Chapter 10: The Third Military Department


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Lmao the dark elves were sort of cute last chapter, picturing Link as some god of death.

Anyways, cheers!

-Chapter 10, Descent of the God of Magic-

Compared to Fleming Lesser Magic Academy, the flower garden district’s condition was much better as the amount of people killed were very few.

Although the number of dark elf assassins who had infiltrated Glaston city were many, compared to the tens of thousands of residents living in Glaston city, the scale was actually miniscule.

However, the noise from the magic academy had woken up a lot of people. Originally, the streets would be empty this late at night, but tonight, the streets were still buzzing.

Occasionally, some mournful cries could be heard from the insides of the lavishly decorated villas. Those were the corpses of the assassinated people being discovered.

After walking on the streets for half an hour, Link could already sense the confusion and disorder of Glaston city.

There were such loud clamours of activity from the magic academy, and a huge amount of deaths. The patrol guards who would immediately appear to maintain order in the past were nowhere to be seen. Not even a trace of their shadows could be found.

‘The officers and soldiers at the city defense post has presumably already been killed off.’ Linked sighed in his heart, continuing to walk forward.

There were many people on the streets. Some were robbing, some were pilfering, and some were raping. There was no order on the streets at all. The dregs of society who were normally hiding in the shadows had started to wreck havoc.

After walking for 20 more seconds, Link’s ‘lesser invisibility’ and ‘silence’ effects had worn off. However, he did not worry about exposing himself; he had already blended into the midst of the crowd of people in the flower garden district.

In front of him, a shabbily-dressed middle-aged man rushed towards him, clutching a dagger in his hand. He had a ferocious gleam in his eyes.

Another mugger. Link continued walking forward, reaching out his hand while using his magic. The outstretched hand begin to let out a faint glow.

“Don’t provoke me!” Link lowly growled. His voice had a hint of iciness in it.

A magician. The middle-aged man stared blankly, his eyes filled with dread. He turned around, letting Link off and finding another target.

To normal people, magicians were both mysterious and powerful. To provoke one was bringing about one’s own destruction.

While Link was crossing a large half of the flower garden district, quite some time had already passed. The people on the streets were growing synonymously with the chaos. A few buildings were already on fire, the people trapped inside the burning houses miserably crying. One person was attempting to put out the fire, but the vast majority were robbing and looting.

‘Order is quickly collapsing.’ Link sighed again in his heart. He was powerless in these situations.

After walking for a few more streets, a river appeared in distance ahead. The river was not too wide; probably around 20+ meters. At the side of the river lay a dock with a few boats tied to it.

This was the Glaston river, a small river situated within Glaston city.

Link immediately went to the river’s side, choosing a boat before jumping aboard. He grabbed the oars of the boat and begin paddling with all his strength. The boat begin to travel along the river.

He did this to escape from the pursuit of the assassins from the magic academy.

“The dark elf wizard who will show up at the magic academy will definitely use pursuit magic to find me. However, he is only a level 2 magician. His methods of pursuit can only be through detecting scent or footprints and so on. Now that I’m on the river, let’s see how you find me!”

In the previous game world, Link had encountered that magician. However, the game had forums. He would often visit the forums in his free time and browse through the strategies. He had remembered all the abilities of every person who would appear in the blood moon.1

Link had even remembered that the magician’s name was Holm.

Lower levelled magicians’ methods of pursuit and normal people’s methods of pursuit did not vary much. Hence, Link could simply use some normal tricks to shake them off.

If the opponent was a high levelled magician, he would be able to detect traces of magic. If the opponent was a slightly higher levelled magician, he would be able to detect traces of the soul. If the magician was even stronger, he would be able to release an anchor on Link’s soul. That would be when Link was in real danger.

After floating on the river for around ten minutes, Link had travelled around 500 to 600 meters of distance on water. Link spotted another dock, and begin to paddle towards it to land the boat.

Although Link could not paddle, the water was relatively calm and he managed to successfully land the boat.

After stepping onto dry land, Link walked for a bit more and reached the exit of the flower garden district.

Beyond the flower garden district was the business district. This place was flourishing with business and extremely noisy during daytime. However, because of the costly rent, not a lot of people lived here. Hence, during nighttime, other than a few shops being guarded by bodyguards, not a shadow of a person could be spotted.

Tonight was also no exception.

The streets of the business district were desolated, the oil lamps on both sides of the street extinguished. The streets were pitch black. From time to time, an occasional gust of wind would blow rubbish from daytime everywhere. The entire business district was bleak.

Beyond the business district was the city gate, he could then escape from there.

“The dark elf army will be arriving soon, if I remain in the city, I will face massacre. Now that I have this chance, I should seize it.”

Link resolutely departed from the flower garden district and entered the business district.

Link opened his pocket watch. The time was near midnight, 11:36. His mana had already recovered to 32 points.

In his previous game world, the dark elf army had officially besieged the town at 1 a.m.. With nobody defending the city gates, the city gate was seized by the dark elf assassins and controlled by them, allowing the main army to directly enter the city.

After that, the massacre had begin. Until dawn, several tens of thousands of people had been butchered. Their lifeless corpses had been tossed like garbage into the Glaston river, a tragic sight for anyone to behold.

At present, it was around 11:30. If no incidents happened, he had 2 hours to escape from Glaston city.

The night was still young.

The streets of the business district were too desolate; a single person walking on the streets was too conspicuous. In interest of his safety, Link recast the ‘lesser invisibility’ and ‘silence’ spell.

After walking for over 20 minutes, Link reached the heart of the business district. Just when Link was about to cast a second ‘silence’ spell, he heard a clear sound of weapons colliding from an alley to his side.

‘A person! And also a fight!’ Link’s heart jumped. ‘From the sounds of it, it’s very intense and definitely not one of those gang scuffles. Don’t tell me it is an elite person who survived?’

Link followed the sounds of battle.

The alley was very deep and ill-lit. Under the illumination of the moonlight, he could barely access the situation inside the alley.

There were four people facing off, with one corpse on the ground.

Out of the four living people, three of them were wearing the ash-black leather armour of the dark elf assassins. These three people were dark elf assassins and were surrounding one person.

This person (also) wore a black leather armour, and although he could pose as a dark elf assassin, it could be seen from the outline of his ears that he was a human.

The corpse lying on the floor was a dark elf assassin. To kill that dark elf, that person had paid a price; Link could see a long bloody gash on his left shoulder with blood profusely dripping down.

The four people never spoke, and confronted each other silently.

Astonishingly, the three dark elf assassins seemed to be afraid of the human in front of them. Concentrating all their attention onto him, the dark elf assassins slowly edged towards their opponent.

The human assassin slowly drew back inch by inch. However, the back of this alleyway was a dead end. He quickly retreated to the end of the alleyway, unable to retreat any further. He could only face them with his back against the wall.

The person wielded a dagger in each of his hands. From the lustre of the daggers, one could tell that these daggers were not magic resistant equipment.

This was normal as anti-magic equipment were very costly. It was not something that every Tom, Dick and Harry could afford.

Just as both parties were about to clash, the person opened his mouth to speak. His voice was rough and low, “Hehe, the transmission tower is destroyed. Your plan is already foiled!”

A dark elf assassin replied, “Even without the transmission tower, we still have pigeon carriers to relay the message. We will only be delayed by half an hour.”

“Pigeon carriers? Glaston city has red-eyed owls overhead in the night sky. This is the special city defense implemented against pigeon carriers, against you. Do your pigeon carriers have any chances to transmit the news to outside?”

This was a fact. The dark elf assassin had no retort. “Transmitting information isn’t our mission. Currently, our mission is to kill you. As a person of the same profession, I will leave you with an intact corpse.”

After finishing his speech, the dark elf assassin charged towards him. The two comrades of the dark elf assassin also brandished their weapons at the same time.

One vs three!

At the mouth of the alley, listening to the conversation between the two parties and from the person’s black leather armour with the logo ‘Xing’ on it, Link could deduce the identity of this human assassin.

‘It’s a person from the third military department!’

The third military department was Norton Kingdom’s intelligence organisation. Its main role was to resist the infiltration of the dark elves in the north during the blood moon. Although Norton Kingdom and the Black Forest preserved harmony on the surface, the infiltration fights between the underground intelligence agencies were extremely intense.

Conversely, the dark elf kingdom’s assassin organisation was known as ‘Death Hand’.

It was clear that the third military department had lost the information war this time.

However, listening to the conversation between these two parties had allowed Link to get a better grasp of the situation in Glaston city.

“It’s not like Glaston city does not even have a chance of survival, it’s also not like Norton Kingdom is completely ignorant to the surprise attack on Glaston. But perhaps the dark elves’ attack was too swift that the Norton Kingdom had no time to respond. If the dark elf army’s arrival is delayed, will Glaston city’s tragedy be avoided?”

Once this thought was birthed, Link’s mind abruptly buzzed, information suddenly emerging in his mind.

[Completed the third step of mission: Escape

Player has received 20 free points.

Commencing the fourth step of mission: Assist

Description: Help the human assassin in the business district defeat the dark elves.

Mission reward: 10 free points]

10 free points for saving a person? Link wouldn’t let a meat pie from the sky fall onto the ground. He readily accepted the mission.

-Chapter 10, end-

Lol I think Link feels super guilty after watching so many people die even if he isn’t a saint. I just hope author doesn’t screw this up by making Celine useless since she has potential as an interesting love interest. The last thing we need is for her to be as useless as a potato by being held hostage by the enemy.

I hope this goes the solo mc road like im WMW cause I hate authors that do not understand what character development is. They create characters out of thin air with 0 originality and personality and without a backstory. Worst part is that they often drag the mc down, making mc waste resources to power them up to keep up with his growth. Half the time you can’t even remember their names. I do enjoy unique and fun characters that actually do shit and contribute to plot though like in TTNH. (Transcending the Nine Heavens)

Anyways, rant over. My translations are getting more and more muddled because I have no editor, someone pls help ;-; forgetting all the magic spell names. Do sound out any errors (I can spot a few english ones just by skimming through my drafts ;-;)

Let’s see some ass kicking from link next chap

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  1. I am optimistic about Cellne. just her family setting is enough for a lot of funny.. And about the “guilty”, in fact the psychological development of the mc is very crazy since the beggining, he goes from a otaku to a cold-blooded killer in less than an hour. But this is not unusual when is about chinese novels, it’s like is a innate talento for mc’s. Anyway, we can only ignore or think he was an assassin or something in his past life

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