Chapter 37: Terrifying Glass Pearls

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-Chapter 37, DGM-

-At the doorway of the river valley village inn-

The flamingo mercenaries simultaneously turned towards the voice.1

They saw a youngster with raven hair standing at the doorway. Probably around 16-17 years old, with a scrawny build, almost emaciated actually. It looked like a gust of wind could sweep him off his feet. He was draped in a filthy flax robe which was torn and tattered, and he wore a pair of overused, shabby leather boots. The boots were grimy with mud.

“Ha!” The archer Greedin smirked. “Kid, if you want to play house, you should find your siblings instead.”

Unlike Greedin, the redhead swordswoman did not ridicule Link, simply rejecting him outright. “Kid, this is not something you can participate in.”

Only the giant, Hank, remained silent as he watched Link.2

Link ignored the female swordswoman and the archer, instead staring squarely at the giant Hank. He knew that this massive warrior was the core of the flamingo mercenary team. If he was right, this Hank giant was the trio’s leader.

“What can you do?” Hank felt like this youngster was different from the masses. His expression was too calm, and his eyes too dark. He did not look like your average joe.

“I’m a magician.” Link smiled.

When the words came out, the archer Greedin and the redhead swordswoman, and they begin to examine him. No matter what angle they looked at him from, he did not appear like one. They had never met a magician in such a miserable state before.

Hank also doubted Link’s claim, but he did not rashly jump the gun. He inquired, “What magic do you know?”

In the eyes of ordinary people, magicians were mysterious and powerful. However, Hank was not an ordinary people and instead a formidable level 3 warrior. He had also traveled quite extensively, and had more experience. Although he had never studied magic himself, he had seen powerful masters of magic and also awful magicians who drifted from place to place.

Even if Link’s claim as a magician was valid, it did not signify that he was powerful. It could be said that the other party only knew a couple of level 0 magic spells.

“Wait a second, I’ll go grab my magic wand.” In actuality, the wand was in his space pendant. But of course it couldn’t be easily revealed. Link headed back the inn’s attic.

The archer Greedin clicked his tongue, “Who would’ve expected him to even have a magic wand. I guess this makes him a little reliable. Lucy, what do you say about taking a bet?”

The redhead grinned. “What bet?”

“About the lad and his magic. I bet he only has a couple of level 0 spells, hehe.”

“Get over yourself, who would bet with you? If this lad knew level 1 magic spells, he would’ve long entered the eastern valley magic academy.”

Greedin chortled, “That isn’t certain. Haven’t you heard of the incident in the north about Glaston city? It is said that magician who rescued the city was pretty young. People say he fired off ‘flame burst’ spells and managed to get the Blood Hand Demon to spit out blood.”

Lucy curled her mouth. “You think geniuses like those can be found everywhere?”

“Alright, stop arguing. This magician isn’t simple. Don’t jump to conclusions.” Hank waved a hand to stop the ridicule of his comrades.

Both of them quietened down. They respected Hank a lot.

At this moment, Link had also walked out of the inn. In his hands was a…something that resembled a wooden stick…a magic wand?

“A magic wand? Isn’t that a wooden stick?” Greedin whispered.

Link pretended he didn’t here Greedin. He walked to Hank, smiling. “The spell I’m most familiar with is fireball. I believe that can be of use to you.”

“A fireball?” Hank was rather disappointed. In the end, it was still a level 0 spell. To him, fireball was a firecracker —- absolutely useless.

That was an expected reaction. Link nodded, explaining. “My fireball is somewhat different. Do you guys know what magic techniques are?”3

“Oh.” Hank’s reply still halfhearted. He had heard of powerful magic techniques, but even with the boost from a magic technique, a level 0 spell was still a level 0 spell, unless you were telling him it could become a level 1 spell.

“Why don’t we find some place in the groves to test out my magic?” Link suggested. He was in dire need of money, but he could not fight Witt with just himself. But if he tossed in these three mercenaries into the equation, they could make it.

As for whether these three mercenaries would fall out with him after the mission, Link was not worried at all. Link trusted that his modified fireballs could blow these people up to kingdom come even with the level 3 warrior.4

The mercenaries looked at each other and nodded their heads. If this youngster’s power really did have use, then they would have an additional member, which wasn’t a bad idea.

The three mercenaries located a forest glade. Hank hefted his thick iron shield and held it horizontally in front of him. “Use your fireball on my shield, I’ll personally confirm its power.”

Link nodded, but he did not attack immediately. He smiled, “My fireballs can curve though, you may not be able to block them.”

“It won’t hurt. Just use your full strength.” Hank’s expression became serious, the shine of warrior qi glowing on his shield. The shine was the colour of earth yellow. This said it was earthen warrior qi which boasted the highest defense.

Despite his actions, Hank did not really attach importance to Link. The ‘fireball’ was still a level 0 magic spell, and he had seen it in action during his time in the north. His opponent had a ‘fireball’ magic scroll. When it was activated, the fireball had struck his body. The only traces of damage was a few scorch marks on his armour.

Seeing that Hank had finished his preparations, Link spoke, “Then, I’ll begin.”

“En.” Hank nodded.

Greedin at one side impatiently snapped, “Hurry up brat! Why dawdle so long for a level 0 magic spell? Just cast it and let me hear the sound.”5

Before his voice had waned, Link had already taken action.

The pleasant smile on his face suddenly vanished, his gaze turning icy calm. His entire person radiated a sort of apathetic indifference. This was his cool-headed frame of mind he took on whenever he casted spells.

Three ‘glass pearls’ drew gravity-defying arcs in the air, shooting towards Hank from three different directions.

One glass pearl connected with the shield, the other one aimed towards Hank’s ear. The last one streaked towards Hank’s genitals.

The speed of the fireballs were too fast. Hank’s pupils shrank. Something was up. This was totally different from the magic scroll. Was this the true fireball casted by a magician? How could its speed be so fast? Why was its appearance so unalike the ordinary fireball? How was this fireball so nimble?

The scene in front of Hank had exceeded his expectations. In this instant, he felt a true threat.

This was not the firecrackers he had seen before. These things wanted his life!

‘Don’t tell me this is a powerful magic technique?’ Hank carelessly guessed. His depth of knowledge in magic was too shallow.

Looking at these eccentric fireballs aiming for his body, Hank loudly cried, blocking a fireball with his shield. His other hand glowed with warrior qi, slapping away the fireball shooting towards his ear. As for the fireball hurtling towards his nether regions, he could only clamp his legs and pray.

“Bang!” The first fireball slammed into his shield, unexpectedly detonating. Although the flames were completely barred with the shield, the impact from the explosion drove Hank’s arm limp and numb as he lost all feeling in it.

“Crap!” Hank’s eyes widened.

The fireball which had struck his shield was safely blocked, but the impact from the explosion had even injured his body. His hand would be unable to resist the fireball.

The fireballs about to reach his body instead blew up when they were half a meter away from his body.

“Boom!” Two muffled sounds of explosion rang out as Hank felt a heatwave surge towards his body. He knew Link had let him off lightly and left him unscathed. He heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thanks.” Hank’s gaze towards Link already contained respect.

This young magician was really not simple. Not only were his fireballs difficult to deal with, their power were also immense. However, these did not reach the level of unbelievable yet. What was more terrifying though, was his magic technique.[footnote]or these did not reach the level of defiance of the natural order yet Although they were only level 0 magic spells, they seemed to come to life in this youngster’s hands, like a flood of power, which made it hard for people to resist them.

In that split second when they had crossed swords, Hank had clearly smelt the tang of death.

Greedin and Lucy, however, could not make out everything that second. “Hank, what happened? How strong is he?”

Hank didn’t reply, instead looking at Link, “Let these two rascals try. Let them know how high the skies reach.”

Link had no objections. In his plan to take down Witt, he was the leader. These three mercenaries were his assistants. Naturally, he had to win them over through power.

Two ‘glass pearls’ shot out from the tip of his crescent magic wand, shooting towards the archer Greedin and Lucy.

His casting speed was too fast. The archer Greedin could not even nock his arrow.

“Bang!” A glass pearl exploded near Greedin’s ear, the shockwaves rippling towards him. The cynical archer slumped onto the ground wordlessly.

Link had restrained his power, only allowing Greedin to experience dizziness without actual damage.

“Ya!” Lucy exclaimed, unsheathing her sword in a heartbeat. She sent it cleaving towards the glass pearl. Link did not control the fireball to dodge the strike, simply allowing the sword to slice through it. Lucy was a level 2 swordswoman. As long as she experienced the power of the fireball firsthand it was enough.

“Bang!” The fireball exploded when the edge of the blade touched it, blowing away the blade.

The power condensed within this ‘glass pearl’ rivalled an ordinary level 1 fireball, and the explosion of a level 1 fireball could be regarded as a grenade. The glass pearl’s explosion at the blade was the equivalent of a grenade. Lucy, as an agile swordswoman, could not resist the impact.

“Ahh!” Lucy cried out in alarm as she felt the blade in her hands jolt like electricity. Her shoulders lost all strength.

Although she still held her sword, she knew she had no more strength to continue fighting. If another fireball had been cast, she would be on the ground like Greedin.

“It’s my lost.” Lucy admitted. No wonder Hank had made an expression like that. This magician’s fireballs were really hard to deal with.

“How is Greedin?” Hank looked towards the fallen archer.

“Nothing too much. He’s rather pesky.” Link grinned.

Hank and Lucy exchanged looks of dismay. They had discovered that the weedy youngster in front of them was not as powerless as they had thought. From his relaxed expression, they may not be his opponents even if they grouped up on him.

‘This dude hid his power!’ Hank and Lucy looked at each other, and they read similar thoughts from each other’s eyes.6

“Now, let’s talk business.” Link’s lips turned upwards. Link twirled his magic wand with his fingers. The magic wand seemed to come to life, deftly dancing in his hand.

-Chapter 37, end-

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