retreated at lightning speed. The four of them all had the ‘feline boost’ magic spell, and their agility were extremely fast. However, as they ran to the end of the tunnel, Link suddenly halted.

“Don’t run anymore, we can’t escape!” Link sensed that the chaotic odour of the darkness had already started moving.

In other words, the demonisation had completed.

The strengthening effect of the magic runes were inversely proportional to the speed of the demonisation process. The lower the strength of the target, the faster the process of the demonisation. In the previous game world, the demonisation process for the level 6 magician Bell had only taken 15 seconds. Now, the demonisation process for Witt had only taken 5 seconds.

Hank and Lucy paused, but Greedin was still subconsciously running.

Link grimly called out, “Come back! Our only chance of survival is to join hands to defeat him. Otherwise, even if we run out of the ore mine, we’ll still die! This freak only rests when it’s dead!”

Greedin shivered, finally stopping in his tracks.

At this moment, a scratchy voice croaked out from behind them. “Kill me? Sure enough, ignorance brings courage…”

The four looked back. Witt had already climbed to his feet, and his body was far more taller than before. The skin on his face had turned greenish-black, with numerous complicated magic runes swimming on it. The skin on his face seemed to glint like metal, and sharp crimson light seemed to pierce from his eyes.

Just one glance at his eyes would allow people to feel chaos, slaughter, insanity, etc. Every single negative thought would be excited, and if one’s willpower was not strong enough, it was possible for one to be influenced and have a nervous breakdown. As the proverbs say, you would be scared senseless.

This was a natural trait that all demonised organisms had — this was the stifling pressure of their power.

Although Hank, Lucy and Greedin had huge guts, they were still frightened upon seeing his gaze.

“This monster is dangerous!”

“Can we really defeat him?! He looks too powerful!”

“Christ, don’t tell me this is a demon?”4

Various kinds of negative thoughts were amplified in the three of their minds, forcing them to give up.

Hank was still manageable, and had no signs of worry on the surface. Lucy’s face however, was pallid with fear and Greedin was even trembling.

The only person who had kept his cool was Link.

His soul had obtained the blessing from the Ruler of Light, and far above ordinary people’s. His nature was always peaceful. Even if the demonised Witt amplified all kinds of negative emotions, it was impossible to affect him at all.

If demonised Witt’s negative influence was like a flood surging into the four people, then Link was the cornerstone of the four. No matter how destructive the waves, he would remain motionless from start to end.

Looking at the three mercenaries who had lost all fighting spirit, Link coldly explained, “The magic runes will only increase his strength by a couple of folds! Hank, Witt is a level 3 assassin. Even if his strength is multiplied by a few times, he will be unable to compete with you!”

Assassins centred on speed, and their criteria towards strength was not that high. But Hank was a warrior, and strength was his forte!

Hank’s heart relaxed. He trusted in Link’s words. Throughout their road, Link had already proved his knowledge.5

Link looked at Lucy. “Although his skin has toughened, I’ll give you the ‘inferior sharpening’ magic boost. You’ll definitely be able to pierce his body!”

As he spoke, Link looked at his status. He had 19 free points, and 80 mana left. Without saying anything, he spent 10 free points on purchasing a level 1 magic.

Intermediate sharpening

Level 1 magic spell

Use: Turn weapons abnormally sharp. Even if it is an ordinary iron sword, after casting this spell it will peel iron like mud. Effect will last for 10 minutes.

Sharpening spell was a very ordinary spell, and did not have much potential for development. Level 0 was the ‘inferior sharpening’ spell, and level 1 was the ‘intermediate sharpening’ spell. The effect was already pretty powerful.

After purchasing the magic, Link pointed his magic wand at Lucy’s sword. Bits of white light seemed to be sprinkled on her sword. As the light faded away, an icy-blue splendour seemed to emerge on her blade. This was the effect of intermediate sharpening.

Lastly, Link pointed his magic wand at the quiver on Greedin’s back, similarly casting an intermediate sharpening spell on his arrows. The bits of light dispersed, and the tips of the arrows in the quiver glowed with an icy-blue glint.

Link’s speed was extremely fast. The entire process had not needed even a second, and there was still more than 30 meters between the demonised Witt and them.

Currently, Link’s mana still had 68 points, but the ‘feline boost’ effect on the four people were already on the brink of fading. Link waved his magic wand, recasting a ‘feline boost’ spell on everyone. For this, he spent 24 mana. Now, he only had 44 mana left.

44 mana was not a lot, but it was enough for him to release 44 ‘glass pearls’!

Witt observed Link’s actions. His crimson eyes glared at Link, his voice dripping with hatred, “Magician, you destroyed everything of mine! I will catch you, and slowly strip away the muscle and flesh of you before allowing you to slowly die, screaming in grief!”

He slowly stepped towards them. As he stepped over the unconscious body of his assistant Collins, he raised his foot and crushed down on Collins’s neck.

“Crack!” The snap of Collins’s bone was loud. Collins died in his unconsciousness.

A diabolical smile formed on Witt’s lips. “Today, everyone in this ore mine must die!”

Link completely ignored Witt’s threats and ravings. His sharp gaze as cold as a knife swept over everyone as he re-entered his battle state of mind.

“Everyone ready?”

Hank breathed deeply, tightly gripping his shield. “I’m ready.”

“Ready.” Lucy pursed her cherry lips.

“No problems.” Greedin firmly clutched the bow in his hand. A sheen of cold sweat could be seen on his forehead.

“Good.” Link watched the demonised Witt who was getting closer and closer. “Everyone, remember, as long as we kill him, all the riches in this valley is ours!”

The three mercenaries’ eyes lit up as they heard Link. They had seen many expensive equipment, but because of the circumstances, they did not have time to pick them up. Now that this was the final barrier between them and wealth, why would they cower?

They were mercenaries, and this line of work involved blood.

With this thought, the fighting spirit rose in these three mercenaries once more!

-Chapter 43, end-

Tler’s notes:

Another cliffhanger >:D

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