Chapter 12: Rescuing the Legendary Assassin (2/3)

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-(Chapter 12, Descent of the God of Magic)

The location of the third military department group was situated in the old district of Glaston city, and was quite a ways from the business district.

Aldwin led the way with Link trailing closely behind him.

“Are your wounds okay?”

Link had discovered that Aldwin’s face was deathly pale. His footsteps were uneven yet somewhat fast and he was already heavily panting. This scrawny body of a magician was in better shape than him.

“Hey, hey, be at ease, your distinguished sire magician. Even if this wound was heavier by twofold, I can still endure.” Aldwin weakly laughed.

As a trained assassin, he had undergone severe tolerance and survival training. He was definitely able to withstand minor wounds like these. However, because he was suffering from excessive blood-loss, his condition was not too good.

Link carefully examined Aldwin. Detailed information about Aldwin materialised in his mind.

Aldwin (Third military department)

Level 2 elite assassin

Fighting skills: Velocity burst, blade dance

Current status: Weakened from blood-loss

Under the weakened condition from blood-loss, his strength would only be 50% of normal and his endurance would not exceed 30% of its normal. At any time, it was possible that his energy could be drained and that he may suddenly drop dead.

Looking at the determined figure of Aldwin, with sweat plastered on his forehead, but still persevering, Link felt deeply moved. During his time on earth, the Feloma continent was nothing but a game to him. Towards all tragic occurences that had happened on the continent, Link had always maintained an onlooker’s point of view. Every single person, he had viewed them as merely NPC.

But now, Link had finally realised that the person in front of him was flesh and blood. For instance, Aldwin in front of him had the choice to flee, but to save Glaston city, he had staked everything of his on the line.

After thinking for a while, Link opted to spend 10 free points to learn ‘element remedy’.

Element remedy

Level 1 magic spell

Use: Change the internal chemical balance in the target’s body, alleviating or easing diseases or illnesses. The target’s body will become more healthy and robust.

Although element remedy wasn’t strictly a healing spell, it was able to change the chemical balance in the internal body. This was extremely suited for Aldwin body’s excessive blood-loss, which meant that it was low in water content.

Alwin was a formidable assassin, and he also a crucial individual involved in rescuing Annie. He could be allowed to die. Spending 10 free points on him was worth it. Furthermore, he would be meeting more assassins that could be injured or wounded. A bit of assistance magic would upgrade their fighting strength.

A familiar dizziness overwhelmed his mind. Immediately afterwards, Link had already learnt element remedy.

“Aldwin, I have an assistance magic spell, perhaps it will be effective on you.” Link informed Aldwin in advance so that this idiot would not misunderstand.

Aldwin was exulted. “Your distinguished sire magician, go ahead and cast it on me!”

He was very aware of his current status. He was merely moving on sheer grit and determination and it was possible that he could faint and never wake up again. His death was unimportant but it would be terrible to affect the situation.

Link raised his wand, aiming a ray of light as clear as water into Aldwin’s chest. His chest was shrouded with blazing light, large amounts of mysterious runes materialising.

A second passed. The elements in the air were attracted and pulled towards Aldwin, with the majority being the water element. In actuality, the fire element, the wood element, the earth element, the metal element (or gold element), these 5 elements all existed in the air. They would automatically enter Aldwin’s body based on his body condition.

The time for deploying the spell was 3 seconds.

After 3 seconds passed, the elements which were attracted by the magic produced a milky-white vapour. This vapour wasn’t a natural nutrient or chemical; rather, it was a special construct of nutrients or chemicals processed by magic.

Under the magic’s guide, the vapour soundlessly permeated into Aldwin’s body, restoring the excessive loss of blood in his body.

In other words, the element remedy treatment was essentially a meal chock with nutrients. Furthermore, Aldwin had fully absorbed all the rich nutrients into his body without wasting a drop of it.

Currently, his body only needed those additional nutrients. This was much better than simple consumable nutrients as it did not require time spent digesting and absorbing it. In this way, it saved time.

As an elite assassin, Aldwin’s body was extremely robust. He was not scrawny at all, but was instead affected by the lack of blood.

After the magic casting was over, Aldwin felt like all the pores on his body relax and expand, with something entering his body. He found that he was no longer thirsty and his palpitating heartbeat had begin to slow down. His narrow and shallow breathings had become longer and steadier. His body felt like it was full of energy.

This energy was from the element being transformed into rich nutrition.

“This is really miraculous. I feel much better.” Aldwin was pleasantly surprised, moving his injured arm. His wound did not hurt as much anymore.

Link faintly smiled. “You will feel even better as more time passes. Let’s set off now. However, do walk slower to allow your body to adapt and adjust.”

Aldwin’s body continuously transformed the nutrients into things the body needed. This was a self-saving instinct. In an instant, Aldwin’s wound was no longer a hinderance.

Regarding his physical capability of his fighting, Aldwin knew his body very well. He begin to feel the changes in his body, knowing Link’s words were correct. He set off a slow pace, adjusting his breathing and walking unhurriedly to the old city district.

After walking for approximately half an hour, two figures stood at the entrance of the old city district.

The old city district was the birthplace of Glaston city, and had many old buildings established there. Many buildings passed a century of age. Many important departments were also set up here. The third military department was one of them.

Because of this, the dark elf assassins in the old city district were particularly many, not many below the numbers in the flower garden district.

Because there were many significant departments set up here, normal residents were few. Hence, battles frequented here. Aldwin and Link appearing here was very eye-catching and would easily receive the attacks of dark elf assassins.

Link had 30 free points now. He had expended 10 mana. After replenishing his previous consumption of mana, he now had 30 mana.

Concentrated battles would appear in this old city district. Afraid that his mana would not be sufficient, Link added 5 free points to his mana.

His mana capacity was now 141 points, and he had 80 mana. Furthermore, it was continuously increasing.

In actual fact, it was not that Link did not know the benefits of mana regeneration speed. Instead, it was the circumstances being too complicated. If he begin to calculate the rate of his mana velocity, he was afraid that he would have long died in the magic academy.

“After escaping to safety, I should add a few free points into mana regeneration. However, my mana capacity must not be too low. A level 1 magic spell expends 6 mana, a level 2 magic spell expends 30 mana, a level 3 expends 120 mana, with level 4 expending 300 mana. If my mana capacity is too low, I won’t be able to cast high level magic spells. That would be a tragedy.”

He would need to pay attention to the equal distribution of free points.

“Aldwin, how do you feel now?” Link needed to confirm the well-being of Aldwin’s condition.

Aldwin waved his injured arm, grinning. “It’s getting better and better, the wound doesn’t hurt at all and has even begun to itch. I’m basically uninjured! Your magic is really too miraculous.”

Link examined him, finding that Aldwin’s face was no longer pale. His breathing was also stable. Knowing that he wasn’t simply putting up a brave front, Link was assuaged.

“Lead the way, I’ll be behind you. You can lead as fast as your capability allows. No need to worry, I’ll be right behind.”

Link spent 10 free points to purchase a magic spell after he had finished his words: Feline boost

Feline boost

Level 1 magic spell

Use: Bestows the target with the nimbleness of a cat’s body. Lasts for 20 minutes.

Ahead of him lay countless dark elf assassins who were agile and swift. Furthermore, they were all on full alert. If Link employed the same motionless magic in the magic academy, he would definitely die very fast.

Magicians also had swift spells. This was the glory of magic!

After finishing the purchase, Link spent 6 mana to use ‘Feline boost’. A silver glowing thread bubbled out from the magic wand, entwining itself around Link’s body. It eventually entered into Link’s body. Link’s skin emitted innumerable silver runes.

Link examined the runes, immediately feeling embarrassed that he didn’t recognise even one of these runes.

‘When I get out of here, I better properly study magic. Otherwise I’ll get toyed to death when I meet a strong magician.’ Link thought in his heart.

Under the power of the magic, Link felt like his body had become matchlessly lithe and graceful. He could travel over four meters in a single leap. His speed rivalled a phantom, immediately dispelling Aldwin’s concerns.

“Follow me, stay close to the shadows of the walls.” He bent over soundlessly, entering the old city district.

Link followed him closely behind, and also spent 8 mana to add a secondary invisibility and silence on Aldwin and him. Both their figures begin to fade away in the night.

Aldwin started in surprise, bending a ear to listen. He realised that he could not identify Link’s position. This was when he knew Link’s existence in advance. If it were the dark elf assassins, they would not be able to discover Link’s existence.

‘Magic is really incredible!’ Aldwin loudly exclaimed in his heart, feeling the confidence in his heart grow.

This was also no surprise. Magicians were haughty and arrogant figures, and many of them were academic magicians. Real battle or war magicians were very few. Even if there were some, they were all treated as trump cards. The assassin Aldwin was lucky to receive the assistance of such a magician.

In this way, two people swiftly and soundlessly advanced in the shadows. After walking for around 5 minutes, Aldwin suddenly paused, dashing towards the shadows on the street.

In the shadows, Link spotted a third military department assassin.

This female assassin was slim with black standardised leather armour with a neat and clean brown ponytail.

She was injured everywhere. Her arms, her thigh, everywhere had deep wounds. However, she was still alive. Other than the urgent wounds on her body, she still had not lost her reasoning. Hearing sounds of activity, she clutched the dagger in her hand, preparing to defend.

However, she was too skinny. Although the defense stance may work against normal people, it was full of holes against trained assassins.

“Jasmine, it’s me, Aldwin! I’ve returned!” Aldwin frantically said.

The female assassin that was called Jasmine started in surprise. With a relieved voice, she immediately asked, “Has the news been successfully transmitted?”

She and Aldwin had broken out of the dark elf assassins’ encirclement together,1 and her mission was the same as Aldwin’s. That was to get the information of Glaston city’s situation transmitted to the Black Iron Fortress. However, her fighting capabilities were not on par with Aldwin and she had gotten heavily wounded here, unable to proceed.

“Completed already, all the pigeon carriers in the business district have been released. There were 23 of them, I already applied the special smell mark on them. They will definitely successfully bring the information over.”

Jasmine immediately heaved a sigh of relief, but her tone became urgent again. “Quickly go back to headquarters and assist them, there are at least a hundred dark elf bastards there. Captain Annie is in a lot of danger!”

At this moment, Link had appeared. Jasmine immediately assumed vigilance. “Who’s he?”

“He is magician Link Maloney, our ally.” Aldwin frantically explained.

Link looked at the petite figure of the female assassin. Looking at her body full of injuries, he said, “Don’t move, I’ll give you treatment.”

He raised his wand, pointing it at Jasmine.

Magic was too mysterious. This was the first time Jasmine had heard of magicians being able to give medical treatment. She uncomfortably squirmed. Aldwin immediately consoled her. “Don’t worry, Jasmine, he’ll patch you up in an instant.”

There was a flash of radiance. After 5 seconds, the treatment was completed. Jasmine moved her body, doubtfully saying, “There seems to be some effectiveness, but it is rather lacking than the priests’ magic. However, I am able to stand up.”

In the Feloma world, all the real treatment magic were healing spells. The effectiveness of healing magic were extremely high. With one spell, wounds would recover at the naked eye. Dead people could even be revived. However, that was the power of the gods and not a domain ordinary magicians could touch on.

Jasmine struggled to stand up, but was held down by Aldwin. “Mr Link’s magic is extremely magical. Don’t move, just rest here for half an hour. You should be able to regenerate your strength by then. I’ll go to the headquarters to provide assistance now. After you recover, immediately come over.”

Jasmine doubtfully nodded her head.

He faced Link with anxiety. “Sire Link, I have to go to the headquarters to provide support. However, it is extremely dangerous there.”

He had originally wanted to let Link help, but there were 100 assassins. This number was too much. Their group’s number did not exceed 30. This situation was critically dangerous. He had already prepared to die. However, he could not let Link follow him to his death.

“Lead!” Link uttered only one word.2

Aldwin opened and closed his mouth, thinking of convincing Link.

“Every second that passes, a soldier may die.” Link trained his gaze on Aldwin. He had a high reward for completing the rescue mission and he understood that Annie Abel must definitely not be held captive. That legendary assassin would degenerate into a calamity.

As long as he was in this world, he had no choice but to be constantly surrounded by danger.

Confront a future legendary assassin, or face 100 dark elf bastards now? Link sensibly chose the latter.

Aldwin’s blood begin to flow faster, and he firmly nodded his head. He turned towards the direction of the headquarters, madly running. Link followed closely behind him.

100 dark elf assassins. 15 free points. 60 mana.3

This was thorny. After contemplating for a while, he eventually decided to buy a killing magic spell.

No matter what magic, he should see the actual situation.

-Chapter 12, end-

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