Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof Chapter 42.2

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Chapter 42.2 — Not allowed on the bed tonight

Xue Lu immediately went into her study when she got home. She started a small business online selling low-cost handmade jewellery to cover some of her living expenses last semester. To sell some premium products, she bought some cheap tools so she could do things like removing diamonds. After removing them, she would bring them to a master to check it over.

The chain holding the tag looked like it was made from platinum. She would keep it for now, if it was solid platinum to turn it into a bracelet or necklace later.

Xue Lu was a little uneasy seeing the things that did not belong to her laid out in front of her. It was the first time she had done something like this. But after thinking carefully about the matter, as long as CCTV did not see her then no one would know about it. If her boyfriend and his friend held another get together in the future, she will just find a reason to not go. After some time, the dog will also forget what happened.

After rationalising it, Xue Lu settled her mind and began to continue work as usual.

Zuo Ning thought that Lu Chenghe’s punishment would definitely involve getting beaten. Although he was already so old, he had never been hit before. But if Lu Chenghe really wanted to hit him, he could not stop it. After all, today’s matter really was his own fault. Although he knew that he would be able to find the way back and would not get lost, Lu Chenghe did not know. He must have been very anxious when he lost sight of his dog.

Ah, whatever. His fur was thick and his butt had plenty of padding. To get hit once or twice was not a big deal.

But he misjudged Lu Chenghe’s cruelty.

Zuo Ning carried a plate with a roasted ham sausage on his head. He sat there on the floor of the living room without moving a muscle. Lu Chenghe was holding a piece of string and the moment Zuo Ning made a movement, with a simple pull something would fall loudly onto the floor tiles. The sound of the fall terrified the puppy and thus he did not dare to move.

The freshly roasted ham sausage exuded a captivating smell. Lu Chenghe had even asked them to sprinkle more spices so the smell was more drool-worthy. Zuo Ning was embarrassed that he could not control his saliva production. He could only keep swallowing to stop his saliva from falling. But every time he swallowed, the plate on his head would tremble slightly. If the movement was too large, Lu Chenghe would once again make the loud noise next to him.

To firmly punish the little rascal, Lu Chenghe specifically told the steward to buy cheap sausages. The kind sold in the supermarket for a few dollars and had no nutritional value but was especially fragrant. Then he had the kitchen sprinkle on all kinds of spices like cumin. Even a human smelling it would be unable to help themselves from eating it, let alone smelling it with a dog’s nose.

Lu Chenghe sat comfortably on the sofa watching LIttle Pudding carrying the sausage that was specially roasted for him. Since Little Pudding was constantly swallowing his saliva, he must already be craving for it.

After one sausage had gone cold and the smell was no longer as rich, Lu Chenghe had the kitchen roast another one. It was only until three sausages had gone cold and Little Pudding was completely unable to sit still and emitting low pitiful whimpers that Lu Chenghe looked at him coldly, “Do you still dare to run all over the place?”

Zuo Ning looked up at the plate he was still holding. If he opened his mouth to bark, the plate would definitely fall. So he hummed twice to show that he would not dare.

Lu Chenghe took the plate from his head and handed it to the steward to throw it out. When he saw that little eye was greedily following the steward walking away, he gripped the furry ear and pulled Little Pudding’s head back to look at him. “What are you looking at? You are not getting fed tonight! If you dare to run around in the future, you will have to do this exact same thing for the whole day without eating!”

Zuo Ning felt wronged and rubbed against Lu Chenghe’s palm. What about the three ham sausages? There were so many spices on it. Don’t throw it. How wasteful would that be? The lesson had already been taught. How good would it be to give it to me to eat?

He knew that he would only be able to think about it. Lu Chenghe had never given him that kind of cheap sausage to eat not to mention that it was heavily spiced. When Zuo Ning licked his mouth, he found that the fur was still dry. He let out a sigh of relief. He didn’t drool all over himself.

The smell was like the smell of the night market. The floodwaters in his heart overflowed. He really wanted to eat barbeque. The kind that you would drink with iced cola.

Zuo Ning thought that Lu Chenghe was just giving lip service. Like the night of the banquet at home. Although Lu Chenghe said that he wouldn’t feed him, after a while Zuo Ning still ate. But Lu Chenghe seemed to be sticking to his guns today. He really didn’t give him a bite to eat.

Zuo Ning lay on the ground feeling wronged. He saw Lu Chenghe eating and couldn’t help but let out a pitiful whine occasionally. But Lu Chenghe hardened his heart and was unmoved. Zuo Ning sighed silently. Although Lu Chenghe was very handsome today, he was determined to see him in an unpleasant light for a few minutes!

After Lu Chenghe finished lunch and stood up, he saw Little Pudding still lying on the floor. The little eye was stealing glances at him but unwilling to follow. Lu Chenghe immediately smiled, there was still a little anger left. He cannot spoil him.

Zuo Ning saw Lu Chenghe walk away without even calling for him. The staff began to clean up and walked around the little dog lying on the ground. They were actually acting like he wasn’t there. Zuo Ning battled with himself for half a day before finally getting up. Dogs don’t have human rights. Just the thought made him a bit sad.

He carefully walked towards the study door. When he saw the door was not closed he couldn’t help but snort. This door was definitely left open for him. But he didn’t even call his name.

The moment he opened the door, he saw Lu Chenghe sitting by his desk looking at his computer. Zuo Ning pretended that he wasn’t curious and walked around the back of the chair. He lifted his head and saw a map on the screen.

Zuo Ning immediately thought of the dog tag so he placed his paw on Lu Chenghe before jumping up to his leg and squeezing into his arms. His two paws rested on the table and he seriously stared at the screen.

Lu Chenghe did not mind him. The screen showed the position of the dog tag. He silently looked at the screen.

He rubbed Little Pudding and asked, “Was the person who took your dog tag today a female that you’ve seen before?”

Zuo Ning quickly replied, “Woof!” That’s right that’s right! It was the person you’re thinking of. It was her!

Lu Chenghe rubbed Little Pudding’s head and didn’t speak.

Zuo Ning turned his head to look at Lu Chenghe. Since he was silent, Zuo Ning leaned back on his body and didn’t move either. This sort of immoral thing that was done by a childhood friend’s girlfriend. If the relationship was casual then ignoring it was fine, the damage wouldn’t be very big. However, if it was a serious relationship then speaking out would be bad, but not speaking out would also not be ok.

Just when Zuo Ning thought that Lu Chenghe would continue to be silent, he took out his mobile phone.

When the call connected a loud sound came through from the other side. “The fact that such a busy person such as your highness is contacting me… Tell me what you need quickly! Brother, I will not hesitate to go through hell and high water to get it done!”

Lu Chenghe didn’t bother with the mischievous teasing and only said, “I bought Little Pudding to the shopping centre today.”

Nie Yong couldn’t help but lightly tsk, “You really managed to grow hearts after raising a dog. When did you go to that kind of place? What now? You think that’s it’s not bad and want to invite the rest of us brothers to join you?”

Lu Chenghe continued to say, “Little Pudding’s dog tag fell. There’s a GPS in the tag. Now it’s showing up at your house.”

Nie Yong was blank and then asked, “My house? Which house?” He had a lot of property, his own house, other real estates in Qingniao City etc.

Lu Chenghe rubbed the cutely obedient Little Pudding on his lap. “The house where you currently reside in.”

Nie Yong became silent for a moment and didn’t continue to smile. He simply said one sentence, “Alright, I will contact you later.” And hung up.

Lu Chenghe put down his phone and tapped Little Pudding’s nose. “Do you know that you have caused a disaster?”

Zuo Ning snorted. Did he cause a disaster? At least his eyes were open. That Nie Yong guy’s circumstances were not bad. Even if he is not an elite of the second generation, he must still be rich. He guessed that he deliberately concealed his family’s circumstances to find true love. In the end, that girl was probably affected by the environment around her. He remembered that he had heard she sold jewellery. Having to deal with valuable jewellery every day but both she and her boyfriend were unable to afford it, her heart must have been very uncomfortable.

Besides, Nie Yong often brought her to meet his good friends. Nie Yong’s friends were not the type to meet at the side of the road and eat a skewer. Being able to see a lot of different places, naturally, her scope would also rise up. But her material value did not also rise up, if her heart was not tough enough, it would absolutely be affected.

Sometimes Zuo Ning did not know what these rich second generations were thinking. They probably watched too many dramas as were too addicted to role-playing.

Zuo Ning thought that it was fortunate that when he came into contact with people at this elite level, he had turned into a dog. Otherwise, he may have changed beyond recognition. If he was still a person, he was afraid that he wouldn’t have been able to reach so high. Ah… life is just like this. You win some… you lose some…

Lu Chenghe laughingly knocked Little Pudding head after hearing him release such a serious sigh. “You’re sighing? You have the nerve to sigh with me? Today you are not allowed to sleep on the bed. Sleep in your kennel. I bought the kennel for you. How many times have you slept in it?”

Zuo Ning fell towards Lu Chenghe’s body and acted like he was disillusioned with the material world. Blah blah blah. It doesn’t matter what you say. When the night comes the one who wants me to go to bed will definitely be you.

Naz: I know they tried to redeem Xue Lu here… but flimsy. I still don’t know what on earth she was thinking when she took the tag.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof Chapter 42.2

  1. I feel a little sorry for Xue Lu tbh. It doesn’t seem like she’s doing this out of greed. It’s more like she’s feeling insecure about the wealth gap between herself and everyone around her. Zuo Ning is right, being around wealthy and materialistic people like her former classmates can really corrupt one’s mind.

    I’m not sure if I understood correctly, but was Zuo Ning saying that Xue Lu was unaware that Nie Yong was rich? It’s kind of ironic that she would feel envious of her former classmates who have rich boyfriends, while she, herself is unknowingly dating a rich guy, a guy who’s probably richer than XL classmate’s boyfriend considering the many houses he apparently owns.

    Nie Yong could’ve granted Xue Lu a life of luxuries that beyond what her former classmates could afford, but she had to ruin it with her thoughtless action.

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