Chapter 34: From the stones to the sun and stars, as well as all living things

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-Chapter 34, DGM-

With Link’s help, Elliot managed to scrape together 1,500 gold coins for the studying fees. With his talent in magic nearing perfection, he would have no difficulties in entering the academy.

On the other hand, Link had landed himself in an awkward predicament as he had given all the money on his body to Elliot. As of now, he only had 6 gold coins left.

Although Link had claimed he had an idea for his thesis, he did not take his studies on earth seriously. While he was not considered a slacker, he was not the greatest in his studies. He only remembered vague ideas of how the various topics went.1

Although he had tremendous talent now, if he wanted to painstakingly regurgitate the various theses perfectly it would require time and work. It would also be impossible for him to gather a huge sum of money in such a short time.

To save money, he had moved from the best quarters to the crammed attic at the roof of the inn building in river valley village. Staying in the attic was very cheap; it charged 50 copper per night. Cold wind leaked through the cracks in the roof, and the useable area was only a dozen square meters. There was no bed, and only a rolled up mattress. There was originally no table, but Link found the inn boss before coaxing and pestering him. He managed to get a table and a chair, but the condition was to pay half a month’s worth of housing fees upfront.

Although the conditions were harsh, Link did not pay it the slightest heed. He did not demand much. – all he needed was a shelter above his head.

Link visited the local store to purchase a quill pen, some ink and a few parchments of paper. In total, it was 9 silver coins. He also purchased some products for everyday needs. All he had in his pocket now was 1 gold coin and 1 silver coin. (In this world, 10 silver coins equals to 1 gold coin) He still needed to eat and drink, so Link had no option but to start living frugally.

He had two major problems he needed to settle at the moment. The first was his thesis and the second was the 1,500 gold coins needed as studying fees.

Hm, he would first write his thesis before thinking about the studying fees. He’d cross that bridge when he came to it.

Of course, all these arrangements were made behind Elliot’s back. He had already begun his studies in eastern valley magic academy, and eastern valley magic academy’s adopted policy was isolated education. Thus, Link would no longer be meeting Elliot. Their only means of communication were through mails and letters.

Don’t get him wrong – this was perfect as Link did not want Elliot aware of his straits. After settling any outstanding problems, he sat down on the worn and shabby chair. Link began to write for the first time in this different world.

Dipping the tip of his pen into the murky ink, Link peered past the small unswept window of the attic, into the Gwinnett forest which was bathed in sunlight. Thinking aloud, he murmured, “What should the caption be?”

After deliberating for a few seconds, a fluent line of dainty handwriting appeared on the parchment. ‘The theory of interactive force of everything; from a stone falling to the ground and to the sun, moon and stars.’

If he was going to write, he needed something radical, something novel to give people a shock!

As Link sifted through his memories of his time on earth, he discovered that these memories were sharp and accurate, without even a fuzz of haziness. He had initially assumed he had lost the formulae and knowledge of Newton’s laws of gravity, but he soon realised that they were like deposited minerals hidden in the nooks of his untapped memories.

Feloma continent had mathematics, and its developments in mathematics were not half bad. However, the mathematics on Feloma continent and earth slightly deviated. To be precise, mathematics was simply a means for expanding the subject of magic further.

More accurately, the extensive theory of magic covered almost all the subjects on Feloma continent. Mathematics was simply one of the subjects.

The previous owner of Link’s body had studied at Fleming magic academy for a long period of time. Although he had not studied real magic, his foundation was pretty solid. The knowledge he had gathered over the years were sufficient enough for Link to use.

Perhaps it was because Link had studied magic, but as Link wrote, it was extremely easy to concentrate. He could easily eliminate distracting thoughts and concentrate more on the task at hand.

As a result, Link begin to get absorbed in his work, losing head of time as it tarried away.

As Link was purely devoted to the task at hand, Link begin to write his theory of an omnipresent, mutual inter-attractive force between everything.

Initially, Link had thought everything would be plain sailing. Dedicate some time into writing a paper that would strike people dumb before conveniently finding a way to gather enough money and enter the academy.

However, things never went the way one thought. As Link begin to truly start on his thesis, problems immediately arose.

Link knew the general scientific laws of gravity. As he saw it, it should be easy to derive the final formulae for gravity. However, as he followed his logic, he realised he was stepping into an entirely unfamiliar field of science.

When he returned to his senses, the parchment was filled with stacks of formulae upon formulae. Some were mathematics formulae, others were mathematic equations from magic runes.

“What I wanted was the formulae for gravity, how did it turn into this stuff?”2

The equations on the parchments seemed to be vaguely correlated with gravity. However, it seemed to also have association with the theory of relativity too, along with various bizarre equations and scrawls.3

Then…then Link was stuck. He did not have the foggiest idea of how to continue.

Link was unaware that be it the theory of relativity or the formulae for gravity, they were all incomplete branches of the theory of space.4 While their theories and descriptions were all mind-blowing, they were filled with holes and often incomplete, only applicable in solving special problems.

However, Link’s innate talent was too powerful, to a frightening degree that even Link himself could not estimate. By following his own logic consistently, he begin to automatically patch up the holes of logic in the different theories. The outcome was him deriving a pile of incoherent gibberish.

In reality, all these new formulae he had derived described the theory of space. However, they were not complete descriptions either and as a result, were scattered and messy.

The inexperienced Link was muted.

Feeling his burning forehead, Link forced down his derailed train of thoughts in his head. Lightly pressing down on the parchment, he heard his stomach growling in protest. He begin to order food before leaving the inn to cool his head off and find another solution.

This was his nature. If he met with difficulties, he would not cower or abandon it, and instead conjure up solutions. If the problem was beyond his capabilities to the extent that he could not even imagine solving it, then he would be like a snail. Gradually crawling forward to find wherever the solution lay.

“Rome was not established in a day. Neither can an abstruse theory be written in a day. I should rest a little first.” Link assuaged himself.

Link walked to the dining hall on the first story of the inn and ordered a cheap piece of hard wheat bread along with a glass of boiled water. He dined by himself. After he filled his starving belly, he strolled to the river valley village’s river banks, quietly ambling along the riverside.

Gwinnett forest had a clear stream of water, beautiful sunshine. The cool breeze of the dying-autumn wind and the idyllic scenery coupled with the melodious birdsongs set Link’s heart free from worry.

After walking for more than half an hour, an idea flashed in Link’s mind. Eureka! Link hurried back to the inn’s attic, and begin to scrawl wildly.

When another few hours had passed, Link had once again gotten stuck. Despite racking his brains or considering it from all angles, nothing seemed to work. Looking at the time, it was already night. He left the attic to get dinner. After dinner, he temporarily ceased all pondering of the problem and grabbed a magic book from the space pendant and begin to read.

The last time, Link had fully grasped the ‘fireball’ level 0 spell. At the last minute, he had discovered that the structure of the ‘fireball’ spell was slightly inefficient, and had planned to alter it, but had been interrupted by Elliot. Now that there was no one to disturb him, he was free to experiment his ideas as much as he wanted.

Brandishing the crescent magic wand in front of him, Link sent mana into the magic wand. The weak glow of magic flickered from the tip of the wand.

Link begin to gingerly make modifications to the structure of the ‘fireball’ spell.

Mana extended from the tip of the magic wand bit by bit, commencing construction of the magic structure. It was completed very quickly. The flame elements in the air begin to gather. As the introduced modifications of the magic structure begin to operate… the magic structure spiralled out of control. Only a soft ‘puff’ was heard as a small half of the fireball that had just formed collapsed.

The situation was somewhat unexpected, but Link had never expected to succeed on his first try. He recalculated the procedures for the previous modifications and confirmed the steps before retesting.


After three seconds, the half-fledged fireball crumbled again.

Once again.

Another ‘puff’. This time it was maintained for 4 seconds. The fireball had formed around 80% of its original size before it collapsed.

Once again.


Once again…’puff’… 49 successive runs were performed, but not even one had succeeded. The fireball in the last run he had performed crumbled when it was above 98% to completion.

Link halted his blind experimenting. “Why would the magic structure always go out of control at the final moment? I certainly didn’t miss anything out.”

Link replayed the process of the experiment runs in his mind, recalling the time when changes had begin showing up in the mana. After pondering for half an hour, a burst of insight flared up in his mind. He remembered a simple explanation he had once read on a book on magic.

Link frantically trawled through his magic books. After a few minutes, he managed to find 3 magic books. They were ‘The nature of magic’, ‘The turbulence theory of magic’ and ‘Mana’s scattering and interference’.5

Link tapped on the fuzzy memories of the previous owner, leafing through the books. In a blink, he had located the needed content.

“Mathematical equation of scattering mana and the illustration of interference of magical structure. The turbulence phenomenon occurs in 9 different circumstances… As expected, I had taken it for granted. Can’t believe I made so many mistakes.”

After reading the content, Link felt that his understanding towards mana was too shallow; too simple and crude. By rashly altering the magic structures in this state, accidents were very likely to happen.

“Since the former magicians of the past have already contributed so many discoveries, I should honestly climb my way up.”

Even Newton, the world-renowned scientist had once said: ‘If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.’6 Of course, Link would follow suit. If he insisted on researching magic from the very beginning, he would be a twat.

-Chapter 34, end-

Tler’s notes:

When Link steals from Newton AND quotes him…i can almost see newton climbing out from his grave to haunt him

btw next chapter im guessing Link creates an original spell 🙂

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