Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof Chapter 46.1

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Chapter 46.1 — Hardworking Pudding

The purpose of Lu Chenghan’s visit this time was for Little Pudding, how could he give up with one sentence of rejection from Lu Chenghe? He only left after settling the details of Little Pudding’s schedule.

Zuo Ning followed Lu Chenghe upstairs. He passed by Lu Nianqi and saw that he seemed to hold back from saying something. Zuo Ning stopped and looked at him. But Lu Nianqi just smiled at him and returned to his room without saying anything.

Zuo Ning was also not very clear about Lu Nianqi’s situation. If it was him, he probably would have wanted to move out a long time ago. If you could act freely in your own house, why would you want to awkwardly live at someone else’s? But everyone is different and since he was an onlooker he would look at the situation differently. He wagged his tail. It didn’t concern him anyway, and everyone had a moment in their lives where they needed to say goodbye.

The day of filming was fine and sunny. Although the snow was still accumulating on the roadsides, the sun was enough to dispel the cold.

Before going out, mother Lu wanted to dress him up. She bought a pile of furry clothes in various styles. There was even a samoyed costume. Why would he wear a samoyed outfit when he was already a samoyed?!

Just when Zuo Ning was running around the house in resistance and mother Lu was persistently calling out, Lu Chenghe had finally come out after taking a bath and changing his clothes. The moment Zuo Ning saw Lu Chenghe it was like he saw his saviour. He shot like a bullet into Lu Chenghe’s arms. “Awoowoowoo!” Quickly take care of your mother! She has lost her marbles!

Lu Chenghe look at the clothing that his mother was holding. They were probably fighting over which one to wear so he casually responded, “The panda one.”

Zuo Ning looked at Lu Chenghe in shock.

Mother Lu nodded. “That set is definitely cuter than the little yellow chick. Quickly Little Pudding. You can go out once you wear these. We are all civilised and courteous little children. Going outside without clothes on is the kind of rude thing we do not do. Quickly, quickly little baby.”

Zuo Ning acted like a dead dog when he was dragged to mother Lu. Then he lifelessly wore the panda outfit and was even given a small and exquisite black backpack that was covered in gems to wear. Mother Lu took many pictures and posted them online with the caption ‘Little Pudding going to work is as beautiful as usual~’

After a few minutes, the post was liked many times.

【Oh my, my hardworking Little Pudding is still so cute.】

【Trying to contract my pudding’s period of prosperity lick lick lick~】

【So young, but has to earn money to raise the family. Then looking at myself who can’t even support me. Bitter tears.】

【Ding ding ding. This is my daily check-in. This little backpack is very good but I didn’t manage to grab the limited edition. Little Pudding must have snatched my share! Hmph!】

【Isn’t this small national treasure just too cute?! With looks that are in defiance of the natural order, this doll must have been beautiful ever since they were small! 】

Mother Lu only put her phone away after she had looked enough at the positive comments.

Lu Chenghe was in a good mood and patted Little Pudding’s head. “The outfit is very good looking. Very cute.”

Zuo Ning lifted his head to look at Lu Chenghe. He felt wronged. He is a boy. He needs to be handsome, not cute.

Because the site of the shoot was a bit far, Zuo Ning left earlier than Lu Chenghe. When Lu Chenghe personally sent him to the car and watched him leave, Zuo Ning instantly felt very accomplished! This feeling of being the breadwinner was very refreshing!

The location of the shoot was in a newly constructed theme park. This shoot could also be regarded as a subtle advertisement for this park. #1 Family was a reality show that began three years ago and was also considered a milestone for domestic variety shows. When it was first broadcasted it became a household name. Watching a group of bright and beautiful celebrities playing and getting pranked by various extremely difficult games made people laugh uproariously. The audience laughed from the first minute of the broadcast to the last, the kind of laughter which had you on the floor in tears.

Although he wasn’t able to follow the masses at that time because he was in his third year of university, the moment he was on holiday he binged the entire first season. And then rewatched it three times through the summer. So when he heard that he was coming to that reality show, he was very excited.

#1 Family consisted of five fixed cast members, four males and one female. Three years ago, apart from one veteran host, the others could only be considered better than C-list but at the bottom of the B-list celebrities. After this program, they were constantly invited to endorse various brands and were handed so many screenplays of movies and TV series that their hands were sore. They basically dominated the market for three years. In addition to a host and a recipient of the best actor award who held the front lines, the other three also became very popular stars.

When he saw a group of people with a bunch of machines, Zuo Ning knew that this must be the shooting site. He looked out the window curiously. Although he was a dog who had already had their debut, he hadn’t come into contact with many celebrities. Now that he was able to get into close contact with his favourite stars he inevitably became a bit excited.

Like with all outdoor reality shows, most of the waiting rooms were in separate RVs. Especially since the fixed cast members for this show were all very popular people. The staff were also provided small buses by the company so when Zuo Ning arrived, he couldn’t see the scene of people chatting warmly with each other because they were all in their own vehicles. What a pity.

Although Zuo Ning regretted not being able to see his favourite cast members, his arrival caused a little disturbance among them. Although they were resting in the vehicles, most of them would have assistants scanning for movement outside. It wouldn’t be good if the director was ready to start shooting and still had to call everyone individually.

So when a low-key black Maybach (Mercedes-Benz) drove over a few assistants couldn’t help but gossip with their respective stars. “Were there any mysterious heavyweight guests invited today? It’s Maybach. If it belongs to any of the guests today, then it’s a bit too inappropriate, right?”

In this circle, no one cares how people flaunt their wealth in their private lives. But when recording such programs, a person’s class and allocation was a matter of a tacit mutual understanding between everyone. Otherwise, if the King of the Silver Screen drove a million-dollar car and a small newcomer drove a ten million dollar car, then the headlines would be how the film emperor was low-key and the newcomer was excessively conspicuous.

The assistant thought back to the guest list. It didn’t seem like there should be any ignorant, Maybach-driving person on it. A few people who were quick to react had already looked out the car window. They saw the head director personally welcome them so they also subconsciously wondered if they should go and greet them as well.

But before they could get up from their seat a man wearing a black suit and sunglasses stepped out of the car first. He looked like he was definitely a bodyguard. After he got out of the car, they saw him walk to the back door and open it.

A few people who were keeping tabs on what was happening outside were waiting to see who the heavyweight was before saying hello. The result was that they saw a samoyed wearing a panda outfit with a newly released limited edition black bag on its back get down from the car. Did someone bring a dog to work? Wait, the theme of this recording was about dogs. But why was one dog wearing such famous brands? If that backpack is not a really good imitation, the value was at least six figures. Since they were driving a Maybach, a six-figure backpack was probably just a drop in the ocean, so it was most likely not a shameless fake.

As they were stretching their necks to see who would come out of the car, the car door was closed and it drove to park on the side.


Where was the person? Did they become blind?

Someone who had reacted on time had long left their RV and walked over with a small smile. They half crouched. “This must be Little Pudding. So beautiful. Ah, even wearing a little panda outfit. How adorable!”

Zuo Ning happily looked at the person who walked over. That was his favourite domestic host. He had watched them ever since he was seven or eight years old. At that time, this host was quite young, only twenty or so years of age. Now they were over thirty years old, and with a bout of nostalgia, Zuo Ning didn’t hold back and directly jumped onto his body.

A childhood idol in the flesh! He looked thinner than on TV, his body smelt night, and his smile was very warm. Worthy of being called the best host in the industry! No negative reviews!

Lai Yang smilingly patted the dog’s head gently. Although he was too busy to keep a pet on his own, he was unable to resist cute creatures like this one. He had heard that Little Pudding was not like ordinary dogs and was fairly indifferent to strangers. During its previous filming process, apart from Chu Hang, it had not been close with anyone else. He had only intended to come over to give a polite greeting. Although Little Pudding’s owner was not there, who knew if its owner wouldn’t put a strike next to their names if Little Pudding was treated coldly.

It didn’t occur to him that he would have such an affinity with pets. Little Pudding seemed to like him very much.

In the other car, Chu Hang saw Little Pudding had arrived and quickly came over. He was a little surprised when he saw that Little Pudding was very close to Lai Yang. “It seems like Little Pudding really likes you, Teacher Lai. I have never seen him jump onto a stranger like this.”

Lai Yang happily replied, “This little fellow is so cute. Seems like we are a bit fated.”

The other people also came out one after another when the director said that they were ready to begin. Chu Hang wasn’t a part of the regular cast and was just a special guest. So he took Little Pudding’s leash and waited outside of the camera’s view.

There were two other guests as well, one female and one male, both holding dogs like Chu Hang. Zuo Ning took a look. There was an energetic toy poodle (teddy) and an expressive Shiba Inu. When the other two saw him they wanted to come over for a sniff but Zuo Ning didn’t like this way of greeting. So he quietly let out a fierce bark. “No smelling!”

The meme-y Shiba tilted its head. “So fierce. Not friendly at all.”

The silly teddy continued to get closer. “Your body is so fragrant. Such a nice smelling smell.”

Zuo Ning sidestepped the teddy. “I said no smelling! Leave. Or I’ll bite you!”

Chu Hang bent down to comfort Little Pudding in his arms when he saw that he didn’t seem to like the nearing poodle. He gently reached out to push it away. “Go back to your owner. Good dog.”

The fresh-faced idol who was holding the teddy had played a more important role in a recent movie due do their personality and was also someone invited by the reality show staff. Seeing that Little Pudding was avoiding the little teddy he pulled it back and joked. “Ok come here. Since the other doesn’t like you, if you keep trying to get close you might get bit.”

Zuo Ning turned to look at the male. He was a singer who had recently appeared in a TV series and a movie. He had quite a lot of fans and looked very good. When he smiled, he also had dimples and gathered quite a lot of mother, wife, and girlfriend fans. Originally Zuo Ning was not a fan or an anti-fan, but how come this sentence seemed to have some hidden meaning behind it?

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