Chapter 16 uh………………… sorry 😅

Heya everyone, chapter 16 here. I uh, for some reason didn’t post. Which I will not disclose, and you’re welcome to use your imagination.
Anyways, chapter 16 is here! Chapters are slow to be posted, and to add insult to injury, ever so short, in fact, chapter 28 is only 900 characters :0
On a side note, editors are needed, I can’t engrish well enough apparently i can’t english well enough according to my english teacher :/….. cuz I got a stockpile but no editors…… or should I post them as soon as I translate them and get my editors to edit afterwards? 😅

Chapter 16

Sorry for late chapter 😅

Hey guys, didn’t have wifi for 5 days (Sunday, the 17th-a few minutes ago, the 22nd). But anyways, will try my best to post 1 chapter a day…….. I don’t know if my editor will be able to keep up……..

Chapter 7