Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof Chapter 46.2

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Chapter 46.2 — Hardworking Pudding

Chu Hang crouched on the ground, gently stroking Little Pudding. The other girl holding the Shiba tried to intercede. “I wonder what’s on the agenda for today. These dogs aren’t our own, if they start making a ruckus it’ll be hard for us to handle.”

He Cheng laughingly replied. “Relax. These dogs were provided by the show. Their owners are all in the staff room over there. There won’t be any big problems.”

The girl smiled and crouched down to play with the little Shiba. Females rarely disliked these kinds of pets. When they saw a furry mass they just want to hold it in their arms and knead it. Especially since these little guys were very obedient. If she wasn’t so busy with work and flying around all year round, she would’ve liked to raise one.

When He Cheng finished speaking he seemed to carelessly talk to Chu Hang again. “But brother Hang’s dog wasn’t provided by the show. The owner didn’t come so you better be careful. From its disposition, it seems to be very vicious.”

Chu Hang stood up and smiled at He Cheng. “Don’t worry. If this little fellow really decides to cause trouble, I’m afraid that the entire crew will need to apologise to his owner.”

The female star only began to gain popularity in the last two years. Her fame was definitely not as high as the other two so she just silently stayed on the side and acted like she was deaf. When He Cheng heard Chu Hang’s words, the smile on his face remained unchanged as if he did not understand the hidden meaning.

When Zuo Ning heard what Chu Hang said, he returned to his senses. He couldn’t put his finger on the unpleasantness of the previous sentence but there were hidden thorns in every word. Still, wasn’t it bad that Chu Hang provoked this guy already?

But Zuo Ning didn’t know the inside story. The matter was caused by Little Pudding. He Cheng had a devoted fanbase. Even a change of hairstyle could land him on the hot searches. He was flattered and indulged in the industry and he was also one of the top two in his company. He was already considered a money tree and many resources were spent on him. Most of the time the company gave him whatever he wanted.

Now that He Cheng had been invited onto such a popular reality show, he naturally also wanted more screen time. He heard that the show also invited a dog which had acted in two other movies and thought that he and the dog would be one group. He thought that it wouldn’t be an issue, it was just a dog. With his influence, this small request wouldn’t be refused by the production team.

The result was that his manager let him know that the dog was already given to Chu Hang.

He Cheng was not stupid enough to continue after stabbing in two sentences. He knew who the dog belonged to and also heard some rumours. Apparently, this Chu Hang had a very good relationship with eldest young master Lu. Otherwise, why did he set up an entertainment agency with Chu Hang as their biggest star? He Cheng clearly knew that some people couldn’t be provoked. He merely couldn’t control his temper sometimes. In any case, he didn’t cross the line. He knew when to stop.

Chu Hang also didn’t want to continue. They had to shoot together for the whole day. Nowadays celebrities were getting younger and younger. No wonder everyone said that the older entertainment circles were called actors and singers, while the new talents were called stars.

The music started and it signalled their entrance. According to their ranks, Chu Hang would be in the middle. But because there was a girl, each male took the left and right side with the female star in the middle as they walked on set.

Zuo Ning looked at the little Teddy who was obediently walking beside He Cheng and suddenly said, “Qiuqiu quickly run. There’s meat to eat in front.”

The dog called Qiuqiu suddenly burst out, running so quickly it was about to fly into the sky. But the situation Zuo Ning thought would occur did not. He thought that He Cheng would be pulled because he wasn’t expecting it. But He Cheng was very vigilant in case the dog became agitated and had the leash pulled very tightly.

When the poodle rushed out, He Chenghe instinctively pulled back the leash. In the end, the dog was basically airborne when it directly pulled back and fell to the ground.

The fall must have been painful so Zuo Ning subconsciously looked up at He Cheng. When he saw that he had no reaction at all, Zuo Ning felt cold. This was not a dog lover.

He saw the teddy dizzily get up after falling then half shake its fur before it was dragged away. Zuo Ning felt a bit sorry for it. He just wanted to mess with that guy for a bit but in the end, he caused an innocent dog to take a tumble. Forget it, he’ll just donate a portion of his lunch to make up for it.

After the toy poodle got up, it seemed to want to keep pushing forward so Zuo Ning quickly said, “Don’t run. The meat is gone.”

The teddy looked at Zuo Ning in bewilderment and stood there stupidly. It forgot to walk before it got pulled by He Cheng. “Wu…” No meat? Who ate it?

Zuo Ning raised the corners of his mouth. “Who knows. Maybe it was the group of humans in front.”

When they walked over and the members began to small talk, the Toy Poodle and the Shiba were uncontrollably jumping onto everyone’s bodies. This also influenced several other dogs to pounce around and couldn’t be pulled apart. The whole scene was chaotic. Zuo Ning who was quietly sitting by the side looked coldly elegant.

The others laughed and said that they were fated with dogs. Zuo Ning silently turned his head. Turns out there really were high or low IQ dogs. In contrast, Langya and Funa were the smartest dogs he had ever met. They deserved to be called military dogs. Thumbs up!

It was a challenge to shoot a reality show with a group of dogs, though if it was shot well enough the audience would laugh a lot. There were many rumours that current reality shows were all scripted. Zuo Ning believed that it must be true. Perhaps, in the beginning, the stars were allowed to freely play, but after discovering the points that each respective fanbase thought was cute, inevitably they would script a few scenes.

Honestly, he had only ever casually watched shows couldn’t tell that it was an act. It was only until a few screenshots by some netizens exposed the matter that he learnt that, oh, so it turns out it was like this, ah, so it happened like this etc.

So when it was his turn to go onto a show like this, he kept his eyes wide open to see exactly how these kinds of scenes were scripted.

To his surprise, although there was a script, it was only a general outline. The specifics were improvised depending on the members, but there were many re-shoots. So after editing the show only lasted one and a half hours, the actual shooting process took the whole day.

The sky was completely dark by the time the recording finished. The dogs were exhausted, the people even more so. No wonder at the end of some variety shows it seemed like the celebrities were performing rather than earnestly playing. If you didn’t make a show of it, you would probably just want to lie on the ground. If you were able to maintain that energy for the whole day you would not be human.

Chu Hang brought Zuo Ning out of the amusement park and his bodyguard immediately came to pick him up. It was only then that Zuo Ning realised Lu Chenghe had come directly after work and had been waiting in the car for two hours. Immediately, he turned into a small artillery shell and rushed like a hurricane towards the car. The moment the bodyguard touched the leash it was tugged out of his hands.

Lu Chenghe saw a white shadow running over and opened the door. Instantly he had an armful of white fluff.

Little Pudding’s tail was wagging so fast it was leaving afterimages. Lu Chenghe smiled slightly. “Did you have fun today?”

Zuo Ning woofed lowly and Lu Chenghe raised his brows. “Not happy?”

Zuo Ning sprawled on Lu Chenghe’s body and climbed upwards using his two paws.

Lu Chenghe skillfully sat the dog on his lap. He checked the four paws, apart from a little dirt it was fine, there was no damage. Perhaps because it was inconvenient to wear clothes while playing games, the outfit was taken off. But the fur seemed to have been taken care of. Although it was a little grey, it was not that dirty.

Zuo Ning rested his head on Lu Chenghe’s shoulders and release a big breath. Finally, he could go home. Being the breadwinner was too tiring.

Lu Chenghe laughed and stroked Little Pudding. He must have played so much that he exhausted himself.

When he saw Chu Hang standing not far away, Lu Chenghe patted Little Pudding’s head and put him on the side. Then he personally got out of the car to give his greetings.

Truthfully, Chu Hang did feel a bit overwhelmed by this. Although Lu Chenghan reciprocated his feelings, Chu Hang had never thought that everyone in the Lu family could accept him. When he saw Lu Chenghe walking over he wasn’t sure whether he should rush over or whether that would be too presumptuous.

Chu Hang couldn’t help but lament in his heart when he saw the man walking over under the moonlight. Lu family’s genes were just too good. All of them were so handsome that it made everyone else feel inferior. “Hello, Mr Lu. I am grateful to you for letting me borrow Little Pudding today. He’s worked very hard.”

Lu Chenghe chuckled. His slightly low voice carried an otherworldly magnetism. “You’re welcome. You can just call me Chenghe. Next time you’re free, bring big brother with you to have a meal at home.”

When he heard this, Chu Hang knew that the second young master of Lu family had accepted him. His smile deepened, “Alright. Then we’ll trouble you in the future.”

Lu Chenghe nodded. When he saw Chu Hang’s car had driven over he said, “Then I’m going back with Little Pudding. See you.”

Chu Hang smiled. “Ok, drive safe. Today’s recording will be broadcast next weekend. You can watch it then. Little Pudding performed exceptionally well today.”

After they both said their goodbyes, Lu Chenghe got back in the car. The moment he sat down the little rascal’s dirty paws immediately tried to climb up. Lu Chenghe unbuttoned his jacket and the little thing immediately stuck itself like glue to him and would not rest unless he was in his arms.

While stroking Little Pudding’s fur, Lu Chenghe lowly asked, “Did you indiscriminately eat anything today?”

Usually, for shoots involving dogs, they will feed some treats to make them listen. Lu Chenghe didn’t really like to let Little Pudding eat outsider’s treats. Today he specifically got the bodyguards to bring a box of special jerky in case it was needed. But even with this preparation, he was still worried that Little Pudding would eat something random.

Zuo Ning howled. He would never eat randomly. In fact, he was very polite.

Lu Chenghe laughed, “Were you really so good?”

“Woof!” Extremely good!

“Since you were so good, what do you want as a reward?”

The moment Zuo Ning heard that he immediately twisted his body to lie harder on Lu Chenghe’s body. He shyly lifted his head and used his paw to tap his face. Want kisses.

Lu Chenghe laughed when he saw that movement and poked his paws. He really didn’t know where Little Pudding learnt such a thing. If he really kissed the indicated area, the entire dog would probably ascend to the sky with happiness.

He poked Little Pudding’s nose. “Dirty little dog. Wait until you’re clean then collect your reward.”

Zuo Ning woofed. Bath together! This is a good option!

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