Chapter 29: The Undying Role of the Lead


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-Chapter 29, DGM-

Spots of sunlight flitted in from the cracks in the canopy of oak trees. After walking for 2-3 minutes, Link finally spotted the battle.

Link was stunned.

Three bandits with their faces covered with bandannas were surrounding a teenager. The teenager’s face was outrageously handsome.

A charming face was nothing surprising. However, the features of this young man exceeded the level of ordinary by several miles.

His features were the epitome of perfect. Raven hair and deep, emerald orbs for eyes. His nose was symmetrical, his face porcelain, etc. One could randomly pick out a part of him and it would be nothing short of perfection.

The name of the youngster clicked in Link’s mind.

Half elf Elliot!

Elliot was a being on the legendary level,1 a crossbreed between a human and a high elf who possessed unfathomable innate talent in magic.

While the 20 years in the previous game world were dark times for Feloma continent, they were also the growth period of the legendary half elf magic god.

If one excluded the players in the NPC world, Elliot was like an undying cockroach which played the lead role.

But at this moment, the legend’s rise to fame had not occured yet. He was merely an ordinary juvenile, with perhaps some experience in small scuffles. In short, he cut a sorry figure.

Even against ordinary bandits, he was in dire straits. Gaping wounds covered his body and he looked on the cusp of collapsing.

Link had a mission to complete. As the robbers begin to grab at Elliot, he begin disposing. Disposing the bandits.

Just a couple of bandits. Link slouched behind the tree without even bothering to reveal himself. He casted one fireball for each bandit.

Although he was in a state of ‘mana deficiency’ and did not bother with a magic wand, his fireballs still possessed the same might as before. A volley of fireballs flew out, every fireball drilling into the ears of the bandits.

The burst of the fireballs exploding rang out. A bandit abruptly slumped to the ground while the movements of the other two became ungainly, like they were intoxicated. The bandits swayed unsteadily in the air, disorientated.

Elliot was quick on his toes and possessed slight experience. However, he was not fond of murder. In a blink, he dealt a knifehand strike to the jugular veins of the bandits. The bandits tumbled to the ground.

Elliot watched the tree, a hint of precaution in his emerald eyes. He called out in a sharp voice, “Mr magician, I’m grateful for your help.”

He was too handsome, too beautiful. Furthermore, with his mixed lineage, he was abandoned as an orphan as a tender child. Over his course of life, he had encountered too many frauds and phonies to the point he could not distinguish who was or wasn’t after his looks. He was almost sold several times to nobles as a slave.

The trio of bandits were pretty direct – they wanted to sell him for money. If a stranger popped out of the blue and saved him, his motives were awfully suspicious. Concluding it as orchestrated would not be out of the question.

Today, he had almost been mugged by bandits. At the last second, a magician coincidentally appeared and saved him. A coincidence would not suffice as an explanation, to say the least.

Perhaps he was too paranoid. Overthinking things with his baseless suspicions. But it was this paranoia that allowed him to stay in one piece till today.

Link was unaware of Elliot’s train of thoughts. He popped out from behind the tree, a beam plastered on his face. “Don’t mention it, it was effortless. I’m Link, what’s yours?”

At any rate, the magician had saved him. Elliot worried at his lip for a while, but eventually stated his real name. “Elliot.”

A slight smile deepened on Link’s lips. He remembered information material about a random secret mission in the previous game world.

The material indicated that in the eastern valley magic academy, there an abnormally powerful yet youthful NPC magician that would appear according to the situation. The NPC would randomly allocate some tasks, allowing players to stack up on alchemy materials2 Although the missions were not demanding, they had slight complications. After completing the final task, the player would receive an ‘epic’ quality magic crystal.

In the game, ‘excellent’ quality tools were ubiquitous, but ‘epic’ quality goods were as precious as phoenix feathers. Even if the concentration of magic in the surroundings had substantially increased after 20 years, if a player scraped together a suit of ‘epic’ quality equipment, it would be quite the sight when he walked on streets.3

Therefore, the ‘epic’ quality magic crystal was a precious reward.

The NPC was Elliot. Every player who had completed his tasks had praised him as magnanimous and benevolent. The type of chap that would remember gratitude and repay favours. Now, Link had met the man himself. Elliot’s expression was lukewarm, his eyes unadulterated and limpid. It was very possible the rumour and talk of this man was true.

If he could make friends with a legendary level being, it would be an awesome thing. However, Elliot looked on guard, so he needed to use some skills to approach him and get him to open him.

“Alright. Nice to meet you, Elliot. Now that you’re safe, I should take my leave.” Link bowed a magician’s bow towards Elliot, turning to leave.

He was convinced Elliot would persuade him to stay. Even if he did not stop Link, they would bump into each other once Link was admitted into eastern valley magic academy. After all, Elliot would attend the academy in the future.

“Wait.” As expected, Elliot opened his mouth, “Mr Link, are you a magician from eastern valley magic academy?”

Link stopped in his tracks, turning around to shake his head. “Temporarily no, but I intend to learn magic there.”

“You…” His viridescent eyes sized Link up. Link’s eyes were dull. (a side effect of the mana deficiency) The faint odour of magic lingered on his ordinary ash-grey garments. He ought to be an ordinary magic apprentice.

From his knowledge, eastern valley magic academy placed strict requirements on their accepted applicants. Their applicants were mostly divided into two categories – official magicians who had already attained a high proficiency in magic or extremely talented people who were innately gifted. The magic academy could be said to be a gathering of the cream of the crops.

Although Link knew a bit of magic, it seemed like his talent in magic was dismal. If he went there, they would lock up their doors and refuse to even see him.

“What, got any questions?” Link laughed.

“Mister, I heard the prerequisites for entering the academy are very demanding. Getting admitted into it may be hard.” Elliot appropriately trimmed his words so as to not affect Link’s self-esteem. His suspicion for Link had long disappeared.

Link immediately understood Elliot’s implicit meaning, and a murky smile formed on his face. So these were the repercussions of ‘mana deficiency’, others could immediately sense his bleak magic power.

“I brought along a few magic books. I just plan to try my luck at the academy. If I’m not admitted, I’ll do some self studying for a while. When my magic has improved, I’ll return to try it out again.” Link’s smile was as radiant as sunshine.

Link’s words gave birth to Elliot’s sympathy the moment they were uttered. In his eyes, Link was cut a person who had pursued an ambitious road of magic even though he was untalented.

In the Kingdom, there were countless people like Link. Although ideals were beautiful, reality was cold and unfeeling. The passion of magic that these young men had ultimately squandered away the years of their lifespan.

After thinking for a second, Elliot said, “I also plan to get admitted into eastern valley magic academy. Let’s go together.”

He felt respect towards this young man who had rescued him. ‘Even if he fails to get admitted into any magic academy, I can also give him pointers in magic.’

As for himself, he was confident in his admission into eastern valley magic academy as he was heads above everyone when it came to innate talent. Every magician who met him had been no exception, praising his gift in magic. He was well aware of his gift of his.

Link was delighted. Everything had gone without a hitch and he had succeeded in bringing down Elliot’s guard. This fella played the lead role, and had a halo of immortality following him above his head. Nothing bad could come out of sticking around him.

While talking, he realised a notification had been added to his vision.

Rescue mission completed.

Player has been awarded 5 free points.

Follow-up mission commencing.

Mission: Admission.

Mission description: 1. Get admitted into eastern valley magic academy to study magic; 2. genuinely grasp a level 0 magic spell.

Mission reward: 5 free points.

Ahaha, who wouldn’t accept such a great mission?

-Chapter 29, end-

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