Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof Chapter 36.2

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Chapter 36.2 — 【Lu Nianqi was scolded】But the reality is different from what was expected.

Xiao Yin and the others immediately found an old, unwanted piece of clothing and wrapped up the puppy. Looking at the others, she said, “Do any of you live off-campus? If it is convenient, look after it tonight and send it to the rescue shelter tomorrow.”

They all looked at each other. They could also bring it back to the campus, but they would need to do it secretly. The crucial point was that they didn’t have anything to take care of it and they also weren’t able to feed it. Therefore it was still more convenient for someone who lived off-campus.

Finally, Lu Nianqi said, “Then just give it to me, I will take it back home. My house has a dog so there should be some things that it can use there.”

Since he explained it clearly, everyone naturally agreed. Therefore, having successfully grabbed a big sponsor today and saved a puppy, everyone suddenly felt that today was extremely satisfactory.

Lu Nianqi carried the pitiful thing that had been abandoned by humans back to the Lu home. Because of Little Pudding, training had been specifically arranged for the maid. Even though it might not necessarily be used, she knew a bit about matters to take note of when raising a dog such as trimming fur and nails.

Therefore as soon as Lu Nianqi carried back this stray dog to the Lu home, the steward immediately had the maid clip its fur and give it something to eat.

Zuo Ning lounged on the sofa and glanced at the time. Lu Chenghe should be back in a while. Right now the little puppy that Lu Nianqi brought back was lying on a mat on the floor. Lu Nianqi sat on the floor as he fed it.

Lu Nianqi faced Little Pudding and smilingly said, “In the future, there will be many puppies to play with you, alright?”

Zuo Ning didn’t face him, instead, he turned to face the little puppy, “Hello little guy.”

The bald puppy that had had its fur shaved off whispered milkily, “He-hello.”

The moment Zuo Ning heard that he thought this was great. They could communicate without barriers. He thought back to that little puppy that he had saved before, it didn’t seem that they could communicate at all. Perhaps it was because the puppy was in so much pain that it couldn’t speak. This third dog that was able to communicate with him incited his curiosity so he lay on the edge of the sofa and looked with interest at it drinking milk, “Where are your dad and mum?”

The little puppy had a mouthful of milk and looked towards that big white dog, “What is a dad? Mum has disappeared.”

Zuo Ning was too lazy to explain the birds and the bees and asked, “Why were you in that underbrush? Did your mum leave you there?”

The little puppy was a bit confused. The question was a bit long, he needed some time to digest it, “A person. Took me there. Then they left.”

Previously he heard Lu Nianqi telling the steward that the puppy had been discovered in the school. He didn’t know which student had owned the dog, but after getting it, they didn’t want to raise it so they just abandoned it. Zuo Ning sighed, abandoning a baby is a serious crime but when abandoning a dog, no one cared. One day if dogs became as rare as pandas, then just see how much humanity will regret it!

It was at this moment that Zuo Ning completely forgot that he had also been a human.

A bottle of milk was slowly finished. The little dog burped loudly and lay on the mat, unwilling to move, “So comfortable. So yummy.”

Up until now, Zuo Ning had also occasionally drank a little of that type of milk. Although he definitely didn’t need to, Lu Chenghe probably had evil intentions and liked seeing him drinking until he had a milk beard. But that taste… you could only say the smell was very milky but without nutrients and flavour, even the plain milk that humans drank was better that that milk.

Seeing that little thing so satisfied after drinking, he immediately lamented that it was definitely better to have been born as a dog. Able to eat that little bit and be incomparably satisfied.

Looking at the pitiful shaved appearance, Zuo Ning said some meaningful and heartfelt words, “You must be good. Don’t shout and scream. If you’re hungry, just come find me. Don’t pee everywhere either. If you behave well, you never know, they might decide to let you live here.”

The little puppy curiously lifted his head towards Zuo Ning, “Are you my mother?”

Zuo Ning immediately black lined, what do you mean ‘are you my mother’? Is it that if you’re hungry you can only go find mother? Is it that since he can give food he is its mother?

Although he hopes that apart from owning him, Lu Chenghe would not raise other pets to detract from their feelings, it was just a thought. Seeing this pitiful thing that had been abandoned by humans, he didn’t have the heart to do something like excluding him then chasing him away. Anyway, what did the Lu family lack? They had plenty of space and plenty of money. Raising an extra dog was just that, no matter how it was raised it couldn’t be smarter than he was. There was simply no competition, there wasn’t a need to worry about being crowded out.

At that moment, there was the sound of a familiar car. Zuo Ning immediately jumped off the sofa. The little puppy shook with fright and wanted to get off the mat to hide but did not want to give up the warmth. Then it saw the big white dog charge off.

Lu Chenghe skillfully picked up the charging dog. It was really like that line from the internet, no matter how big it got, it was still a baby who wanted hugs. Fortunately, he worked out every day otherwise when that rascal grows to 90 kilos it would be strenuous to pick it up.

He carried his family’s big baby into the living room and saw a little shaved dog lying on the mat on the floor. Lu Chenghe looked towards Lu Nianqi who was standing on the side, cautiously holding a milk bottle. “What happened.”

Lu Nianqi quickly explained the situation but didn’t mention that he was planning on sending the little dog away tomorrow. If it could be raised, he would naturally like it to remain. As for whether it was because of compassion or for other reasons, only he knew.

Lu Chenghe was getting ready to put Little Pudding down but hearing what Lu Nianqi had to say he continued to hold it. Then he frowned and looked at the little puppy, “So this is a stray dog?”

Lu Nianqi nodded. When he thought back to today when his second oldest brother let someone called to give them the sponsorship, he couldn’t help but have some expectations even though he wasn’t exactly sure what he was expecting.

Unexpectedly, Lu Chenghe’s reaction was not what he thought it would be.

He heard Lu Chenghe coldly tell the steward, “Let someone send this dog to the vet.”

The steward was always obedient, hearing Lu Chenghe’s order he turned to arrange the chauffeur.

Lu Nianqi went a little pale, he did not think that Lu Chenghe would have that kind of reaction. Even Zuo Ning was a little apprehensive, he tightly clung to Lu Chenghe’s neck and didn’t dare to breathe loudly. When Lu Chenghe was fake angry he still dared to misbehave but if it was real anger he only knew how to be terrified. The good thing is that it was only being sent to the animal hospital and not being thrown away so he didn’t stop it. Although he thought that if he wanted to stop it, he could do it successfully.

Only after the steward gave the dog to the chauffeur did Lu Chenghe look at Lu Nianqi, “Do you know what you did wrong today?”

It was the first time Lu Nianqi faced that kind of Lu Chenghe. Although normally Lu Chenghe did not show his emotions, this was the first time seeing his face so cold, so he replied with some dread, “I shouldn’t randomly bring dogs back home.”

“If you want to raise a pet, even adopting a stray dog is ok, but if you casually bring a dog back you’re being irresponsible towards both the dog and Little Pudding. If that dog had brought back an illness, not only would you have delayed the treatment time but it would’ve also been transmitted to our dog.”

Lu Nianqi immediately apologised, “I’m sorry, I didn’t think of that.”

Lu Chenghe coldly glanced at him, “You are already an adult, and can independently reflect. Today, this is considered a small matter. In the future, there will be many matters waiting for you to decide. You must learn not to be solely preoccupied with things before your eyes when viewing a matter.”

Lu Nianqi kept on hanging his head low as he listened to the admonishment. He originally didn’t have this meaning, but once his second brother said it like this, he suddenly felt that what he did was truly too impulsive. If something really did happen at home because of the dog he brought back, according to the degree of importance that his older brother attached to Little Pudding, perhaps he might even bear a grudge against him. As soon as he thought of this point, Lu Nianqi’s incessant lingering fear became even stronger.

When Lu Chenghe saw that he acknowledged his mistakes so he also didn’t continue speaking. After all, he wasn’t his own blood-related brother. Even if he wanted to discipline him, he could only point out the matter. If he said more it could even breed resentment in his heart. Only after letting the steward disinfect the entire house once, having previously dealt with everything that the dog had touched, did Lu Chenghe carry Little Pudding upstairs.

Zuo Ning obediently let Lu Chenghe hold him, his head shoved in Lu Chenghe’s shoulder. Looking at the servants busily cleaning in the hall under the steward’s instruction, even the mat that the little puppy had just been lying on was rolled up, seemingly to throw it away. Zuo Ning thought to himself, fortunately, Lu Nianqi hadn’t let the little puppy onto the sofa, otherwise wouldn’t the sofa need to be thrown away as well?

Seeing Luo Nianqi standing in the hall like this, everyone’s bustling becoming a backdrop to his background, Zuo Ning felt that that solitary figure seemed to be very pitiful. Turning around to look at Lu Chenghe, he nuzzled his cheek, “Wu…” Your little brother looks so pitiful, being lectured by you to the point of almost crying.

Lu Chenghe patted his doggy head, “Don’t fuss, I’m taking you to get sanitized.”

He thought that Lu Chenghe was being too excessively cautious like this. he had sniffed that dog earlier and other than malnutrition, the dog did not have any other diseases at all. He guessed that that dog had been raised inside a bedroom in the past. Even though it hadn’t been washed and smelt bad, however, it didn’t even have a single flea on it. Even if someone touched it there wouldn’t be a problem, even more so to say nothing of the fact that he had disliked the bad smell earlier and so stayed far away.

However, seeing Lu Chenghe so anxious Zuo Ning happily barked, embracing his neck and cutely nuzzling him.

Met with this dog’s sudden enthusiasm, Lu Chenghe’s arms slightly relaxed. Then that rascal just followed the pull of gravity and slid straight down. His butt sat on the floor with a squish.

A thick rug was spread over the floor, plus this rascal had a lot of meat on his butt so falling down so lightly like this wouldn’t hurt. Faced with that dazed expression, Lu Chenghe’s mouthed hooked up and walked right around him.

This was the first time Zuo Ning had been carried and then dropped halfway. He foolishly laid on the floor, not coming back to himself for a good half a day. He hadn’t even fully grown yet, but Lu Chenghe wasn’t strong enough to carry him? He can’t be that heavy right!? Seeing Lu Chenghe walk off without looking back, Zuo Ning immediately scrambled up and barked, chasing after him with jostling buttocks.

Naz: Angry Lu Chenghe is quite scary. ><

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