Descent of the God of Magic



Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Translator: ChickenBakuba

Descent of the God of Magic is a completed novel written by 墨乡. It consists of 769 chapters and is an action-packed novel with epic and brilliant fight scenes and plot. It is well-paced and the plot is well executed. It sounds like the typical ‘transported to another world’ genre —and it is— but do give the first few chapters a try. Everything is well delivered and you will find yourself sucked into the pace of the story and cheering along the MC.


The strongest magician in the game, Link, led his group to finish off the final boss: Ruler of the Abyss, Nosamax. Then, a cinematic appeared.

It was a very simple one. An endless void, and within a void there was a self-proclaimed Ruler of Light—a dim light ball.

“Link, are you willing to save the continent of Feiloma from the envelopment of darkness?” asked the Ruler of Light.

Naturally, in reality, he wouldn’t dare to agree to such an enormous, righteous mission. However, can’t he give it a try in game?

“I am willing!” Link replied with full seriousness.

“Then go ahead.”

So, Link was thrown into the tragic continent of Feiloma.

Alternate Synopsis:

Link, the strongest magician in the game led his group to defeat the final boss of the game. (Nosamax) There, he was transported into the parallel game world by the Ruler of Light to save the game world.


*Chapter 1 was translated by Flower Bridge Too while chapters 2 — 6 were translated by Wuxialovers.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Crescent Moon Wand

Chapter 3: The Magician’s Journey

Chapter 4: Bloody Assassin

Chapter 5: Magician’s First Combat

Chapter 6: Survival or Mission

Chapter 7: Who’s playing with who?

Chapter 8: Choose

Chapter 9: Dark elf magician Holm

Chapter 10: The Third Military Department

Chapter 11: Rescuing the legendary assassin (1)

Chapter 12: Rescuing the legendary assassin (2)

Chapter 13: Rescuing the legendary assassin (3)

Chapter 14: Breaking the encirclement

Chapter 15: Summoning the hailstorm

Chapter 16: Staking Everything!

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