Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof Chapter 47.1

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Chapter 47.1 — Scheming dog’s complaint

As soon as Lu Chenghe finished showering he saw Little Pudding waiting outside the bathroom door. Little Pudding’s eyes were super fierce as if Lu Chenghe had done something particularly heinous to him. He didn’t know when Little Pudding had developed this habit, but no matter what he was doing, Little Pudding would suddenly appear by his side.

For example, Little Pudding was always able to open the door and come inside when he was taking a shower. If he locked the door, then he would constantly stand outside and bark. Those who didn’t know would’ve thought it was a scene of dog abuse. If the door wasn’t locked, then he would sit outside the shower and act like he had been abandoned.

Sometimes when he wanted to take a bath, he would close his eyes for a while and a fat dumpling would cannonball into the bathtub. At first, Lu Chenghe was worried that the hot water would be bad for his skin. However after a few soaks and not having any problems, he just let him do whatever he wanted.

Occasionally when he was in his office, he always felt like there was laser sight locked on him. It would either watch silently while lying on the couch or hide under the desk and suddenly tap your foot using its tail. Fortunately, Lu Chenghe had a strong heart or he would’ve been scared to death. That little rascal seemed to do it intentionally since he would brazenly climb onto the table if Lu Chenghe’s wasn’t scared and push aside anything in the way then lean against the computer to sleep.

Thinking of all Little Pudding’s previous heroic actions, Lu Chenghe dried his hair and walked around the dog without even giving him a glance.

Zuo Ning gave a snort and directly jumped over to Lu Chenghe’s feet. He sat his butt down on top of his foot and used his four paws to cling to his leg. “Woof woof woof!” You said we would bathe together! You big fat liar!

Lu Chenghe glanced at the dog stuck on his leg and just like that, dragged the over 20-kilogram dog into the bedroom. He was about 24kg at half a year old. Dr Wen said that it is still a normal weight and all various examinations all came back normal. Plus he would go on a morning jog every day so Little Pudding was very healthy. Otherwise, with Little Pudding being so heavy and only six months old, Lu Chenghe would force him to lose weight.

If Zuo Ning knew what Lu Chenghe was thinking, he would definitely ridicule him. There were Samoyeds who were six months old and 30kg, he was already at a very standard weight alright? It was just that his fur was fluffier so he looked a little rounder.

He dragged the little thing back into the room with great difficulty. Just when Lu Chenghe sat on the bed, Little Pudding immediately pulled on his clothes and climbed upwards. Thanks to Lu Chenghe’s quick reaction, he managed to keep his pants on. He carried the dog onto the bed. “Be more well-behaved. The moment you’re naughty, go sleep in your kennel.”

Zuo Ning wasn’t afraid of a meaningless threat like that. He pulled himself up onto Lu Chenghe’s body. “Awoo!” Give me our agreed kisses! Otherwise, you won’t get to sleep tonight!

Lu Chenghe naturally knew what he was barking about. He lifted the quilt and stuffed the dog inside before standing up and walking away. Zuo Ning immediately climbed out of the blankets and jumped from the bed to give chase. Where ever he followed, Lu Chenghe walked away from quickly. He knew that Lu Chenghe was teasing him but Zuo Ning couldn’t help but chase him. He ridiculed Lu Chenghe in his mind. This guy was getting more and more childish.

Where did the previous cold and aloof male god go?!

Just like that, one person and one dog childishly played a game of tag in their room. When Lu Chenghe saw that Little Pudding was getting more excited the more they played, he carried him with one arm. “Ok, ok. Don’t fuss. If you get more excited you’ll have bad dreams at night.”

Zuo Ning covered his face with two paws. “Awoo!”

Lu Chenghe smiled. He lowered his head and kissed the side of his face and received a mouthful of fur.

Zuo Ning immediately began to roll around on the bed. He felt that he had already trained Lu Chenghe very well. It would have been impossible to get kisses when they first met, he would have been rejected immediately. But look now, this was a milestone!

When he saw that boisterous energy, Lu Chenghe slapped that fat furry butt. “Are you going to sleep or not?”

Zuo Ning lay on his back paws in the air and twisted his body to look at him. “Awoo~”

The moment Lu Chenghe lifted the blanket, the furball on top also following along in rolling. If the bed wasn’t big enough, Zuo Ning would’ve definitely rolled to the floor. After Zuo Ning fought with the blankets for a while, he saw Lu Chenghe placidly lay on the bed and hurried to occupy his usual place. After a loud and busy day, he finally managed to sleep.

Originally he wanted to tell Lu Chenghe about his day, but he wouldn’t be understood even if he tried. He still tried to communicate often. He might even be able to train Lu Chenghe’s dog language to the fourth level. But before he was able to prepare his lesson plan, he couldn’t resist the call of sleep and directly played dead.

Lu Chenghe saw Little Pudding immediately fall asleep the moment he got on the bed and couldn’t tell whether he wanted to laugh or cry. He gently played with the little paw and got zero response. He shook his head helplessly and stuff the paw inside the blanket. He left Little Pudding’s head outside for ventilation. Then he opened his laptop and began to work.

He hadn’t opened an email yet when he saw a news article pop up from the lower right corner of the screen. The title of the article was that it was better to raise a dog than find a boyfriend. Lu Chenghe casually took a glance. The report was that when a fire broke out in the house, the dog discovered the situation first and woke up its owners. As soon as the man woke up, he ran directly outside while the dog desperately risked its life and kept tugging the female owner. Only until the woman also ran outside the house did the dog follow them outside.

Lu Chenghe didn’t open the article and read the report. There were so many cases of dogs saving their owners. Otherwise, why would they call dogs a man’s best friend? When he thought of his family’s dog, if there really was a fire, Lu Chenghe wondered whether he would be so frightened he would just cling to Lu Chenghe’s neck and need to be carried outside.

He turned his head to look at the snoring LIttle Pudding and felt that if something like that really happened, Lu Chenghe would probably wake up earlier than it. Looked like he couldn’t count on Little Pudding.

Zuo Ning was in the middle of a dream. He dreamt that he was eating hotpot. The hot and spicy soup was cooking the meat and he had a big mouthful of ice-cold cola. He felt like he had been reborn. Then, just when he was at the peak of happiness, the store owner came over and told him that their restaurant did not allow pets.

Zuo Ning’s was very confused. He didn’t bring any pets with him. The waiter then came over, picked up his pot, and walked away. Panicking, Zuo Ning also forgot how to walk. When his four limbs landed on the floor, he had turned into a dog.

Zuo Ning woke up in a cold sweat and then lay back down in his unchanged dog body. He looked out the window and saw the sky wasn’t yet bright. His heart was full of regrets. He hadn’t finished eating that hotpot yet awoo…

Lu Chenghe came out from the bathroom and saw that Little Pudding was awake and laze on the bed. He laughed and tugged his tail. “You’re a snowdog, how come you’re still hibernating in winter? Hurry, get up and run.”

Zuo Ning lay in the blanket and turned his head to look at Lu Chenghe. “Awoooo…” My hotpot…

Lu Chenghe didn’t bother with Little Pudding. He gave the blanket a tug and picked up the dog on the bed before going downstairs. His fur was thick anyway and wouldn’t become a popsicle.

They ran around and returned home sweating to see Lu Nianqi sitting on the sofa waiting for them to have breakfast together. There was a suitcase beside him that was probably filled with his daily necessities as he had already moved most of his things to his own house earlier.

Lu Nianqi immediately stood up when he saw Lu Chenghe, “Older brother.”

Lu Chenghe looked towards him, “Finish packing your things?”

“Yes. Everything packed.”

“You need to be more careful living outside by yourself. Later, come over often to have a meal.”

Lu Nianqi nodded and agreed.

Lu Chenghe went up to change his clothes. Lu Nianqi took this time to walk in front of Zuo Ning. He squatted in front of him. “In the future, you need to be obedient. I can’t play with you anyway. I don’t even know if you’ll miss me but I think you probably won’t. If there’s an opportunity, I’ll take you out to play.”

Zuo Ning placed his paw on Lu Nianqi’s knee. “Woof!” You’ll be free to do whatever you want in the future. I’m jealous.

Lu Nianqi smiled and held the paw. “Are you giving me a farewell? So smart.”

After they had breakfast, Zuo Ning followed Lu Chenghe to work. Lu Nianqi left behind the house that he had lived in for several months. Although there was one less person in the house, that person originally did not have a big presence, so Zuo Ning didn’t feel that there was much different. He still ate, drank, and played around all day.

When his episode of the reality show was due to air, Lu Chenghe had gone to bed early, but this time he didn’t open his emails but clicked on the trending episode of that variety show.

Zuo Ning squeezed his head into Lu Chenghe’s arms and watched the episode with him. This was the first time he had watched TV with Lu Chenghe and although he was a bit bashful, he was inexplicably excited.

Naz: Bye bye Nianqi… Hope everyone is staying safe at home~

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