Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof Chapter 34.4

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Chapter 34.4

By the time Lu Chenghe woke up, the sky inside the screen had already long since brightened. The maid was in the middle of tidying up the bedsheets, and that little thing should also have run out to play. He sat on the bed and stared at the tablet for a while before turning his head to sweep his gaze across the room that suddenly felt foreign to him. He still wasn’t used to being alone without that little rascal.

Zuo Ning ran out to the backyard first thing in the morning and squatted there. He sat for a while then silently faced the steward. Lu Chenghe was not there. Going for a morning run by himself was so lonely so he didn’t want to run.

The steward took out his phone and pointed it at Little Pudding when he saw that Little Pudding wanted to go towards the restaurant, “Hurry up and go run. The young master is watching right now.”

Zuo Ning silently turned away his head. What are you talking about? I can’t understand you.

When the steward saw Little Pudding ignoring him, he called over the security guard captain and asked him to take Little Pudding to run together. After that, the dog who had been acting all along like he did not understand them strengthened his attitude into one that did not understand anything no matter how it was said. The group was tossed around for some time before finally giving up helplessly. If they were to make a forceful request then there would certainly be a way. For example, tying on a leash and taking him out for a run, but the young master would probably be distressed if he knew about it.

Therefore, Lu Chenghe hadn’t been up for long when he received the steward’s subject line that the morning run had failed along with a video of Little Pudding following two German shepherds to have fun in the yard right after eating breakfast.

He saw him in the middle of digging a hole with Lang Ya in the video. The originally snow-white dog had changed beyond recognition in minutes. The veins on his forehead couldn’t help but twitch. He had only been gone for one day; it wasn’t like there was no one watching him at home so why did he feel like Little Pudding had turned into an unsupervised feral child?

Zuo Ning joined Lang Ya in digging holes for a while and dug out a good number of little hard-shelled bugs. Afterwards seeing Lang Ya playing here and there in high spirits, he took a look at the dirty white fur on his body and helplessly let out a sigh. He had to take another bath.

Lang Ya was continuously inviting, “Come over and play with me.”

Zuo Ning silently retreated two steps. I don’t mind digging holes with you but I draw the line at playing with bugs. Although he wasn’t afraid of bugs, right now his whole body was covered with fur. If one accidentally burrowed inside… yikes, just imagining that makes his whole body itchy.

“Little Pudding! Come quickly!”

Zuo Ning lifted his head and saw mother Lu standing underneath the promenade calling him. He promptly ran over wildly, “Woof!”

Looking at the dirty Little Pudding, mother Lu exasperatedly said, “How did you get so dirty from playing?” After saying so she quickly found two people to bring him to take a bath.

The newly rewashed white and fragrant Little Pudding was carried into the living room by a maid with the strength of an ox. Mother Lu couldn’t help but to rub him a few times afterwards saying, “Little Pudding, do you like acting?”

Acting? Another film? This is a possibility. He’s already so bored that he’s accompanying Lang Ya to dig holes. It is better to go out to earn money to support the family.

Little Pudding seemed to like it, seeing that he had cheerfully started wagging his tail. Mother Lu then said, “Then why don’t we first try it first. If we don’t like it then we’ll just come back.”

This situation was brought up because of the movie that was currently a box office success. While amateurs saw the trend, experts saw open doors. Among them was a large scale disaster movie director that took a fancy to the intelligence of that dog in the movie. The expression in those eyes is what he always thought was missing in his movies.

However only after asking around did he realise that this dog was not owned by a normal person. They didn’t lack anything from the start. This made him very anxious. But he was not reconciled with giving up like this and therefore kept personally poking that dog’s Weibo. Finally, he received some news.

Consequently, Zuo Ning was able to smoothly find his career. He was no longer entrusting his entire life to a romantic relationship.

Although this movie’s main character was not a dog, within the movie there was a section that added emotional embellishments through the dog. In the movie, a little girl was accompanied by a dog that had been raised from a puppy. Afterwards, when an earthquake occurred in the area, the dog protected the little girl. Finally saving the girl from within a pile of rubble.

There was a scene that the director wanted in the movie. It was that a little girl whose whole body was covered in dirt hugging a dog whose body had long been covered in injuries sitting on the ground, looking at her destroyed home with eyes full of bewilderment and hopelessness. Although it was only one shot, the director wanted to use a long camera shot to display it so the requirements for both the actor and the dog were very high.

The actor was a child around ten years old with a lot of experience in acting. When compared to those twenty-something-year-old idols, it was like calling their acting playing around. But this dog position was always vacant. It was not easy to get one so naturally, the director will not easily let it slip by.

When mother Lu personally brought Zuo Ning to the movie studio, the director and producer quickly glanced at each other. They suddenly felt that this matter was a bit worrisome.

Although mother Lu didn’t often come out in front of people these days, her son was widely known. Since the director had made some inquiries he also knew which family Little Pudding belonged to. If the one who had come today was the steward of the Lu family, maybe there would still be some hope for the matter.

However, Lu Chenghe’s mother came in person. Both people immediately despaired a bit when they thought about what scenes this dog was going to film.

This was the first time mother Lu had come to the studio. Anything the shaded eyes under sunglasses saw seemed novel. She was dressed in luxurious clothes from head to toe. Even though it didn’t go so far as to glitter with gems and jewels and was merely a pair of earrings and a ring on her finger, it was already quite exorbitant and directly made the people at the side reveal envy. The key was after the lesson from last time, mother Lu brought quite a few people this time. Even Little Pudding was carried by a bodyguard. The style was simply more than enough.

The director, who hadn’t yet gotten much fame in the entertainment circle, promptly went up to carefully welcome them.

Lu Chenghe stayed a couple more days at the vacation villa. Other than cutting the ribbon for the opening of the business he was also inspecting the operating model here.

Compared to this holiday village he was more concerned about what his family’s dog was doing every day. So much so that he nearly made no social interactions here. If something happened he let his assistant take the lead and as soon as night fell he would take out his tablet and open it. He would even subconsciously laugh out watching Little Pudding frolic and caper about in the room.

As for the matter of receiving a film, the steward had already reported to him. Although he was not very much in favour of it, seeing that his mother was in such high spirits and Little Pudding had not rejected it, Lu Chenghe just went along with them.

It wasn’t until after he finally finished handling the matters over here and returned to the country on the earliest flight, that he found out that his mother and Little Pudding were at a nearby filming site. Consequently, he let the chauffeur take a detour to take them home together on the way.

When Lu Chenghe’s car drove to the site he could not believe what he saw. Little Pudding seemed to feel him opening the car door and turned. Lu Chenghe closed the door when Little Pudding eagerly faced him and started madly dashing over.

That feral dog outside who had practically rolled around in the mud was definitely not his family’s adorable Little Pudding.

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  1. “That feral dog outside who had practically rolled around in the mud, was definitely not his family’s adorable Little Pudding.”

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