Chapter 35: Link’s ‘Glass Pearl’!

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-Chapter 35, DGM-

Magic was an extremely extensive subject. All the contents written on books were thoroughly verified by previous generations as reliable information.

Why was this so?

The reason was elementary. It was because the slightest errata in texts could trigger magic accidents. This could lead to disasters which were potentially life-claiming. All the magicians who played with the fire called magic had their lives robbed by magic accidents.

Link ceased his modifications to the magic structure temporarily, rigorously studying the magic book instead. He absorbed all the information left behind by the former generations of magicians.

Link was fascinated by the contents of the book. He was so engrossed that his thesis was thrown to the back of his mind.

There were 63 books in his space pendant, and they were all books about basic magic.

These magic books introduced everything a magician needed to know, information that had been tried and tested. Although they were shallow, they were condensed nuggets of wisdom passed down from distinguished magicians of previous generations. Many of the data recorded down had taken lifetimes of the previous magicians.

Link’s eidetic memory imbedded the data deeply in his mind. The high intelligence he had received during his rebirth allowed him to soak up all the content like a sponge in water.

He was completely wrapped up in his work.1

In the following two weeks, only eating 3 dry wheat breads a day had cost Link a lot of weight. His eyes were sunken into his eye sockets, and he looked as emaciated as a prisoner of war. In spite of this, his dark pupils seemed to grow increasingly calmer and serene, like a still lake. They were brimming with wisdom.

In the past two weeks, Elliot had written two letters, informing Link of his headway in studies. His innate gift was powerful, and he had already grasped a level 0 magic spell, earning the favour of a level 5 magician called Moira. He had became her apprentice shortly after.

Link remarked moodily, “Moira. Definitely a girl’s name. A handsome face really has its advantages…”

Jokes aside, Elliot was settling down in the academy well. This was good news.

Link sent back some interesting gossip proliferating in river valley village, mentioning that his life was content. He had not mentioned a word of his awkward predicament. At the same time, he also included some questions on magic of his in his letters, hoping Elliot could assist him in his questions.

Of course, Link did not expect Elliot to solve his questions. More accurately, he expected the tutelage overlooking Wright’s education to.

After Elliot received his letters in the academy, his guilt and anxiety were greatly alleviated. When he was at the academy, he would often think of Link,2 brooding over his torments and suffering. Contrary to his expectations, it looked like Link was passing his days well. This made Elliot happy.

As for the questions on magic that Link had mailed to him, he did not really understand them. However, he would not decline any opportunities to do a favour for Link. In truth, he was gratified to be able to repay even a little of Link’s favour.

He took the questions and relayed them to his teacher Moira.

Moira took exceptional care of him, patiently explaining the questions. In her explanation, Elliot had also benefitted slightly.

This was also equivalent to Link having a level 5 magic teacher himself, which allowed Link to devour all 63 books of magic in just two weeks.

As he lightly flipped through the last pages of the final magic book – ‘the magician’s path’, the endmost page had the name of the author of the book written on it. A talented human with an exceptional aptitude who lived 300 years ago, also the only son of the legendary magician Brian.3

‘For future generations: The only way we pass down our words pass time is through written text. Mark my words; magic can bestow you everything, including eternal life. Continue pursuing the path of magic. Perhaps one day we may meet.’

This sentence seemed to contain mysterious principle, but Brian was a person from 300 years ago, and should have long kicked the bucket. Every noble in Norton kingdom had attended his burial, and the burial of sage Brian was recorded minutely in historical records. This was an indisputable fact.

Link took the text with a grain of salt, regarding it as the delusional ravings of the late sage.4

Link flipped ‘the magician’s path’ close. At long last, he had finished all the rudimentary books on magic.

No, they were not simply skimmed through. He remembered every word, and understood the books’ in their entireties.

The Link now was not a stranger to magic, nor was he an apprentice from Fleming lessor magic academy. Nope, he had already fixed an unshakeable foundation on the road of magic.

Link resumed his pondering of his modifications to the ‘fireball’ magic structure. This time, he had a clear idea.

He raised the crescent magic wand and closed his eyes. The plethora of inspirations he had gained from experimenting the past two weeks came back to him quickly.

The various inspirations seemed to converge with the magic structure. The amalgam was explosive, like a raging inferno had met with boiling crude oil.

After 5 minutes, a new magic structure was birthed in Link’s imagination.

Link opened his eyes.

Like a bolt of lightning, a streak of brilliance flashed through Link’s dulled eyes from ‘mana deficiency’. Extending his crescent magic wand, he sent mana surging inside. The magic runes on the crescent magic wand lit up one by one, the tip of the wand bursting into fiery light.

Within the fiery brilliance, a red speck slowly took shape. If one paid enough attention, he would notice the flame elements within the red speck revolving at high speeds. This was not an ordinary revolution. Rather, it was a purling revolution like an eddy.

It was like a there was a black hole in the centre of the speck, ceaselessly engulfing the flame elements. The flame elements seemed like they were forced to revolve to maintain the stability of the magic structure.

In a second, the speck had evolved to the size of a glass pearl. This was the original size of the ‘fireball’ spell.

And yet it was different. Link’s fireball was white, like mist, with small heatwaves rolling off them. Yet the middle of this fireball emitted a blue hue, the surface smooth and unblemished, without the slightest warmth spilling from it. It could pass off as a glass marble.

It was done!

Outside the attic window, the sun shone brightly. Link spied an oak tree 50 meters away, and he aimed his magic wand at it. The fireball at the tip of his magic wand was discharged.

‘Whoosh~’ the fireball closed the 50 meters quickly, striking the tree trunk. Wood shavings fluttered in the air, and a hole the size of a teacup appeared on the trunk.

One must remember that the effective range of a normal fireball did not exceed 30 meters. Even with the assistance of a magic wand, the might of it was still around a small firecracker. At most, it would only char the bark of the tree.

Whether it was the effective range or the power of Link’s fireball, it greatly exceeded the normal one by miles.

“The effective range is probably around 60 meters. The explosion of the fireball is probably equivalent to the power of a level 1 fireball spell. If I use the fire crystal magic staff, it would be boosted even more. Unexpectedly, the mana required has actually decreased. With just a bit of mana, I can consecutively fire off 24 fireballs with my current mana capacity. The only problem is that the casting speed has been increased by too much.”

The ordinary fireball spell had the rapport of the game system. The extreme limit of its casting speed was 0.05 seconds, the equivalent of a wink. However, this modified fireball had a more complex magic structure, and was not as stable. This required Link to expend more effort to maintain. The first time he casted, he used 8 seconds.

“However, practice makes perfect. I’ll keep practicing until I find the limit of its casting speed.”

Link immediately begun practice, similar to how he had repeatedly condensed the normal fireball at the tip of his wand before absorbing it back.

He concentrated.5

With just him practicing, half the day was whisked away. The results were superb.

Half a day had passed. Link aimed his wand. The pointed tip of the magic wand immediately burst into faint light, a blue-tinted like glass pearl taking form. With a raise of the wand, the fireball disappeared as quickly as it had formed. Again, the fireball appeared. A raise, and it was gone.

The speed was so fast it was unbelievable. It did not look any slower than the ordinary fireball.

However, Link knew that it was slower in reality, although it was only by a small margin.

“The ordinary fireball’s limit was 0.05 seconds. This modified fireball is around 0.07 seconds instead.”

With a more complicated magic structure, the time needed to construct the magic structure would also increase. The casting speed would subsequently be longer. This was the simplified explanation.

However, the time required for casting was only 0.07 seconds, and its strength was comparable to a level 1 magic spell. Its effective distance was also 60 meters, and it consumed less mana than the normal fireball. This was a terrifying piece of work.

“There should still be a little room for increasing my casting speed for the fireball. I should practice more.”

It didn’t matter even if the upgrade in casting speed was only a few milliseconds. Every millisecond counted in a fight. Hence, Link’s stringent standards towards casting speed neared irrational.

More practice.

As three more hours tolled away, Link had practiced this modified fireball to the point of insanity, and had reached the boundary of its casting speed. Link spotted a notification in his field of vision.

As he examined it, he realised it was the notification of the game system.

‘Player has successfully modified the level 0 ‘fireball’ spell. Please name the modified spell.’

Link chortled. Who would’ve thought he would have the authority to name spells? As he remembered the fireball which appeared exactly like a glass pearl, he said, “Let’s call it ‘glass pearl’ then. Link’s ‘glass pearl’, lol.”

‘Modified spell has been named ‘glass pearl’.’

‘Player has successfully grasped a level 0 magic technique. Player has been awarded 1 free point.’

“Hey, they actually reward you free points for this. Not bad.” Link’s enthusiasm rose.

He had 106 free points now. Because of his ‘mana deficiency’, even if he pumped all his free points into mana capacity, he would only have a 106 point increase in mana capacity for 3 months. 3 months later, he would have no use for so much mana. Hence, these free points were left as backup.

Every free point was a card up his sleeve. With these many cards in his arsenal, he was free from worry.

He had finished the books of magic. He had successfully modified the ‘fireball’ spell. Link remembered the thesis.

This time, because he had a bulk of information from the books on magic, he begin to work on the formulae for gravity again. He made progress very quickly. As he derived formulae upon formulae, the scientific law had long changed beyond recognition.

What would remain at the very end of his equations, even Link did not know.

However, Link’s efforts quickly stopped. It was not because he was out of ideas, but instead because he had used up all his parchments of paper. He also did not have much ink remaining, and needed to get new supplies.

Feeling his purse, Link felt awkward. He was almost out. He only had 3 silver coins left.

“Looks like I need to start earning money.”

His pocket was really nearing empty. If he did not work for pocket money, he would have to go begging on the streets.

-Chapter 35, end-

Tler’s notes:

Btw I might decide to drop this novel after the second arc, because i realised what I’m doing is technically illegal.(well, slightlyish) This is a qidian published book and I require permission from qidian which I will not get unless I join them. If this gets out of hand and they take notice of it, they may ask me to take down or cease translations, or they may even press charges (though this is rare and unheard of).

Their contracts for tlers are pretty harsh I heard and i absolutely do not want to get tied down by contracts unless its a gentlemen’s agreement. And I have enough crap in my life, don’t need more trouble from tling illegally or whatever. Despite whatever hate they get I don’t blame them or anything since i am legally wrong, after all.

If I somehow make it to second arc without qidian making notice of me, I’ll likely drop this or pass the torch to some other daring tler. e.e

Don’t worry though, second arc is far far away. Will only be finished this year i think.

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  1. Aiya! I really hope something changes and you continue! It’s such a great novel and you’re doing a good job!

    At work now, but had a quick glance:

    . It was because the slightest errata in texts
    Do you mean error?
    infomrmation that had been tried and tested
    He had became her apprentice
    Link remarked snarkily
    He raised the cresent magic wand and closed
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    1. While there are grammatical errors in the text (most things I cared to notice were wrong tenses and stuff, e,g. begin instead of began or begun), Frozen Ice, you should google the words before you point them out as errors, snarkily pretty much means sarcastically, and errata is correct as well. (That said, my personal opinion is to aim for more simple language since I doubt most readers of lightnovels or webnovels are doing it for linguistics…)

      Anyway, since I’m making a comment I might as well point out one of the things that irked me a bit.

      “Link immediately begin practice, similar to how he had repeatedly condensed the normal fireball at the tip of his wand before absorbing it back.”

      replace begin with began to. (or maybe begun, past participle, tbh I’m not a native speaker myself so I’m not 100%) i.e. Link immediately began/begun to practice.

      Anyway, I saw this as a common mistake through several chapters

      1. yeah i try to keep it simpler but sometimes, well you know chinese to english and the words don’t feel right so i just head to thesaurus

      2. Yeah fair enough. I know what snarkily means but it didn’t feel in line and I guess sneakily isn’t the right word either. From how I see it, Link is a more “nice” guy. Felt like it tries to capture he was surprised but not really at the same time.
        Also dosen’t errata mean typos? I thought the thing was talking about actual human error. My bad on this one then.

        1. Hmm I’ll change it back to errata then. Typos is more of a modern term and used for typed out stuff even though it’s easier to understand

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      Link: Gravitation![full control of his own gravity, something like buff, like decrease gravity to move&attack faster, increase gravity his own sword to attack heavier]
      Link: Gravity Shield / Force Shield
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