Chapter 28: Departure, and a new beginning

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Chapter 28, DGM-

Daybreak had finally arrived.

When the dark elf army begin to slowly retreat, Link sighed in relief. The ‘murmur of magic’ effect was beginning to slowly fade, and he could feel fatigue starting to plague him.

With the side effect of 3 months of ‘mana deficiency’, he had to prepare an escape route in advance.

This morning, he had been too ostentatious.1 The dark elves would definitely not let him off. It was very probable that he would get swarmed by countless assassins from the ‘Death Hand’.

Glaston city and the Black Forest were in close proximity. The sooner he left, the safer he would be.

Watching Annie Abel’s figure on the ramparts, Link felt a sense of gratification. He had saved both Glaston city and this future legendary assassin, changing the history of Feloma continent in the process.

Annie was watching him, briskly walking over to him. Link smiled and nodded at her. Under her astonished gaze, Link cast vector resistance forcefield on the city walls.

Under the effect of the magic, Link leapt down the ramparts, darting into an alleyway in a corner. Because of the supplement from ‘feline boost’, he landed nimbly on the ground.2

He had completed the mission, and achieved his goal. Every second in Glaston city equated to more danger. Hence, farewells were the least of his troubles.

Celine was waiting for him in the alleyway.

“Let’s get out of here.” Link grinned. They had long agreed on this.

Celine nodded. Two people followed the alleyway before they moved onto the streets as they silently stole out of Glaston city. When they reached outside the city which was desolate, Celine reverted into her demon form. Because they were travelling for a good distance and needed to fly, Celine carried Link.

This position was awfully titillating. Link tried his best to keep his calm as she spread her wings, soaring into the skies.

The soldiers had no way of tracking Link’s exit. They were still combing Glaston city for the supposedly mighty magician which had rescued them. Of course, not a hair was found.

The legend of the indomitable magician begin to spread like wildfire.

Some said he was the emissary of the Ruler of Light, while some said he was an extraordinarily gifted magician. Others said he was a person who wielded flames.

Every one of those were baseless conjectures. The real facts of Glaston city had already been buried with time.

The sole fact people knew was that the magician came from Fleming magic academy. As a result, the rebuilt academy had a striking sculpture in its centre – a lofty monument of an archmage.

The sculpture represented a young figure with hazy features. He wore ash-grey robes, his hands gripping a magic staff as his eyes gazed in the distance. The sculpture was known as: The Guardian

A simple plaque was illustrated below it: ‘He rescued Glaston city.’

As Celine brought Link out of Glaston city, a notification popped up in Link’s vision.

‘First portion: Final mission completed – Rescuing Glaston city.

‘Player has been rewarded with 100 free points.’

Awesome news!

‘Second portion:

”Murmur of magic’ effect has ended, player has obtained ‘mana deficiency’ status. All attributes will be reduced for 3 months.’

Killjoy. Link sighed in his heart, examining his status.

Link Moleney (Noble)

Level 4 ordinary magician

Mana regeneration speed: 0.92

Mana capacity: 24.1

Equipment: Fire crystal magic staff

Magic technique: None.

Status: Mana deficiency

Right, his mana regeneration speed and his mana capacity had turned into the level of an ordinary magic apprentice. And this would last for 3 months.
‘Kill me…’

Although the current him had been promoted to a level 4 magician, it was merely an empty title, something merely obtained from casting the level 4 magic spell ‘flame burst’. (Grades of magicians are determined by the highest levelled spell they are able to cast.)

The real Link only had a basic grasp of the foundations of magic. If he wanted to become an unparalleled god of magic, his road was still very long.

“Are you sure you want to go to eastern valley magic academy?” Celine softly asked.

“Yeah.” Link nodded.

He had raked in a mountain of books about the basics of magic from the library in Fleming magic academy. After he digested them and obtained enough understanding of the basics of magic, he shouldn’t be lagging behind anymore.

However, his strive in being admitted to eastern valley magic academy had another important reason.

In the previous game world, half a year before the blood moon changed, eastern valley magic academy, a massive accident occurred. During the accident, the 300 years old demon Taurus which was imprisoned in eastern valley magic academy had broken out.

Taurus was a genuine abyss fiend, and possessed strength right under the legendary level. The reason for his captivity was because of an exceptionally gifted human magician by the name of Brian who lived 300 years ago.

Even in the era where the concentration of mana was not as high, Brian had still achieved the level of legendary. He had slugged it out with Taurus for 2 days and 2 nights. The aftermath of the fight was a huge ravine where they had fought. This ravine was the origin of eastern valley magic academy.

Now, the magician Brian had already passed away. Although the magic seal personally installed by Brian had weakened only slightly over the centuries, Taurus was still a level 8 with terrifying power.

He had turned the academy into a slaughterhouse. The academy dean, level 7 magician Anthony, had to sacrifice his soul as a price to cast a level 8 magic demon prison, barely driving away the demon. However, at this point, the valley had already been levelled and at least half the magicians in the academy had been slain.

This unfortunate disaster right after the blood moon changing was coined ‘magic’s death’.

The consecutive attacks had greatly diminished the power of Norton Kingdom. Subsequently, every war fought with Black Forest of the dark elf nation had been lost. After 3 years, the royal family was forced to take refuge in the southern trade union. However, within a few years, the fallen Annie Abel slew King Ryan.3 From then on, Norton Kingdom begin to thoroughly crumble apart. The southern trade union had also begun to face the threat of the dark elves.

In those months and years, times were dark for the humans.

From the game system’s point of view, the act of saving Glaston city was a huge step and accomplishment. Naturally, he would get rewarded with a copious amount of free points.

“Fine. It’s really hard to make sense of you.”

Despite her words, Celine continued flying towards the south, speaking as she flew, “The dean of eastern valley magic academy is Earl Anthony, a level 7 magician. There are no fanciful magic enchantments all over the academy. Instead, the entirety of the academy and the forests in its vicinity are monitored by a magic tower which is extremely susceptible to the darkness. It’ll be extremely difficult to hide my identity there, so I’ll only be able to send you to the edge of their nearby forests.”

This was somewhat out of Link’s expectations. He had wanted to enter the academy with Celine. If this was the case, he could only part ways with her.

Feeling the warmth of her body from behind him, Link was slightly reluctant. He remained taciturn for a while.

Celine seemed to sense his mood. She assured, “Even if there were no magic tower, I would still have to disappear for a period of time. You also know I left a few traces behind. My father’s lackeys would start finding trouble with me. I should start preparing to throw them off my trail.”

“Be careful.” Link’s bubble was burst. That’s right, her life was constantly dogged by danger. Link needed to quickly grow stronger.

“I’m used to it. Besides, those dogs of his are stupid. Hehe.” Celine chuckled.

The duo made idle chatter while travelling. Celine’s speed was extremely fast. After 3 hours, they could see a green sea of oak trees stretched out below them. This was the Gwinnett forest, also known as ‘God’s garden’.

A verdant landscape stretched out as far as the eyes could see, lush green and full of life. Birds sang and fragrant flowers bloomed. A spacious road extended through the forest. Glades could be spotted by the road from time to time. These were agricultural farms. In the heart of the forest, a small but bustling village could be spotted. A clear stream flowed by the small town. This was river valley town.

Viewing the forest from an aerial view, the beautiful scenery seemed like it was taken out of a painting. Link’s heart was filled with both regret and delight.

In the previous game world, the dark elves used a powerful device to conquer the south. When they reached Gwinnett forest, the eastern valley magic academy was forced to employ powerful magic enchantments to force back the dark elves. The battle between the two parties had wrecked the beautiful Gwinnett forest. Where the forest once stood was now a desert and its nutritious soil had turned into arid dust.

‘In this run, Glaston city has been saved and Annie has also been rescued. History should change.’ Link was unsure whether his actions could alter history. Although he could vaguely feel that some details in history had been altered by him, he knew that the future was not so easily changed.

Within moments, they arrived at the west entrance of the Gwinnett forest. Celine descended, “We’re here.”

“Thanks.” Link grinned. Although he hated to part ways with this beautiful demon princess, he first needed to catch up to her.

Celine was also reluctant. She regarded Link as a true friend in her heart, and he was suffering from ‘mana deficiency’. She began to worry.

After consideration, she gritted her teeth and plucked three feathers from her wings. Her feathers were grown unusually firm, and her body trembled slightly as she plucked it out.

She handed the soft feathers to Link. “Take them with you. If you run into problems, burn one. I’ll come and rescue you.”

Link received the simple dark feathers. Information emerged in his vision.

‘Demon princess Celine Lotus’s feathers

‘Quality: Epic

‘Use: After burning, it is able to summon the demon princess to fight for you.

‘(Note: symbol of friendship)’

Link carefully tucked the feathers into his robes. This made Celine’s face turn slightly red.4

“I got it.”

Celine held up a silver pendant. “This is a space equipment shaped as a pendant. Most of the magic books from Glaston city are stored inside. Your crescent magic wand and your fire crystal magic staff which cannot be revealed can be placed inside it.”

Space equipment were costly. An estimated price that this pendant could reach would exceed 2000 gold coins. However, all of them were essential to Link, especially the magic books. When he was alone in Glaston city, it was extremely dangerous. He did not expect Celine to prepare everything for him so readily.5

“You…then I’ll keep it.” Link did not stand on ceremony. Small words of thanks were not needed when accepting such a huge favour.[footnote]this is slightly hard to explain, but when someone gives you a huge gift like a car and you aren’t able to return him anything, its better to keep this favour in your heart and repay him later instead of profusely thanking him

Watching Link put on the pendant, Celine stepped forward and kissed him on the forehead, before retreating a few steps. A red flush crept onto her porcelain cheeks. “I’ll make a move first.”6

Link only felt the faint brush of her lips against his forehead. He blankly nodded to her as she left. By the time he came back to his senses, Celine was long gone.

Feeling like he lost something, Link caressed the pendant and the feathers on him. The presence of Celine seemed to linger. Finding comfort in it, Link turned towards the entrance of the forest.

The wide road that cut through the forest was also known as the King’s road. It stretched southeast along Gwinnett forest, cutting through river valley village and eastern valley magic academy before it ended at Norton Kingdom’s capital hot spring city.

This was the only path to the capital city of Northon Kingdom.

“I’m guessing the hot springs are in a mess at the moment.” Link sighed.

In the previous game world, the fall of Norton kingdom was not merely attributed to foreign invaders, but also internal discord and civil unrest. The mess in the capital was mainly due to the power struggle between King Ryan and his younger brother, the Iron duke.

The chaos in the capital city had eventually led to the upheaval of Norton Kingdom. For instance, this Gwinnett forest looked perfectly fine on the surface. However, beneath that beauty and tranquilness hid menace and peril.

Link followed the road. After walking for a dozen kilometres, he met with an unusual sight.

An emaciated horse lay collapsed by the curb of the road. Its neck was slashed by a weapon, and the bloodstains on it had not congealed yet. It should have died not long ago.

Listening vigilantly, Link could faintly hear sounds of battle from the groves.

A notification popped up in his field of vision.

Triggered mission: Support.

Mission description: Rescue the owner of the dead horse.

Reward: 5 free points.

There was actually a mission!

Link was originally already curious. He accepted the mission without hesitation before casting a ‘silence’ spell on himself before following the sounds of battle, moving into the depths of the forest.

-Chapter 28, end-

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