Creating a Virtual World Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 — [Optional: Adding Milk Without Increasing Price]

         The wild boar king was a solid 2 meters tall. Still, Zhao Mingwei vaulted above the beast, showing his agility as a fighter class.

         A red glow enveloped his left fist, and he swung down hard onto the wild boar king’s head.

         This was the fighter’s 5th-grade initial skill.

         The conditions to activate the skill was to jump. The higher, the better, resulting in a larger impact and more damage dealt.

         There was a ripple of force sent through the boar’s skin. However, not a single wound could be seen, let alone sending it flying.

         Zhao Mingwei could feel his fist hit a solid piece of flesh, instead of a lump of data.

         This kind of feeling could only be found in reality!


         [ -7 ]


         The boar sent out a growl and turned its head. It exposed its 2-meter teeth and glared at Zhao Mingwei as if it was going to pierce him.

         A line of water wrapped around Zhao Mingwei, and pulled him back, leaving him outside the wild boar king’s attack range.

         Zhao Mingwei looked back and saw that the water spirit saved him.


         “Thanks, Great God!”


         Zhao Mingwei thanked Jiang Qiao and jumped up once again. This time he performed the fighter class 0th-grade initial skill.


         [ -8 ]


         “It’s extremely easy to perform the skill is in this game.”


         Jiang Qiao, who was an elemental summoner, waved his cane.

         He summoned two spirits of the water and fire elements respectively. Each Spirit has a different set of skills.

         If Jiang Qiao wanted to cast them, all he had to do is name them in his head, and the system will automatically cast it for him.

         The same was true for the combat class Zhao Mingwei in. Although it had many requirements, once Zhao Mingwei named them, the system would automatically execute the skills.

         Of course, the combat aid function could be turned off. Once Zhao Mingwei figured this out, he automatically turned the aid off.

         But no matter how skilled Zhao Mingwei was, he could not bridge the 2-grade difference. A level 8 will remain pitiful infant of a level 10 beast.

         The wild boar had 1500 HP. Only after half an hour of intense fighting, they lowered the boar’s health down to half.

         The wild boar only needed to touch Zhao Mingwei, and his health would be halved.

         This match was so difficult that it only allowed one mistake to occur. Once they made two mistakes, they would be annihilated. The fight almost ended when the wild boar king grazed them.

         And now….The wild boar king who was severely injured was going to hit them once more.

         It went into a fit of rage, and its body transformed. It grew many iron spikes. It evolved from a Wild Boar King into a Porcupine King.

         Zhao Mingwei did not except the Wild Boar King to grow spikes, and his fist directly struck one of the spikes.


         [ -7 ]


         [ -120 ]


         While the Porcupine King took seven damage, Zhao Mingwei took 120 damage.


         “I’ve entered a bleeding state, ill OT. You leave too.” Zhao Mingwei with his rich experience, judge this fight as over, and would only result in a total loss.


         “Ok! Let’s meet back at the Mian city gate!’ Jiang Qiao reply was swift.


         “The Great God is so decisive in leaving his teammates?”


         “It’s not like you can’t revive after dying.”


         [ +32 ]


         Zhao Mingwei was healed by 32 HP.


         [ Adding Milk Without Increasing Price increased speed of recovery ]


         [ Laughing Laugh recovered 32 HP }


         “A Milk Mother? Great God, I think I can live! I can drink one more sip?”


         After recovering his HP, he rolled on the floor to dodge the follow-up attack by the Porcupine King. However, his bleeding status was still there. Within 10 seconds, he would die.


         “The healing just now was 30 coins. Give me more money, and I will treat you!” Adding Milk Without Increasing Price suddenly shouted.


         “F**k! Having this mentality and helping others?” Jiang Qiao thought this Milk Mother helped them out of the goodness of her heart.


         “MP potions don’t need money, is it? Thirty coins and I can guarantee your survival. Even if you die, I can revive you!” She stood there motionlessly – without paying, she would never help


         “Can we pay you after the battle?”


         The Porcupine King hatred was completely directed at Zhao Mingwei, and he could not reach her to complete the deal.


         “No!” She was extremely stubborn.


         “I’ve sent you 60 coins, hurry up!” Jiang Qiao took opportunity of the small window of time to send her an email. After She opened the email, she nodded happily.


         “Great! Pull me into the battle.”


         Jiang Qiao pulled her in to join the fight. She was a level 10 priest.

         With the addition of the Milk Mother, they could afford to make more mistakes. However, it still took them another half an hour to drain the Porcupine King of its remaining health.

         Finally, under a fireball that Jiang Qiao summoned, the Porcupine King was burned to death, and it played lifelessly on the ground.

         The experience level of Jiang Qiao increased from 95% of level 11 to 2% of level 12, while Zhao Mingwei shot up to level 9. However, the level of Milk Mother was still 10.


         “Whew…” Zhao Mingwei lay down on the ground.


         “Are you ok?” She looked at him, prostrated on the ground.


         Zhao Mingwei had been sent flying multiple times. If Jiang Qiao remembered correctly, he set the pain index in the world to be zero.

         That is to say, no matter what kind of injury they suffered, the players would not feel any pain. Instead, a red warning will flash, to alert the player that they have been attacked.


         “My feet….My feet are numb? When Zhao Mingwei found out that he could not stand, so he continued lying on the ground.


         “Does this feel good to you? The Porcupine nearly killed you guys multiple times. Do you have masochistic tendencies?”


         Milk Mother recalled that without her, they would have been sent to the graveyard multiple times by now.


         “This is the euphoria of beating a strong opponent. After the Porcupine King was killed, five equipment dropped. They are usable by all of us, how do we split it?”


         Jiang Qiao waved his hands, and five blue equipment appeared.


         “Go ahead, Great God. You can have the first pick.”


         Zhao Mingwei initially called Jiang Qiao Great God to ridicule him. Still, after the battle, Zhao Mingwei was in awe of the times where Jiang Qiao saved him and blocked the Porcupine King’s attacks.

         He had little comprehension of the system. Still, Jiang Qiao as a summoner controlled the spirits perfectly, and it was as if he had over 20 skills.

         If it was seven years ago, he would have recruited Jiang Qiao. Unfortunately, the game [ Holy Spirit ] was only created recently.

         I will take the Ling Guang Shawl and gloves. The remaining three will be for you. He took out the two components of the Ling Guang set which could be worn on any class above level 10.

         Out of the remaining 3, Zhao Mingwei chose 2. Because Adding Milk Without Increasing Price received a prior payment, she didn’t expect to receive anything. However, out of the goodness of Jiang Qiao’s heart, he gave her a necklace.

         Zhao Mingwei and the priest all went offline after the splitting the loot. The real-world time was already 6:00 a.m., and Jiang Qiao chose to go offline.

         The Holy Spirit app also had another function Jiang Qiao added to it. It was called [ The Soul], which is very simple: to bring gamers to the real world.


TL comments: Sorry for the hiatus. I had a really important Chinese exam coming up, basically, if I got the top grade, I never have to study Chinese again. I was out the entire day for tuition etc. I had no time to translate. I thought i could translate while i was travelling but that was extremely hard as my phone isnt exactly a new model and i only had 500mb to work with. Im sorry but the translations should go without a hitch now that I’m done, but I’ll never know because i have some problems with the wifi 🙁 went out to starbucks to complete this chapter today. Happy reading and im so sorry for not informing.

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