Chapter 30: The First Level 0 Spell (1/2)


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-Chapter 30, DGM-

Since they both were headed to eastern valley magic academy, the pair hurried on with their journey.

Elliot’s body was riddled with wounds. However, the bandits were novices, so the gashes were not deep. The blood clotted quickly.

After wrapping himself up with a clean set of bandages, Elliot got his baggage left beside the dead horse and changed into a fresh, crisp set of clothes. He felt rejuvenated.

“Here, normal medicine. You’ll feel better after drinking it.” Link held up a medicine bottle. This medicine bottle was found when Link scoured the alchemy tower.1 He only had two bottles.

Elliot hesitated slightly. He had only met this fellow a few moments ago and he felt uncomfortable drinking something Link handed to him.

He observed Link. His expression was neutral and his gaze was casual. A good half of him was assured immediately. Link was doing this out of good intention and it would be impolite not to accept. He accepted the bottle, uncapping it before sipping it in small amounts. After verifying it was ordinary medicine, Elliot finished it in a few gulps.

“Thanks.” After the medicine entered his belly, Elliot felt a comfortable sensation pool in his stomach. Only then was he completely assured that the medicine was normal. Furthermore, it was of first rate quality.

“A trivial matter.” Link broke into a smile. “Let’s go.”

Eastern valley magic academy was situated in the southeast of Gwinnett forest, while both of then had entered from the west of the forest. Thus, they had to cover a huge half of the forest.

Thankfully, Gwinnett forest was not too big, only around 50-60 kilometres broad. King’s road was also very level and well-constructed. Their walk was like an afternoon stroll in the park.

Elliot thought that Link had an amiable disposition and bright character. His speech and sentences were loaded with wit and humor, and he was generous despite his status as an ordinary magic apprentice.

As they strolled along King’s road, they chatted on various subjects, speaking their thoughts freely without holding back.2 On several occasions, Link seemed to identify with his thoughts and was able to keep up with his conversations. An intelligent person like Link was rare, and Elliot forgot about his current predicament.

That’s right, he was in a predicament. He lacked money. As he was an orphan, nobody would take on the expenses of funding his learning. All his learning fees were accumulated after hard work3 While he had barely enough fees to support his learning, he needed to use the rest of his money economically or he would have to go hungry.

“What luck, to think that I would meet such a friend.” Elliot was delighted.

The feeling was mutual. Link felt that Elliot deserved the title of magic god. He had a good head and he was open-minded and lively. Many jokes that Link took from his time on earth were easily understood.

However, there was one point which Link felt depressed on.

His looked way too normal. He had a scrawny build and he wore ordinary grey robes. Although he called himself a magician, he did not wield a wand.4 When he walked on the road, he was practically invisible. On the other hand, Elliot had unrivaled handsome features and a tall, robust build. Although he wore ordinary attire, this was unable to block out his brilliance.

When they walked side by side, Link looked like an attendant of Elliot’s.

“Eh, does that mean I’ve become a side character already?”

As they approached river valley village, Elliot attracted the gazes of everyone, like a bees to a honeycomb. This was especially true for the young maidens of the village, whose eyes sparkled. Of course, Link was treated like air.

When they reached the village’s inn, the innkeeper directly asked Elliot, “Bro, you staying here?”

Elliot nodded. Gritting his teeth, he pulled out cash for two rooms. He owed his life to Link. Of course he could not allow Link to pay.

After chatting with Elliot for so long, how could Link be clueless about his predicament? Striding forward, he dropped a gold coin on the counter. “Two of the best rooms, please.”

Turning towards Elliot, he laughed it off. “Haha, don’t argue with me. Consider it a last favour.”

He knew Elliot’s predicament was somewhat embarrassing. In light of his interest, he had prepared to rush to eastern valley magic academy through the night. However, Link did not even get a wink of sleep the night before and was dead exhausted. Link had thus insisted on sleep.

The reason why he laughed it off as a final favour was in light of Elliot’s reputation.5

Elliot was stumped for words, only reconising the subtle meaning of Link’s actions. Gratefulness filled his heart as he nodded quietly. No words were spoken, but he noted this friendship down in his heart.

Throughout his many years of wandering, the people he had met were either held malicious intentions or were apathetic towards him. People like Link who held pure altruism in their hearts were nearly extinct. He would remember every act of kindness and wait for an opportunity to requite.

The two of them ate their dinner together in the dining hall. Of course, Link footed the bill. Both of them went to their separate rooms to rest after.

Link took a nice shower after he returned to his lodge. Sprawled on his bed, Link tossed and turned endlessly, before springing up. He examined the space pendant Celine had given to him.

This pendant was too precious. Given Link’s current strength, he could not reveal it in front of others. The only thing he could do was stealthily peer it at alone.

As his consciousness wandered into the space of the pendant, a dusky space appeared in his mind. It was spacious, the space spanning around 10 meters in length. In the middle of the space floated a pile of objects.

A pleasing pile of magic books greeted his eyes. 64 of the most valuable books in Fleming magic academy were stacked here.

Next was a few bottles of medicine, around 7-8 in number. These were all inferior level potions, gathered from the alchemy tower. Apart from these were a small mountain of gold coins, also taken from Fleming magic academy. After counting, there were 1315 coins. Celine had left all the gold coins to him.

Although he had been separated from Celine for only a day, it already felt like eternity since he met her. He missed her.

‘Did she manage to evade those abyssal lackeys? I wonder how she’s doing now.’ Questions emerged in Link’s mind one after another. It was Link’s first experience worrying for someone.

‘My power is too lacking!’ Link clenched his teeth. Even if he were with Celine now, he would be a hinderance for her.

He caressed the space pendant and the black feathers kept at his belly. The presence of Celine seemed to warm him, providing him solace.

He was too exhausted. After fidgeting on the bed restlessly for half an hour, he drifted into light sleep. When he opened his eyes again, he realised it was still dark out when he glanced past the window. Digging out his pocket watch, he realised it was still 2 a.m. in the morning. He had slept for around 6 hours.

But in these 6 hours of sleep, Link felt like his entire body had been refreshed, warm and snug, like he had been enveloped in lukewarm water. He felt comfortable, and his mind was sober, nothing like that fuzzy and heavy migraine he had before sleeping.

After a short rest, he felt like his entire body had been rejuvenated. No, not just that, he felt like he had finally experienced the benefits of a powerful soul.

Whatever questions his brain conjured up, he could methodically take it apart and analyse it, before swiftly inferring the answer. The problems that the previous owner of his body did not understand when studying magic were completely understood after a little thinking on his part smoothly.

‘Is this my peak condition? If I had an IQ test, I’d reckon the previous owner’s would be 90 at most.6 However, I, a transmigrator from earth would have an estimated IQ of 130 (at most), even in my best frame of mind. However, my IQ now definitely surpasses 250…eh, 260? Screw it, this brain is truly unequalled…’

If he did not use his mind and his rejuvenated condition to their fullest, it would be too much of a waste.

Link fished out a magic book from the space pendant, titled ‘Basics of the composition of magic’. Flipping through the pages, it described the composition of a level 0 magic spell, such as ‘earth spike’,7 ‘fireball’, ‘wind blade’, ‘grease’, ‘secondary invisibility’, etc. Every one of them had a broken down and detailed analysis.

The knowledge which Link lacked the most.

“As the proverb says, Carpe Diem! I’ll start learning magic!”8

He clutched the book, reading through it like he was absorbed.

-Chapter 30, end-

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