Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof Chapter 38.1

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Chapter 38.1 — Let’s go to work!

Early in the morning, when Lu Chenghe finished breakfast, wore his coat, and was preparing to go to work, Zuo Ning who had not even finished eating charged towards him. He tightly held Lu Chenghe’s leg and didn’t want to let go.

Lu Chenghe looked expressionlessly at the dog hanging on his leg like a big sign. Once he realised that Little Pudding had no intention of letting go, Lu Chenghe could only actively remove his paws, “Don’t fuss. Go eat your breakfast.”

Zuo Ning rapidly barked, “Woof woof woof!” Bring me with you. Don’t leave me at home. He really did not want to go out with mother Lu anymore. Going outside once was equal to shortening his life by ten years!

Lu Chenghe helplessly patted him, “Be good. Let go.”

He knew that Lu Chenghe would be unable to bring him to work. He only wanted to try it on the off chance that he would be soft hearted. Seeing that Lu Chenghe’s attitude was firm, Zuo Ning also didn’t want to needlessly make a scene. After all Lu Chenghe’s company was really not suitable for pets.

Whatever. He’d better just try to find a place to hide today. If he really couldn’t hide, then it was just some tugged fur. He had plenty anyway, it would be impossible to go bald.

But just thinking about facing that bratty child and the indulging parents, Zuo Ning couldn’t help but sorrowfully whine. He didn’t even have the appetite to finish his breakfast.

Lu Chenghe was already in the car however seeing a pitiful Little Pudding lying on the steps looking like he was about to cry, he felt that it was a little unbearable. Although he didn’t know how Little Pudding passed his time when he was not at home, but when he saw the reaction yesterday when mother Lu wanted to bring him outside, Lu Chenghe thought that it must not have been very happily.

Between one endlessly pampered little princess and one dog that was raised for amusement, he could imagine how Little Pudding would be treated when he was brought over. No matter how much mother liked Little Pudding, he was afraid it would not surpass her feelings towards her niece. It was a matter of course, but when Lu Chenghe thought about it his heart was a little uncomfortable. He started to inexplicably feel like a baby he raised himself had been bullied.

He had the chauffeur stop the car, opened the door, and shouted towards Little Pudding who was still lying by the door, “Little Pudding, come.”

Zuo Ning’s ear flicked once and he instantly got up. Before he was consciously aware, his body had already reacted and tunnelled inside Lu Chenghe’s car.

Lu Chenghe held his paw, “Today, you have to be very obedient. If you make a ruckus then you’ll have to stay at home in the future.”

Does this mean you are taking me with you to work? Seeing that the car door had closed and it had still continued driving, Zuo Ning excitedly rolled on Lu Chenghe’s body. Ao-ao-awoo! He was going to work with his HeHe today!

“Awoo! Awoo! Awoo!” So happy! I know you love me! Hahahahaha!

Compared to that dog’s dispirited and downcast look before, his appearance now was like he was given the breath of life. Little Pudding was unstoppably noisy and his smile was so wide his eyes were squinting. Lu Chenghe felt that although it was a bit noisy, this kind of Little Pudding was more pleasing to the eyes.

Lu Chenghe patted the little rascal that wouldn’t stop rolling and couldn’t help but laugh, “Ok ok. Does it make you happy to be able to follow me?”

Zuo Ning pounced on Lu Chenghe’s body, gazed at the tempting lips in front of him for a while, before he stuck out his tongue and licked his chin, “Woof!” Super happy! So happy I feel like I could fly!

Through the mirror, the chauffeur saw the interaction between an owner and a pet and couldn’t help but smile.

Lu Chenghe’s office was situated in such a way that you could directly bypass the outside secretaries and go directly to his office if you had access to the fingerprint locked doors. So no one, apart from his own chauffeur, was alerted when Lu Chenghe brought Little Pudding to work.

Zuo Ning had already been inside Lu Chenghe’s office before. However last time he was quickly taken away. Today he could stay in the room for a whole day. Even if he did nothing but stay in Lu Chenghe’s office, it was much better than laying around at home.

Zuo Ning began to familiarise himself with the area the moment he entered the office. Because they directly came here and did not bring any things, Lu Chenghe let the chauffeur go back and prepare a new set of necessities to keep in the office. He also let the secretary bring a new smart tablet and download a few video apps.

When the secretary received such a strange order they blanked for a moment, and then did their best to download a few popular video apps as well as quite a few little games.

Lu Chenghe kept Little Pudding in a small bedroom and put on a long drama series so he wouldn’t make a ruckus then left to work.

When the bedroom door closed, Zuo Ning hopped off the bed. The entire room was covered with soft carpet and there was a large floor to ceiling glass window on one side. If you stand in front of it and look down, the bustling people far below looked like ants. Zuo Ning saw that the door wasn’t fully closed and squeezed his head through to peek outside. Lu Chenghe had already sat at his desk and was absorbed in work. When Zuo Ning saw the lowered head and concentrating appearance, it was so handsome he couldn’t pull himself away. So he just lay like that with his head outside the room and stared.

Lu Chenghe browsed through his documents and felt that he was being watched. He looked towards the bedroom and saw a dog’s head outside. It even let out a silly smile when it saw him look over. Lu Chenghe couldn’t help but lift up the corners of his mouth. That stupid appearance was both funny and embarrassing to see.

Seeing that Little Pudding was just quietly watching him, he let it be. However the moment there was a knock on the door, the little rascal was so scared he shrank his head and even knew to close the door with his paws.

Lu Chenghe had just finished typing up a document when he received a call from his mother. “You took away Little Pudding? Did you bring him to the company?” She was astonished.

Lu Chenghe made a noise of agreement, “In the future, you should try not to bring Little Pudding out. He doesn’t like it.”

Mother Lu disagreed, “How do you know if Little Pudding doesn’t like it? There’s so many people to play with.”

Lu Chenghe matter of factly replied, “I raised the dog, of course I would know.”

Mother Lu immediately felt wronged and said, “It is supposed to be my dog, you opportunistic, stinky brat.”

“Who was it again who forcibly gave it to me?”

Mother Lu, who was now used to being silenced by her son, snorted. She felt relieved that Little Pudding was really with her son. When the steward told her she didn’t believe it. Although she knew the steward wouldn’t lie but her son was never the type of person to bring a dog to work. She felt that he changed. He changed to be less cute.

After indulging in the beauty for a while, Zuo Ning honestly went back to the bed. He didn’t want to interfere with Lu Chenghe’s work. He slid his paw over the tablet and discovered the games that he could also use his paws to play. When the login screen popped up, Zuo Ning hesitated for a while. If he needed to login, he would use his own QQ or WeChat details, but he hadn’t used them for almost half a year. Although he remembered his password, he didn’t dare to try it.

After deliberating, Zuo Ning decided to login as a guest. Before he had full control of the situation, things that shouldn’t be touched should be left alone. If some sort of accident happened to him, he did not currently have the ability to even protect himself.

Like that Zuo Ning managed to overcome his difficulties and after playing for a while it was almost lunchtime. When he heard Lu Chenghe’s footsteps coming closer, Zuo Ning calmly switched back to the tv show before turning his head and looking towards the window with a bored expression and waving his tail.

When Lu Chenghe opened the door he saw Little Pudding on the bed. Little Pudding immediately rushed over when he saw him, “Woof!”

Lu Chenghe looked over the room, it was still neat and clean. It looked like Little Pudding did not mess up the room. He picked up the little thing with one hug and rubbed its head, “Not bad. Very obedient.” He then put him down, “Let’s go eat.”

On the other side of the office, near the window, there was a sofa and coffee table. On the table there were a few boxes of takeaway food. There was also a beautiful dog bowl to one side. In the bowl there were all sorts of food, vegetables, several kinds of diced meat, fish, corn etc. The food inside the dog bowl looked even more luxurious than Lu Chenghe’s lunch.

According to the ostentatious meals Lu Chenghe ate at home, Zuo Ning did not think that his lunch would look like simple takeaway. He thought that Lu Chenghe would also eat meals designed and cooked by a single head chef at the office.

Zuo Ning felt that he was able to see a different side of Lu Chenghe and used a paw to nudge his trouser leg, “Woof!” You work so hard that you should eat a little better. Why don’t you eat my food and give me your takeaway?

Lu Chenghe couldn’t understand woof language and just patted the sofa, “Come here.” He picked up the dog bowl and mixed the content together before placing it in front of Little Pudding.

Zuo Ning wasn’t in a hurry to eat. When he saw Lu Chenghe open a takeaway box and calmly start eating he also felt like he wanted to take a bite. The cooked pieces of meat looked spicy. It would definitely be delicious.

Lu Chenghe pushed the dog’s head away, “Eat your own food. If you don’t eat, you’ll go hungry today.”

He saw his own bland and colourless dog food. Although it was very refined food it still didn’t taste good. So every time Zuo Ning took a bite of dog food, he would lift his head to look at Lu Chenghe and his food. Using the beautiful view in front of him to slowly finish eating all his food.

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