Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof Chapter 47.2

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Chapter 47.2 — Scheming Dog’s Complaints

The opening consisted of several interesting scenes that had been edited together with a dynamic theme song playing over the top. There were many scenes which included Little Pudding. Zuo Ning felt a little shy when he saw himself gracefully running from all angles and resourcefully sniffing for clues. He buried his head into Lu Chenghe’s arms. It wasn’t like this was the first time he saw himself on the screen. Why does he feel so embarrassed when he’s watching it with Lu Chenghe?

The regular cast members soon appeared on the screen one after another. They warmed up the audience by chatting for a while. After a while of back and forth, they invited the special guests on stage.

Zuo Ning was walking beside Chu Hang. Because of his body shape, he was obviously larger than the other two dogs. His snow-white fur in addition to his panda outfit made everyone die of cuteness overload. Zuo Ning looked at the barrage of licks and howls of fans showing their support and shyly covered his face.

Lu Chenghe slightly tilted his head and pulled down the paw. “Are you embarrassed?”

Zuo Ning twisted his body and snorted twice. He hugged Lu Chenghe’s hands and rubbed against it.

Soon the screen showed the scene of the toy poodle called Qiuqiu rushing out then getting dragged back. Zuo Ning thought the scene would get cut and didn’t think that this scene would get broadcasted. Soon the comments flooded the screen.

【Oh my god, did he have to use that much strength? It must have hurt the dog when he fell.】

【Oh my Cheng, it’s time to grow a new heart. I have a feeling that a big wave of anti-fans are coming for you.】

【Through this small matter, we can see the true He Cheng, away from the cameras. He even called himself a dog lover. He’s been exposed now.】

【Little brother is the most handsome! Don’t worry about the haters. We will always support you.】

Zuo Ning stuck out a paw to poke Lu Chenghe. After he turned to look at him, Zuo Ning thought for a while before sighing helplessly. He wanted to say that he didn’t tease that little dog on purpose… alright, he did do it on purpose. But he didn’t think that it would take such a big fall instead of the person he was aiming at. Zuo Ning compensated the little dog afterwards though. He let that little Teddy eat his beef jerky at lunch. Although that caused the silly Teddy to pester him for the rest of the afternoon.

Lu Chenghe watched the dog release a grave sigh and smiled. “Your performance is really good. The other dogs cannot compare.”

Zuo Ning silently turned his head. He didn’t feel like that was any sort of praise.

After the comments receded, the show was already up to the part where everyone was standing together. A few of the introductions weren’t finished yet. Apart from Zuo Ning, all the other dogs had rushed together and formed a ball. Only he stood to one side. If it wasn’t for the fact that his head was wearing a panda outfit, his pure white fur and aloof stature would have made him the dog equivalent of the cliche Mr Perfect.

【My Little Pudding has already seen the world. That grave expression is just like a steady, mountain-like elder. Ha ha! I’m dying from laughter.】

【A worldly dog is just not the same hahahahahahaha!】

【Little Pudding’s inner self is definitely like: A group of stupid dogs.】

【My Little Pudding’s aura is three metres (10ft) tall! He really is so handsome that he has no friends.】

The director probably also realised the chaos that a group of dogs getting together would bring, so they just let the stars improvise by themselves. They created a lot of funny scenes and caused a lot of laughter and praise to float across the screen.

Because they needed to cooperate with dogs, the episode was a race to accumulate points. The winner will then either receive more time or more clues in the final room to escape. The reason why most people watched this variety show was that the games were all about escaping from death. It was both fun and stressful to watch and meant that people couldn’t turn their eyes away.

The first game that the program lined up was bobbing for lunch. Eight people were split into two teams. Each team elected a leader and then released the dogs to get one of the ingredient cards. The stars were not allowed to interfere, they could only let the dog choose for themselves. All the food picked by each dog was shared within the team but the points from the number of cards that were picked up by the dog would be given to the individual.

Because every dog’s training level was different and the celebrities were not their owners, the staff gave each duo time to get familiar with each other. Afterwards, they hurriedly taught the dogs how to pick things up.

A member called Lai Yang was fortunate enough to be partnered with a Border Collie. Soon they became the duo that everyone wanted on their team. Border Collies were famous for being very smart, you only needed to teach them a few times and they would remember. When you took a look at the other dogs, there were two out of three of the silly dog types Husky and Samoyed. Then there were the hard to control small dogs, Toy Poodles, Chihuahuas, and Yorkshire Terriers. The duos with those dogs were directly rejected and left to form their own teams. In the end, there was a group of people all unstoppably arguing and taking things from each other.

One of the regular members called Tian Lele who was leading an adorable Yorkshire terrier raised his hand. “Let’s be self-reliant. Let’s show them that small dogs can also hold up a portion of the sky!”

Just when everyone thought that the small, hard-working, little soldiers would group together to form a legion, Little Pudding ran up to Lai Yang’s side. He didn’t jump on him but used a paw to pat his leg and looked at Lai Yang with a longing stare.

Lai Yang couldn’t hold back and squatted down to hug Little Pudding. “Aah, my little cutie. How can you be so cute? Ok, ok, ok, let’s form a team together alright?”

When the others saw that Lai Yang said so, they turned to joke with Chu Hang. “Look, even dogs know that they need to choose the strongest teammate. If we want to live past lunch we have to count on Teacher Lai!”

Comments furiously began to scroll across the screen again.

【Our Pudding grew up by acting cute! You will not die if you are cute!】

【This is how to follow the boss to eat meat. My Pudding is smart.】

【The border collie says: Follow me and I promise that you will not go hungry!】

【Hahahahahaha. Let me see what the other team consists of. A teddy, a chihuahua, a terrier, and a little husky. I can already hear the rumbling of hunger!】

【Husky: Eh?! You traitorous Samo! Quickly come back to me, we are the same type after all!】

After everyone had split up, they doggedly began to train the pups. But even with snacks, these dogs had not gone through professional training at all. The ones who could follow the instructions were the Border Collie and a little German Shepard. On the other hand, no matter how Chu Hang guided and encouraged, his Little Pudding was not affected by the great waves and just sat still.

The other dogs were randomly running around, not listening and unable to be stopped, and jumping on everyone with a treat on their body. Two puppies had even begun to roll around biting each other. There were even some who had devoted their entire attention to digging a hole to the other side of the world. Compared to them, Little Pudding was as indifferent as the flowers on a tall mountain.

At the end of his rope, Chu Hang directly knelt on the ground and helplessly looked at Little Pudding. “Little Ancestor, can you not make one small movement?”

【Little Pudding: I won’t move. Definitely, absolutely not moving! Hahahahahaha!】

【What to do? I’m going to become a fan of this arrogant dog! Too cute!】

【It doesn’t matter if the little ancestor doesn’t move. Look at the stealthy thing over there digging a hole. You can tell with one look that he is a master!】

【Looks they’ll only be able to rely on the Border Collie and the German Shepherd for their lunch now. Pity the other team. Maybe they’ll only eat grass for lunch.】

【Awoo, I’m immediately going over to dig up that patch of ground. There might even be some treasure under there!】

【Husky says: No one move! Digging holes? Pah! If you give me some time I can dig right through the earth!】

The training section of the broadcast only included the entertaining moments. In reality, they were trained like that for more than an hour before the game started.

The crew set up a long frame. Pictures of various foods were printed on acrylic plates and hung from the top using string. A whistle signalled the start of the game. For the sake of their stomachs, everyone gave 120% to get their dog to run over and take a plate back. Who cares what it was, as long as they got something.

Every celebrity began sweating anxiously. They were so anxious that they were itching to crawl over themselves to give the puppies a demonstration.

Even the Border Collie and German Shepherd puppy, who listened the best before, had no idea what to do. They were so confused they just walked around and around their human partners.

The audience was laughing so hard they cried and said that the task was too difficult for the dogs and no one would be able to each lunch. Then they saw the unmoving mountain Little Pudding suddenly surge forward. With one jump, he bit the picture of braised beef and ran back to place it into Chu Hang’s hands.

This led to the entire group of celebrities to chase their tails with excitement.

“To have lunch today, we can only count on the braised beef in Chu Hang’s hands!”

The other team saw that their team had a good beginning and became so worked up that they stopped caring about the rules. They crawled on the ground with their dogs and raised their heads to look at the acrylic plates. However even though they gave such a clear demonstration, the dogs were still play fighting or chasing each other. Not a glance was given to the desperate humans. All they could do was sit on the ground and shout at the heavens.

【What the hell! This is nothing short of miraculous!】

【Hahahahaha, look at the faces of the other team. Who said you can’t count on Samos? My Samoyed is just as smart as the others!】

【I went back to look at Little Pudding’s mountain-like aura. Its inner self must have thought, ‘What a bunch of sheep.’】

【Walls support me, I support my Pudding!】

Looking at the enthusiastic chaos on the screen, Lu Chenghe turned his head towards Little Pudding. Little Pudding also raised his head to look back. He laughed and rubbed Little Pudding’s head. “You are so smart, right?”

“Woof!” Of course!

Lu Chenghe smiled. “Look at your smug face.”

When he saw that the Border Collie was the second dog who managed to bring back a card, Zuo Ning tunnelled back into Lu Chenghe’s arms. Without him leading the way, how could the other dogs who did not understand human speech know what the noisy humans wanted them to do? Zuo Ning suddenly felt that he had done a good thing without receiving recognition.

After Zuo Ning’s demonstration, the Husky managed to successfully bring something back. The food printed on the acrylic was a picture of a plate of stir-fried cabbage.

Therefore there was a special scene of one team having a lavish lunch with 5 different dishes and another team on the side with only one plate of cooked cabbage leaves. They originally wanted to film the dogs eating as well but due to worry about the potential controversy surrounding Little Pudding’s personal lunch menu they ended up cutting the scene. He didn’t eat dog food, instead, it was a lunch box filled with all sorts of exquisite ingredients.

Zuo Ning thought that reality television was just a show and when the cameras stopped rolling, everyone would eat a proper lunch. The team who only won a plate of vegetables to eat, really only ate that plate of veggies. However, someone gave them two steamed buns because they were worried they wouldn’t have any energy for the rest of the shoot.

Zuo Ning suddenly thought of something. When He Cheng had a close up he barked a few times at the screen, patted Lu Chenghe’s hand, and waved his tail a few times in front of his face.

Lu Chenghe looked at the series of movements and cocked an eyebrow. “This person pulled on your tail?”

Zuo Ning quickly responded. “Woof!” He even did it twice!

Lu Chenghe rubbed Little Pudding’s head. This complaint was conveyed with incredible mastery. Other people’s dogs would forget everything after playing happily for a moment. How come his dog would be able to remember something for the whole day and even knew to lodge a complaint? He was a little tyrant.

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