Chapter 22: A race against time!

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-Chapter 22, revised, DGM-

Lund, at a mere 35 years of age, was the youngest level 6 warrior of the dark elf nation from Black Forest.

Of all the physical occupations on Feloma continent, a level 3 in that profession would allow one to possess warrior qi. When one reached level 6, he would be able to project warrior qi outside his body. This would allow one to attack from long distances.

Before level 6, a typical confrontation between a magician and a warrior would be the warrior attempting to close the distance between the magician. Until the magician got within striking range, the warrior would only be able to be passively beaten.

However, it was a different story when the warrior was level 6 and above. The warrior possessed the ability to resist the attacks of the magician, and could threaten the magician from a distance.

In the world of the dark elves, high strength meant an equally high position. Naturally, gifted Lund had assumed the position of commander for the legions of dark elves launching the surprise attack on Glaston city.

Currently, the army was approximately 5 miles away from Glaston city.1 If one peered from the south with an elevated position, it was possible to see beyond the towering and lofty city walls and spot the tip of Glaston’s clock tower.

The plan did not flow as smoothly as Lund had thought it would.

The scouts he had dispatched to monitor the situation had came back in swarms, reporting information that made Lund’s expression turn murky.

“Marshal, the city walls of Glaston city still have some defenders!”

“Marshal, the northern city gates have not been opened as according to the plan.”

“Marshal, the amount of defenders on the city walls number at least 2,000 and above, and the defense weapons and mechanisms have all been activated.”

An uncomfortable silence hung in the air. Lund and the commanders remained quiet, allowing the silence to drag on.

Most of the leaders and commanders in the city had been eliminated, he said. The magicians had also been quelled, he said. The only problem was that the transmission tower had been destroyed, and hence they had to dispatch runners, he said.

But it looked like a few changes had occurred in these few hours. A few large changes. The assassin had not said this.

“Bring that assassin to me!” Lund roared, choking down the mounting fury in his heart. The work of the assassin was lazy.

The assassin who transmitted the news was quickly brought to Lund. Reading the expressions of Lund and his generals, he knew it was not going to be pretty. His knees weakened like jelly, and his legs stumbled over each other, tumbling over.

He frantically climbed back to his feet. Shivering, he approached the Marshal, respectfully saying, “Marshal, you called.”

Lund’s handsome face was gloomy. It seemed like tears could come out any time. His unclouded ruby pupils coldly fixed on the assassin. “This is your final chance. Are you keeping any information away from me?”

The assassin’s body begin to violently tremble. After a few tense moments, he stuttered, “Captain Ryan Giggs…is dead. H-He was slain by a young magician. This magician also w-…wrecked the transmission tower. When I came to report to you, superior Holm had already gone to hunt him.”

Lund blinked. “A young magician?”

A general by his side softly spoke. “Marshal, from the looks of it, the Holm should not be the young magician’s opponent. He probably lost.”

This was war. Defeat meant death.2

Lund felt a painful headache coming on. Holm was a member of the silver moon legislative assembly,3 and was not your typical soldier. Holm’s orders were also not to battle but instead activate the transmission tower. With Holm’s death, the silver moon legislative assembly would start finding trouble with him.
He watched the assassin coldly, the fury in his heart growing as he spoke. “Why didn’t you tell me this news earlier? Eh!?”

The assassin was already paralysed in fear. He knew how his ending would play out.

Lund waved his hand. Two of them came forward, dragging the assassin away. A bloodcurdling scream rang out promptly afterwards. The assassin was as dead as a door.

“Marshal, what not?” Another dark elf general asked.

Lund harshly said, “The master of Glaston city is already dead. These 2000 defenders are merely a mob. Speed up the advancement, start besieging them!”

He had 20,000 soldiers under his command, and he himself was a level 6 warrior. Every soldier in the legion were elite veterans. Meanwhile, all the officers in Glaston city had been killed off. The 2000 defenders were only ordinary soldiers. With his great army, nothing would stop their advancement.

His powerful military force gave Lund abundant confidence. He believed he could occupy Glaston city before human reinforcements arrived.

At that point, even if reinforcements from the southern Black Iron fortress arrived, he could defend from the ramparts of the city. When the sacrificial ceremony in the city was completed, he would become one of the greatest figures in dark elf history.4

“Marshal, doing so would have some risk. If…” A general advised.

“You dare to question my orders?” Lund’s crimson pupils glowed, glaring at the general.

In the dark elf community, strength was respect. The general immediately shrunk back. “No, no. Marshal, your words are my decree!”

Lund snorted. The advance of the dark elf legion begin to expedite.

-In the South-

The grandiose troops swiftly marched towards the North on the wide road. The officer-in-command of these troops was marshal Alonso.

Similarly, Alonso was a level 6 warrior. After receiving request for aid from the third military department, he immediately left Black Iron fortress and headed to Glaston city, bringing along his legions with him.

The number of troops garrisoned at Black Iron fortress was 15,000. He had brought out 10,000 soldiers with him, leaving the remaining 5,000 under his second-in-command to protect Black Iron fortress.

From the letter requesting aid that he received, Alonso knew that the state of affairs within Glaston coty was urgent. He did not mobilize only his forces, but also passed on the information to the King himself. Alonso believed that as long as he reached the city walls before the dark elf forces begin their attack he would be able to defend against the attacks of the dark elves.

As long as he resisted for a period of time, reinforcements from everywhere would soon arrive. At that point in time, there would be no path of retreat for the dark elf forces. All that awaited them would be total annihilation.

“Increase the pace!” Alonso urged.

Time was of haste. Every tick of the clock determined the outcome of the battle. Whether the dark elves would fall Glaston city or whether they would safely protect the people of Norton Kingdom and repel the red-eyed bastards. Everything weighed on who would enter Glaston city first.

‘Hua~’ ‘Hua~’ A large gust of gale descended from the skies. It was the griffin riders squad from Black Iron fortress, deployed in times of war.

In the skies, 15 griffin riders were in a formation. The griffin rider at the head of the formation was magician Asim.[footnote]couldn’t get a better name out of google translate The magic wand he clutched in his hand let out a gentle glow. Under the guide of this gentle glow, the formation of griffin riders sped towards Glaston city.

Asim, a level 3 magician proficient in elemental magic, was a battle magician the Violet legislative assembly had positioned at Black Iron fortress. The night drew on, a sea of darkness in the sky. Griffins were incapable of fighting in the darkness of the night, but under the lead of the light, these massive ferocious creatures capable of flight could ferry the strongest 15 warriors to form a kamikaze squad.5

This squad of griffin riders were sent to Glaston city to maintain a stable situation there and to delay the time taken for the dark elves to occupy Glaston city.

This mission was exceptionally dangerous. It could be said that had a mortality rate of 90%. Hence, everyone in the suicide6 squad was a powerful level 3 warrior or above. The strongest warrior there was Minsk, a level 4 warrior. He was a major in Black Iron fortress, but he also had another identity, which was the younger brother of Earl south maple leaf leader Drake.7 Minsk was also a knight of the kingdom, and had an illustrious status.

To magician Asim, unless the opponent had a battle magician like him, he would not participate in the fight. After leading the griffin squad to their destination, he would leave Glaston city.

Nobody could force him to fight, because battle magicians were too rare and precious. They could not be wasted on normal hand-to-hand skirmishes. These boorish works were left to warriors.

The flight of the griffins were extremely fast. After half an hour, Glaston city appeared in their sights.

From an aerial perspective, the north city wall was brightly lit. People were setting up defenses on the northern wall. Even further north, a dark shadow approached steadily.

Glaston city had not been attacked yet, and had even set up defenses. The problem was that the dark elves had neared the city walls, and a battle was on the verge of erupting.

Magician Asim slowly lowered their altitude. When they reached an altitude of 100 meters, he discharged a beam of light with his magic spell.

Under the lead of the light, the griffins begin to descend.

In succession, Asim cast an auxiliary spell on every warrior that passed him.

Rock armour

Level 2 defense magic spell

Use: Earth element in the air will harden into a firm rock armour. Holds well against physical attacks.

The glow of magic unceasingly flickered as he cast it over and over again. Thick earth armours begin to form on the bodies of the 14 warriors under the amber radiance of magic. The yellow radiance enveloped them like a layer of yellow quartz.

After casting 14 level 2 magic spells, a good half of Asim’s mana was depleted. He loudly called out in the air as the others descended. “Minsk, I’ll leave this battle to you!”

“No sweat!” Minsk grabbed the shield behind his back, moving in large strides towards the city wall.

Asim’s gaze followed Minsk’s figure as he controlled the griffin below him. The griffin in the sky circled one round before leaving, the 14 other griffins following after it as Asim departed from Glaston city for Black Iron fortress.

His mission had been completed.

At the same time, Link and Celine had reached Fleming Lessor Magic Academy.

How does one increase military strength within a short time?

Medicine, magic, and equipment!

The magic academy possessed an abundance of all of these. His reason for coming to the magic academy was for power.

Author’s note: This chapter’s errors have been edited.

-Chapter 22, end-

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