Venerable Yuan



The interior of the brightly-lit palace was a breathtaking sight. Grandeur and imposing, a flickering altar lamp stood at the front of the palace hall. Green smoke uncoiled from a burning stone, rising in spirals as it wafted around the hall.




The matching green stone was a Green Sandalwood Stone. When burnt, it would release a rare incense with meditative effects which allowed one to concentrate better. Although it did not come cheap, Green Sandalwood Stone was an essential item in cultivation. For it to be as carelessly used as firewood in this palace, it spoke quite well of the palace owner’s status.




Within the palace hall stood a middle-aged man draped in bright-yellow clothes with his hands folded behind his back. He possessed a regal air, his eyes hardened with determination. His presence was overwhelming.




But if one looked at his right hand, one would discover only a stump. His arm stopped at the wrist.




A beautiful woman accompanied him by his side. Her body was lithe, her features graceful and lovely. However, her cheeks seemed to lack any colour. Under the bright lights of the palace hall, her face seemed sickly pale, like she was severely malnourished.




The man and woman wore nervous expressions as they watched the bed in front of them with bated breath. A youth around thirteen to fourteen years of age sat on the bed in the lotus position, his eyes screwed shut. He was alarmingly thin.


A scarlet substance, bearing a heavy resemblance to blood, seemed to pulse beneath the skin of the boy’s face.1




The bloody substances crawled beneath the boy’s skin. A hideous hiss spluttered out from the substance, like it carried a deep, bitter resentment towards everything.




Veins popped out on the teenager’s forehead as the fog hissed. The boy shuddered uncontrollably, his lips twisting into an ugly grimace as unspeakable pain racked his body.




Beside the boy, an old man with white hair grasped a copper plate. Warm rays of light streamed out from the copper plate, gently basking the teenager’s body. Under the light of the copper plate, the strange fog on the teenager’s face gradually began to settle.




The blood fog returned to the teenager’s palm after persisting for an incense’s worth of time.




The elderly man heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing this. He turned to the agitated man and woman before bowing. “Congratulations, my King and Queen. For the past three years, your majesties must have endured a lot. For the next three years, there ought to be no attacks.”




Relief took over the man and woman’s faces as their tightly clenched fists finally loosened.




“Qinshi, Yuan Er’s thirteen now. A boy of his age should have formed his Eight Meridians already and begun cultivating. What about Yuan Er?”2 The man in bright-yellow clothes eagerly asked the elderly man.




The white-haired elderly turned glum. He shook his head slightly, “My King, this old man still hasn’t detected his Highness’s Eight Meridians yet…”3




The expression on the man’s face turned murky as his eyes dimmed.




In this age, cultivation started with the human body. The human body possessed an extraordinary number of meridians, but what stood out from the rest was the Eight Great Meridians. With the exception of unusual cases, ordinary people would have their Eight Meridians form slowly when the person reached twelve or thirteen. This was when they needed to locate their Eight Meridians. Only then would they be able to begin cultivation by taking in the natural energy of heaven and earth and open their Eight Meridians.




This was the ‘Opening Meridian Stage’, the stage where all cultivation started.




The practitioner would take in and release large amounts of spiritual energy from heaven and earth, slowly transforming his body, becoming an ‘Origin master’.




Qinshi sighed. “His Highness was supposed to lead a life of a dragon, a brilliant star among his generation. He would show disdain for the blue dome of heaven. Who would’ve thought he would have met with such a calamity…”




The nails of the man bit against his palm. The beautiful lady beside him teared up, before clapping her hand over her mouth as she went into a fit of violent coughs.




“The Queen should take care of her body. You have previously lost a lot of lifeblood to support His Highness. Agitation will only worsen your condition.” Qinshi called out frantically.




The beautiful woman waved the old man away, staring at the boy on the bed. She did not say anything, but her glistening eyes betrayed her deep anguish.


“The poison within Yuan Er flares up once every three years, and gets increasingly aggressive every attack. The only way to completely eradicate it is for Yuan Er to rely on himself to fight it.


“But if Yuan Er’s Eight Meridians don’t form today, what will we do, three years later, when the poison attacks again?”




There was a deep silence as all three went quiet.


Qinshi opened his mouth and slowly said, “Three years later, the effectiveness of external items to fight the poison will fail. I fear for His Highness’s future.”




A deeper silence engulfed the palace hall after the elderly man’s bleak evaluation. The creak of the man’s knuckles was audible from his clenched fists as his body began to shiver slightly. Soft sobs of bitterness could be heard as the woman wept.




“In other words…I can only expect three years more to live?” The silence was abruptly broken by a young voice. The young voice was uncharacteristically composed.




The three people jolted as their gazes slid back to the boy on the bed. The boy met their gazes evenly.




Not knowing how to reply, the three of them exchanged panicked glances. Evidently, they had not expected the young boy to regain his consciousness this quickly. Prior experiences with the poison had left him knocked out for whole days.




“Yuan Er…”




The boy’s name was Zhou Yuan. The middle-aged man and beautiful woman in front of him were the King and Queen of Da Zhou dynasty, Zhou Qing and Qin Yu.




Zhou Yuan pursed his lips. His face was pallid, a circumstance of his weak constitution since young. This was also the reason for his scholarly appearance. His weak constitution had robbed him from frolicking and activity like other children, so books became his companions. He could be habitually found with his nose stuck in a book.


The boy watched the adults hesitate among themselves as they communicated with their eyes. He extended a palm.




Within the hollow of his palm lay a circular crimson mark that seemed to be branded deep into the skin. It wriggled slowly, like a dragon of blood aggressively baring its fangs and brandishing its claws. It radiated blame, loath and malice, a sight which would send one trembling with fear.




“Father, mother. I think I deserve an explanation this time. What is — no, what has happened to me?”




Zhou Yuan studied the mark in his palm which carried a strong resemblance to a blood dragon. His teeth clenched. This damnable thing had let him suffer a life of pain equal no better than death.




Every three years, the mark would begin to act up, like it wanted to eat up his entire body, every inch of flesh and bone, in full. This brought about unimaginable pain.




The faces of Zhou Qing and Qin Yu sunk as colour drained from their faces. A look of remorse flickered over Zhou Qing’s eyes for a second.




The air froze. Just when it seemed like the silence would extend to infinity, Zhou Qing broke the silence.


In a gravel voice, he began his long overdue explanation.


“This is the Blaming Dragon Poison.”




“Blaming Dragon Poison?” Zhou Yuan frowned.




Zhou Qing’s hand slightly quaked as he stretched out a hand to rub Zhou Yuan’s head. Zhou Yuan was unsure if he did it to comfort Zhou Yuan or himself. Perhaps both.4


“You should have realised it by now. You are the sacred dragon of the Zhou name!”




Zhou Yuan let out a short bark of scornful laughter. Did such a wretched ‘scared dragon’ exist? Even his Eight Meridians could not be found in his body.




Zhou Qing sat on the bed beside Zhou Yuan. He said lowly, “We are the Da Zhou dynasty. In the Cangmang continent, we can only be called a tiny nation in the corner. But what you don’t know is that 15 years ago, Da Zhou was actually a superpower, a nation that towered above all others.”




Zhou Yuan’s eyes widened slightly. In the Cangmang continent, there were as many dynasties and empires as the stars. The dynasty of Da Zhou was merely another one of them. Who would have guessed it had such a status in the past?




“Have you heard of the Dawu dynasty?” Zhou Qing paused, his eyes drunk with memories of the past.




“Da Wu dynasty?” Zhou Yuan nodded. Da Wu dynasty was the most powerful dynasty in Cangmang continent. The nation was in a golden age. It had numerous Origin masters. If




































































































武家设计他百年,他心中虽有波澜,UU看书 但却能够压制住,但他们将疼爱他的母亲逼到寿元枯竭,却是让得周元心中第一次拥有了无法遏制的杀意。
























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