Chapter 21: The Final Mission


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Chapter 22 also has a revised version of it.

-Chapter 21, DGM-

Link was still wordless. Celine was slightly disappointed in her heart, and she mocked herself. “You don’t believe me, because I’m a demon, and demons tell lies.”

In all the ancient records of the world of light, demons were the most evil and sinister existences or beings. Legends said that every appearance of a demon in the world of light would raise foul wind and bloody rain.1

“I believe you.” Link’s tone was firm.

He had discovered that this Celine and the previous Celine in the game world were different. The previous older Celine was peevish, eccentric and mischievous. She enjoyed poking fun at people and teasing others. When he had completed the required mission to defeat Nosama, he had been quite traumatised when he got beaten an inch away from death from one of her pranks. Hence, when he recognised Celine’s identity, he was initially alarmed as he feared getting toyed to death by her.

However, this Celine seemed to be a normal young girl longing for friendship.

‘Right, in the previous world I met her when she was 20 years old. A person fleeing and alone for 20 years without friends and with nobody to rely on. This way of living would surely warp a person’s nature. However, the current Celine is still brimming with hope for the future.’

Celine’s beautiful eyes seemed to have a layer of mist shrouding it. Link repeated his response again.

“I believe you!”

“Why? Are you saying this because of fear?” Celine glanced at Link, her eyes flickering with slight doubt and suspicion. However, her eyes were also filled with hope at the same time. Hope that she would not be betrayed and hurt again.

She could feel the honesty from Link’s earnest tone. However, previous experience had told her over and over again that humans’ words were not to be trusted.

Link shook his head, unable to refrain from blurting out Celine’s favourite quote in the previous game world. “‘Even if I’m incapable of choosing my background, I am able to select my own path! Perhaps this path may be treacherous with untold dangers and difficulties, but this is genuine freedom in life.’”

Celine remained taciturn, pondering on Link’s words. Her originally dull pupils slowly lit up. “That’s right – I’m free! My father will never be able to bind me down!”

Her words were brimming with tremendous power and conviction. She had chosen her own path.

She looked at Link, sincerely asking, “Link, you are wise and liberal. My eyes were opened this night because of you. I will remember your words, my friend.”2

“I am also fortunate to have met you. I’m grateful for rescuing me, Celine, or else I would’ve died,” Link grinned.

“Haha.” Celine laughed heartily. She suddenly felt upbeat, with no care for her image. What ‘sweet evil’ temperament which remained vanished completely. What she was now was like a beautiful and carefree girl from next door.

After laughing, she curiously asked Link: “You really seem different tonight, what transformed you?”

She was burning with inquisitiveness to know what brought about the change within Link.

Link touched his nose. What could he say? Earth, the game system, and his soul transmigrating? That was impossible.

After thinking for a while, he tried to explain. “Actually, my comprehension towards magic still remains the same. However, for some reason, my mana has increased significantly, along with my additional memories. All these memories are of magic, but I only know how to use them. I am clueless of how this happened.”

Celine could not help but giggle at Link’s explanation. “Seems embarrassing. Looks like you better find an opportunity to study magic properly.”

“It is…” After Link had experienced Holm’s magic technique firsthand, he knew he had to improve his magic. “After Glaston city gets over this incident, I’ll enter another magic academy.”

“Oh. Do you have a specific one in mind?”

“Eastern valley advanced magic academy.”

This was Norton Kingdom’s most famous magic academy. The dean of that academy was a level 7 magician.

In the contemporary Norton Kingdom, level 7 magicians were at the apex of human beings. Their power was second to none. Beings on par with their power could be counted on two hands.

Celine was stumped for words. “You sure are daring. What’s the composition of the fireball magic spell?” She threw a question out.

“…no idea.” Link shrugged.

“Whirlwind spell? No? Then the most basic ‘earth thorn’ spell you should know. I’ve seen you use it very well… If your level of magic theory is at this level, I don’t think there’s a need to go to Eastern valley magic academy.”

Celine spread her hands. Indeed, Eastern valley magic academy was Norton Kingdom’s most prestigious academy. However, it was also an elite academy. People without a good magic foundation would not necessarily be admitted into it. Even if they did, they would be kicked out if they could not cope with the rapid pace of learning in the academy.

Even Celine had no confidence in entering that place.

Link had forgotten that the real world and the game world were different. However, fantasising about entering Eastern valley magic academy was also impractical. It was better to give it a go and find out the result before giving up.

Of course, these were plans for the future. He did not need to place so much thought on this yet.

“We should leave this for later. Glaston city is still under threat by the dark elves; I need to help.”

Celine burst into peals of laughter, the type of laughter that jeered at altruism and benevolence. “What do you think you can do with your current strength? I had a hard time getting you out of there, why not just stay here?”

She was a level 5 warrior, and she also possessed gifted talent in magic. Despite these, in front of the main army of the dark elves, she would still have to run at the end of the day. There was no need to talk about an impulsive magician like Link.

“I have a plan.” A dark grin split on Link’s face. He had already devised the plan out long ago, and had prepared to undertake it alone. However, now that he had Celine’s support, the chances of success had skyrocketed.

“Let me in on it.” Celine had thought that there was nothing else left to do, unless Link suddenly promoted in levels to the strength of a powerful magician like a dean of a magic academy.

“I need to make a round around Fleming magic academy. This is a crucial point in the plan.”

The magic academy had everything a magician needed – medicine, equipment, and more. However, the main reason was that Link knew that the magic academy possessed an object. A powerful object that would be able to turn the tables of the fight in an instant.

That object was Link’s target.

“I can bring you there. But I want to know one thing. What relationship do you even have with Glaston city that allows you to fight with your life on the line?” Celine could not apprehend Link’s actions. She felt that the pair of them escaping from this city was enough. There was no need for blood, toil or tears. The city was beyond saving.

Link did not answer, instead staring silently towards the city barracks in the distance. It was brightly lit. Neat rows of soldiers grasped torches in their hands, marching out of the city barracks. It seemed like Annie had already obtained the authority as commander. The threat of the dark elves within the city was no more.

He looked towards the north again, against the direction of the night wind. He whiffed a profound yet tremendous darkness from the odour of the night wind. It seemed to be growing stronger as the source drew nearer.

In the end, the dark elves’ main forces had arrived.

Link gauged that it would not be half an hour before the assault on Glaston city begun.

The distance of Black Iron fortress from Glaston city was over 100 kilometers away. To save Glaston city from suffering a tragic calamity, they needed at least an additional hour of delay.

At this point, a new mission flickered up in Link’s mind.

Final mission: The Last Battle

Mission description: Protect Glaston city; ensure that the main forces of the dark elf army do not breach Glaston city before reinforcements arrive.

Mission reward: 100 free points

With such a huge reward, Link accepted the mission without batting an eyelid.

His experiences today had allowed him to realise something.

The road a person took determined what kind of person he developed into. Link wanted to be an unrivalled ‘god of magic’ in this world, hence he picked the thorny path – undauntedly taking up challenges and doing battle.

After accepting the mission, Link fixed his determined gaze onto Celine. Passionate flames blazed from the gulfs of his eyes. “Indeed, this city and I have no relations. I may die, but I may also grow stronger. Celine, I will become the strongest magician in the world!”

There was one sentence he had left unsaid. That was him becoming as strong as his former self in the game world and defeating half god Abyssal Lord Nosama.

Celine was startled by Link’s words. She felt that Link’s unrealised goal was unrealistic, and even borderline fanatical. However, in her heart, Link was already a genuine friend of hers. She spread her hands helplessly, “You really do love to dream. Fine, I’ll bring you to the magic academy. When you’re defeated, I’ll bail you out of Glaston city.”

“Thanks.” The blazing flames in Link’s eyes died down to glowing embers as he abandoned all distracting thoughts in his heart, resuming his cool-headed frame of mind for battle.

Tonight, allow him to stake everything once again!

-Chapter 21, end-

I felt that this chapter was like a brief respite, like the calm before a storm. The nice chat between Celine and Link was much needed, especially with the intensity of the last few chapters. Her backstory was also pretty sad, though they could’ve expanded it to her being betrayed by her closest friends.

In particular, I loved how they also talked about his future dreams, something which most Xianxia novels merely give a vague description of. It would be even better if he had ideals he could stick to, even if it was something as mundane as not letting innocent people die before his eyes.

Everything in this novel is executed to near-perfection… I like how it isn’t simply about fighting, and how some scenes are unexpectedly darker and more realistic than we expect. I try my best to bring out the feels through author’s sentences.

Also, Link is becoming more and more op. 100 points is enough to get some level 3 spells lol and it turns out Celine wasn’t the simple waifu we thought she was. Nice one author

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