Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof Chapter 37.2

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Chapter 37.2 — Big Brother Unexpectedly Came Out

It was only until the second day that all the major news headlines were about the incident. Fortunately Chu Hang’s injury was just a concussion, after resting for some time he would be ok. But that girl who also fell with him was not as fortunate. Rumour was that when she fell there was a broken piece of wood on the ground that caused a facial wound. Although the news didn’t specify how deep the wound was, but from the few very bloody pictures taken from the scene, it seemed that if the blood had all come from that wound, the girl might be completely disfigured.

Thinking back to that sweetly smiling face while shaking his paw and the situation right now, Zuo Ning could only sigh at the fickleness of fate. He hoped the girl was not seriously injured, otherwise it was such a pity for such a beautiful girl in the peak of her life.

Because of big brother Lu’s news, the entire Lu family had fallen into a slump. Every day Mother Lu would go out and accompany big brother Lu’s mother. Nobody knew whether she was comforting or explaining but everyday she would sigh heavily when she came home so it seemed that there was no effect.

When Zuo Ning finished filming, Mother Lu would also bring him along. She thought maybe if she brought a cute animal it would help ease some anxiety. So just like this, Zuo Ning became a happy cushion and was able to see the entire drama unfold.

Compared to his imagination of a rich and powerful family drama, the reality left him powerless to even ridicule them.

Big brother Lu’s mother didn’t cry and wail all day like Zuo Ning imagined she would. Instead she would constantly use different tactics to try and convince her son. But big brother Lu was too busy investigating whether the incident was really an accident or whether it had been done on purpose, so he didn’t even fall for his mother’s tricks.

Big brother Lu’s father acted even less in line with Zuo Ning’s expectations. Originally he thought that the one with the most objections would be the father, but instead the father was looking at travel guides everyday. It seemed that he was preparing to continue to travel the world with his wife. Regarding the matter of whether his son’s wife was a male or female, it seemed like he did not even care.

But in reality, a situation like kicking your son out amidst a windy and rainy night without a single penny, or that he would rather be disowned than leave that man, would completely never happen!

After trying to oppose big brother Lu without success, his mother turned her eye onto Chu Hang. She brought up the idea that in order to be able to marry into the Lu family you needed to learn the customs and rules of the family. In order to deliberately makes things difficult for Chu Hang, she and mother Lu thought up 108 schemes so that he would give up the relationship.

However because big brother Lu’s watertight protection of Chu Hang, mother Lu did not even have the opportunity to begin before big brother Lu’s mother immediately exploded. It was rumoured that the reason she exploded was because she could no longer have a beautiful daughter-in-law to window shop and happily buy everything.

Zuo Ning who was forced to watch this drama was unable to repress his anger and stared at Lu Chenghe. If he watched this kind of gossip for too long, he felt like even his IQ would drop!

Lu Chenghe patted that fluffy chin and then also rubbed his ears before continuing to lower his head and browse a picture album.

Zuo Ning was unsatisfied and placed a paw on top of that album, “Woof!” Do you still have me in your eyes? Do you still want us to live out our days like this?

Lu Chenghe took out a little pack of jerky that Little Pudding did not like to eat from a drawer beside him, “Take it. Share it with your friends.” Little Pudding did not seem to like this type of jerky so he would always directly give the bag to the black dogs in the back to eat. One by one they bit open the seals so often that they are now very experienced.

Zuo Ning hit away the jerky with a paw to the ground, then pushed the album away from Lu Chenghe’s hands. He splayed his whole body on top of Lu Chenghe and hugged his neck with his two paws while huffing.

Lu Chenghe was amused, “What is this? Do you feel so wronged?”

“Awoo…” Am I still the one you love the most?

Lu Chenghe picked up a brush and slowly brushed his fur. He didn’t know whether it was because he had started a new growth cycle, but recently Little Pudding did not shed as much. It was different to what he had read previously on the subject of samoyeds shedding fur. But this was also a good thing, otherwise he would wake up with a whole body of fur every morning.

He brushed the sticky Little Pudding until he had become relaxed and limp. After he saw that Little Pudding was no longer making a fuss, he once again picked up the picture album and continued to read.

Zuo Ning just laid like this on Lu Chenghe’s thigh. Occasionally he would stick out a paw and hook into Lu Chenghe’s clothing. Although the weather had become very cold, it had not started snowing. Because the house was super warm Lu Chenghe was only wearing a thin V neck sweater. Zuo Ning claws would poke Lu Chenghe’s flesh through the gaps in his woolen clothing.

When he saw that beautiful collarbone, Zuo Ning couldn’t help but lick his lips. Then he slowly reached out a paw to touch it.

Lu Chenghe lowered his head to look at the restless dog in his arms, “Are you trying to tickle me again?”


A footstep sounded out and Zuo Ning could hear that it was the sound of mother Lu. He was so scared that he immediately hid inside Lu Chenghe’s embrace. His paws entangled themselves with Lu Chenghe’s body.

When mother Lu opened the door and saw the dog in her son’s embrace, she laughed, “Little Pudding, let’s go out and play.”

Zuo Ning immediately began to climb upwards and tightly held onto Lu Chenghe’s neck, every strand of fur on his body screamed rejection. Usually Lu Chenghe needed to work, so Zuo Ning was always idle anyway. However this weekend Lu Chenghe was at home resting, so he definitely needed to be with Lu Chenghe. He would definitely not leave the house!

Also in the past two days Lu family’s brother-in-law had a little devil, a four year old little girl. Her favourite thing was to ride on him and tightly hold his fur. Definitely a demon!

Lu Chenghe rubbed Little Pudding back and looked towards his mother, “Since he isn’t willing to go, then don’t bring him.”

Most dogs became extremely energetic the moment they go outside. How come their family’s dog didn’t like going outside at all? Mother Lu wasn’t willing to give up and continued tempt him, “Let’s go Little Pudding, I’ll bring you to go buy some nice things to eat. A lot of nice things.”

Zuo Ning shook his head to the other side and burrowed deeper into Lu Chenghe’s neck.

Seeing Little Pudding’s rather die than leave expression, mother Lu could only give up. She sadly said, “Little Nana likes Little Pudding so much that if she doesn’t see Little Pudding today, she will probably bawl her eyes out.”

Nana was Lu Chenghe’s niece, the daughter of Lu Chenghan’s older sister. She just became four this year and was currently in the weird and loud phase. Upon seeing the Little Pudding in his embrace who was tightly hugging him, Lu Chenghe felt that he now knew why Little Pudding would rather die than leave the house.

Only until mother Lu had left the room did Zuo Ning relax his grip of Lu Chenghe.

Lu Chenghe poked his nose, “So there is something you’re afraid of. I thought you were unafraid of both heaven and hell, even dared to climb such a high tree.”

Zuo Ning snorted. Where was the difficulty in climbing trees? It’s just just going up then being unable to come down. In the end he had to be carried down by someone who had brought a ladder. Is it so interesting to bring up his dark history?

It was only after he heard the car leave that Zuo Ning released a breathe. Today he had finally escaped. He jumped from the sofa and picked up the bag of jerky on the ground before turning away without looking back.

Lu Chenghe held the picture album and couldn’t help but lift the corners of his mouth. This is the typical scene of “throwing something away after it has exceeded its usefulness”.

Zuo Ning trotted towards the entrance of the yard and saw Lang Ya and Fu Na sunbathing outside. He happily greeted them, “Good morning, look what I brought you guys.”

Lang Ya excitedly wagged his tail when he saw what was in Zuo Ning’s mouth. He couldn’t help but rush over and bark loudly twice. There was no dog who would be unhappy when seeing something to eat.

Zuo Ning threw that bag of jerky in front of Lang Ya before facing the security room and barking once.

Even though it was a dog’s bark, it was different. Perhaps it was because Lang Ya and Fu Na were older that their barks were quite low pitched. But because Zuo Ning was only half a year old plus the fact that he was a different breed than Lang Ya, his sound was penetratingly young and tender. So from the moment they heard a different bark, the people in the security room knew that it was that little ancestor who came.

When the person on duty came out to look, he saw the snack underneath Lang Ya’s paws and laughed, “Eat then.”

Heading those words, Lang Ya very smoothly pulled open the bag with one paw and one bite. Fu Na had also gotten their communal food bowl while he was doing that and the security guard helped them pour the snacks in.

Zuo Ning just silently sat on the side. He did not like to eat those anyway. Since Lang Ya and Fu Na liked it, every time Lu Chenghe gave it to him, he always gifted it to them. The first time he gave it to them, the two of them didn’t eat it for half a day. Zuo Ning thought they didn’t like it. It was only until the security guard saw the movements outside that he came out and said the word ‘eat’ before they began to eat. This caused Zuo Ning to sigh. What good dogs, even the things that good friends gifted can’t be eaten until receiving a human instruction.

Such a small bowl was eaten very quickly by the two big dogs, Lang Ya even licked his lips, still wishing to continue to eat. Zuo Ning smilingly said, “Was it yummy?”

Lang Ya enthusiastically barked, “Yummy! Thank you !”

“You’re welcome. I still have a lot so next time I will give you another one.”

Hearing Zuo Ning say that made Lang Ya suddenly sigh, “You are the most fortunate young puppy I have ever met.” The little puppies in the army greedily barked everyday, there was no such sharing of food like this.

Zuo Ning tilted his head silently, he thought that he was the most unfortunate dog. He really wanted to eat hotpot. And it needed to be all spicy. The type that is incredibly delicious, woof woof woof, he craved it so much.

Comfortably lounging at home, there was no scary little demon child, there was no addicted to acting Aunt Lu, and there was even no mother Lu taking him out to pose for a lot of pictures. Zuo Ning thought that his days really needed this kind of contrast. Now just simply spending time at Lu Chenghe’s side made him so happy he could fly.

So the next day, when Lu Chenghe ate breakfast as usual before going to work, he found that he had an additional dog hugging his thigh without letting go.

Naz: I really like the interactions between Little Pudding, Lang Ya and Fu Na.

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