Chapter 15: Summoning the Hailstorm

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‘Fast and nimble like a cat’ magic spell has been changed to ‘feline boost’, taken from a suggestion from a reader in comments.

-Chapter 15, Descent of the God of Magic-

Night, Glaston city, old city district, third military department headquarters.

The patience of the dark elf assassins had expired. At the bend after the staircase quietly awaited the concealed dark elf assassin captain.

Half an hour ago, the final attack should have commenced. However, two enemy reinforcements had suddenly appeared and had even started a huge fire. This had foiled their plans. The fire had spread in the plaza at lightning speed, and had left them no choice but to arrange large amounts of men to extinguish it.

However, the fire had been put out. The time to conclude this confrontation was now.


The assassin captain discerned the distinct sound of weapons colliding. This was their prearranged secret signal to say that all positions had been taken.

“There are still 3 positions left.”

The dark elf assassin captain’s plan was simplicity itself. When everyone took their place, all the opponent’s escape routes would be cut off. They would then launch a rocket through the window of their refuge. Three dark elf assassins would then break the side wooden walls of the room and storm the room. Taking advantage of the confusion, more assassins would arrive at the scene. When that powerful female assassin was busy fighting, he would swoop through the door in one dash and capture her alive!

‘Annie Abel…who knows what expression that crafty old duke would make when he hears that his only daughter is held captive. Hehehe.’ The assassin captain laughed coldly in his heart.

Capturing Annie alive was an important goal of the surprise attack on Glaston city.

At this moment, the unthinkable was born!

3 bright beams suddenly exploded from the head of the stairs. The 3 bright spots of light drew sinuous arcs of light in the air after reaching the bottom of the stairs, flying towards the forehead of the assassin captain.

The assassin’s speed was incredibly high, nearing the limits of the human body. His body twisted and his left hand shot out like lightning, plunging towards a fireball with unrivalled accuracy.

‘Pu~’ the curving fireball was stabbed midair, and it burst into a harmless spark.

One fireball was down, but there were still two.

This time, the assassin captain did not use his dagger but instead kicked out. The tip of his feet faintly hummed with light as it connected with the fireball.

‘Pu~’ this fireball was kicked down.

There was still one remaining fireball. The assassin captain waved his hand, covering his own face to protect his eyes.

‘Peng’ the fireball landed on his arm, bursting into a small ball of fire, merely causing his arm to tremble slightly.

“Coming to challenge me with just level 0 magic, what a joke.” The assassin captain’s heart was full of disdain.

However, his disdain turned into shock in the next moment.

He could spot a shadow that had already reached 2 meters away from him. The body of the shadow flickered with hazy mist. The assassin captain merely needed one glance to recognise it as a special type of warrior qi.

Compared to him, this shadow was petite, with her height only reaching to around 170 cm. However, her speed had reached the limits. In one moment she was 2 meters away from him, but in the blink of an eye she was directly in front of him. Two wisps of cold mist had already reached his vitals. This was the opponent’s dagger.

“Not good, it’s Annie! This is her blade storm battle skill!” The assassin captain’s heart trembled.

‘Blade storm’ was an assassin’s basic skill. Once activated, all it required was a blink of an eye to strike the opponent’s vitals. With the support of warrior qi, this speed would gain a terrifying increase. Take now, Annie’s dagger left afterimages.

When all was said and done, the assassin captain was not a normal person. In this life and death situation, he exploded with his full might, similarly returning with a blade storm.

Their daggers clashed.

In the darkness, one could hear the fine sound of the collisions of weapons continuously sounding out. Sparks unceasingly spluttered out, illuminating the narrow bend of the staircase.

Blade storm vs blade storm.

In an instant, Annie had struck out several times, but every one of her strikes had met with the assassin captain’s dagger. Her skill was unexpectedly blocked by the opponent.

At the same time, dark elf assassins on the ground floor responded. Two dark elf assassins that were near the assassin captain turned, wanting to provide assistance to their captain.

However, Annie also had an ally.

“Whoosh~’ From the head of the stairs on the second level flew out two fireball spells. Like they had grown a pair of eyes, the two fireballs turned a corner and separately struck the two assassins.

This was the skill of locating positions through sound, something essential for war magicians.1 If a magician’s range of attack was limited to his field of vision, then he would be using the power of magic the wrong way. 2

Against the two fireballs that were launched towards their head, the two dark elf assassins were forced to stop and block.

Annie had gained even more battle time.

Although the assassin captain had succeeded in blocking her blade storm, this had actually consumed a large amount of energy. Hence, he overdrew from his own physical strength. 3 Annie could feel her opponent slowing down by a notch while she hadn’t felt anything, still in her peak condition.

Following this, she did not display any special battle skill. One dagger swept towards her opponent’s neck while the other bored at his stomach with lightning speed.

Because the assassin captain had overexerted himself in blocking Annie’s battle skill, both his hands were still shuddering and unable to respond.

Sensing the ice-cold mist4in front of his eyes, the assassin captain’s heart froze. “I’m finished!”

“Ding! Sha~” Two sounds echoed. He had blocked the dagger aimed at his heart but failed to dodge the attack to his throat. Although he had tried to dodge the attack as much as he could, Annie had also adjusted her strike.

Icy cold edge of the dagger sheared through his larynx (throat), severing his trachea (windpipe). The astonishingly destructive warrior qi followed the strike. In an instant, the tissues around his wound were wrecked into a terrible condition.

Blood savagely spurted out. Annie had already retreated, not a trace of blood able to be spotted on her garments. As she retreated up the mouth of the stairs, the assassin captain clutched his throat with both his hands, slumping to the ground. His frame heavily crashed onto the floor.

He was dead.

It was needless to verify the results of the battle; the distinct feeling of the dagger streaking across the flesh was enough to tell Annie the result. Once Annie had returned to the room, she softly said: “Success!”

Link immediately replied. “Let’s take this time to escape!”

The moment of the assassin captain’s death was also the dark elf assassins’ greatest moment of chaos, which was also their most optimal time to break out of the encirclement.

In the room, Link, Annie and Aldwin along with others totalled 7 people. Annie led the way, followed by Link, then Aldwin. They ploughed out of the mouth of the stairs.

While dashing, Link silently chanted in his heart, “Purchase ‘secondary hailstorm’!”

Secondary hailstorm

Level 2 magic spell

Mana consumption: 30

Use: Summon a frigid stream of air revolving at high speed. Effective radius of hailstorm does not exceed 3 meters, any enemy entering the sphere of the hailstorm will be affected by the frigid temperature and the attack of the sharp shards. This magic will sustain for 5 minutes or until the caster cancels it.

If level 0 magic spells were a large firecracker, then the damage of level 1 magic spells already outstripped the defense capabilities of ordinary people by far. In contrast, level 2 magic spells, under the consumption of 30 mana was sufficient enough to let ordinary people revere their strength.

Whether it was Link’s current ‘secondary hailstorm’, or Holm’s 2 meter shoulder-high hound, it was a world out of ordinary people’s reach of power.

Previously, he had discharged 5 fireballs to assist Annie. This consumed 10 mana. Link still had 48 mana, enough to unleash one ‘secondary hailstorm’.

The magic spell was successfully bought. Annie who was at the front had already reached the bend in the stairs. Similarly, the two dark elf assassins that had previously came to support their late assassin captain had clashed with them.

This pair of level 2 assassins were elites, and were extremely powerful from an ordinary point of view. However, to Annie, they were merely two scrawny small chickens.

Annie’s body streaked like lightning. The dagger in her hand moved like a colourful butterfly.5 One assassin gripped his chest while the other clutched his throat while plunging to the ground.

A party of people dashed into a large hall.

In the hall lay six assassins, each approaching from different directions.

Against two assassins, Annie had no problems. However, against six, she faced mortal danger. Even if her pair of hands were strong, it was hard to match twelve hands.

However, she was not alone.

Aldwin and five other assassins (human) fanned out into a ring, with Link in the middle while they separately faced off against the approaching dark elf assassins.

The situation now was a 6v6. Although they had two assassins that were malnourished, Annie was a level 3 assassin who possessed warrior qi. Link had also started entering the fight with his fireballs.

After 5 seconds, not a slightest hair of the third military department assassins were harmed but all the dark elf assassins were finished.

In this process, Annie had slain 3 assassins. Link, in a bid to save someone had released 2 fireballs.

Nobody else obstructed them in the large hall anymore. The party dashed to the exit. Beyond the exit were 90 dark elf assassins, with dark elf sentries scattered everywhere. Arrows could spring from any dark nook or corner. Even more likely were torrents of arrows launched at them, pouring down like rain.

Only this was genuine danger.

All the assassins stared at Link. Link sucked in a breath of cold air before calmly speaking. “Crowd around me and don’t leave 2 meters away from me. I’m casting the magic now.”

If they were too far away, they would also receive the attack of secondary hailstorm.

All the assassins nodded their heads. Everyone here was a trained warrior, and immediately surrounded Link. None of them were more than half a meter away. 6 people formed a ring. Fortunately, the diameter of the ring was small and did not exceed 2 meters. Link stood at the heart of the ring.

Link raised his wand, the mana in his body violently surging forwards. A frigid radiance like water bubbled forth from his magic wand. Gaudy white light was emitted from the tip of the crescent moon wand.

‘Hu~’ ‘Hu~’ Sharp whistling sounds of wind could be heard. Strong gales, ice shards and snowflakes begin to rapidly spread and take form, turning into a storm cyclone with a dismeter of around 5 meters.

In this sphere, ice shards were like fluttering or dancing daggers, frantically slashing within this cyclone. As the ice shards in the cyclone spun in the large hall, countless clear sounds of ice breaking could be heard. This was caused by the various objects within the secondary hailstorm domain as the ice shards shattered against them. At the same time, the walls of the hall rapidly broke down. In the blink of an eye, there were thousands of holes.

At this point, Link who had his wand raised high, was like a god in control of the storm.

Even the seasoned veterans of the third military department who had seen much of the world were all flabbergasted, revered expressions on their face. For a moment, they were all stunned motionless.

“What are you waiting for? Charge out!” Link roared in a stern voice. He only had 5 minutes. Every second was really precious.

His roar brought the assassins back to their senses, and they tightly crowded around Link before dashing out of the headquarters, entering the open plaza.6

-Chapter 15, end-

God damn why do chinese novelists like to use the word cold so much

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Heart and Soul ya’ll can listen to this if you want, I wrote a variation of it with a score sheet cause i was drunk

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