The Captivating Crown Prince Chapter 6

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Ch 6: Han Xuan Hao’s Change

“You?” As he saw the young man walking back into the cave, Han Xuan Hao secretly felt happy. “Why did you come back?” Han Xuan Hao pretended to be indifferent, seemingly regaining his graceful bearings. But he had already changed somewhat.

Shang Wuxin did not answer, but instead just placed some herbs in front of Han Xuan Hao.

Han Xuan Hao looked surprised at the herbs meant for treating his injury, then at this youngster who appeared so frail, yet noble. He even knew about medicine. At this moment, Han Xuan Hao felt a little curious about the youth’s identity. And it was often the case that curiosity lead to a deeper emotion.

Han Xuan Hao also didn’t count on this cold and strange young man to apply the medicine on him. Once upon a time, he used to dislike being touched, but now when he thought of the youngster applying the medicine for him, an inexplicable feeling sprouted within his chest.

He ground the herbs into a thick paste and spread it over his wounds. The wound on his back wasn’t that serious, and it was hard for him to reach anyway. As soon as he got out of there, he could take some medicine of his own. He didn’t expect the young man to kindly assist him.

After he finished, Han Xuan Hao looked at the young man sitting by the fire. Even the flames illuminating the boy’s face couldn’t drive away his cold and gloomy aura. What further shocked Han Xuan Hao were the boy’s still bleeding wounds. Why did he gather the herbs but not use them on himself? This young man seemed so smart, yet he was being foolish. Han Xuan Hao glanced at the left over herbal paste. He decided to temporarily drop his uncaring disposition.

“There is more medicine. You can use it.” Han Xuan Hao said to the young man who was sitting motionless. He wasn’t aware of his own worried expression or the stiff smile on his face.

Shang Wuxin slowly glanced his way, but did not make a move to fetch the medicine. She didn’t care about her wounds. More importantly, she needed that pain to feel alive. The pain made sweat trickle down her face, giving her a morbid satisfaction. Yes, she was still alive. That had to be the biggest joke of all.

Shang Wuxin’s wounds were not threatening. They were the results of the original owner running from fear and falling. But they looked worse because of the blood dripping on her yellow brocade robe.

Han Xuan Hao didn’t know what to do with this boy who seemed unable to feel pain. Picking up the herbal paste, he was about to slowly walk over to the boy’s side. As for why he moved so slowly, it was due to his internal injury still in the process of healing, which made moving around challenging. He needed time to heal.

However, before Han Xuan Hao could approach him, the boy promptly got up and took a seat further away from him, not even glancing at Han Xuan Hao. There was only contempt and disregard, as if nothing and no one in the world could enter his eyes.

“Your wounds…” Han Xuan Hao could admit that he was meddling. He had finally found someone who provoked his interest and made him wish to become acquainted. This young man was no more than a child, and Han Xuan Hao was older than him, thus he ought to take care of this younger brother.

However, before Han Xuan Hao could finish his sentence, the young man inquired in a chilly voice, “What is your name? Where are you from?”

Shang Wuxin asked not because she was bored, but since they had entered a temporary partnership, she needed to know who this man was, so she could find him in the future to keep his end of the deal. She wasn’t concerned with anything else.

“Han Xuan Hao.” He murmured, his voice possessing the same bewitching quality as its owner. “An assassin from HanXing House.” He spoke the truth, but he didn’t mention that HanXing House belonged to him, and that he was the Lord presiding over it. It was not because he didn’t trust the young man; but because he could see that the boy simply didn’t care.

Shang Wuxin didn’t remember much and her memories were fragmented. There was a vague awareness that HanXing House was a formidable organization, but this wasn’t the time to dwell on such things. Based on Han Xuan Hao’s high martial arts, this HanXing House wasn’t to be underestimated.

“You’re fine now.” Shang Wuxin stated. She had waited in the cave this long just to make sure the guy would survive. It would be too ridiculous if she saved his life, only to have him die in some wild animal’s mouth due to her leaving too soon. She didn’t like doing business at a loss.

Han Xuan Hao looked at the young man who was about to leave, realizing that their contract had officially started because he’d lived. There was no reason for him to linger behind, either.

“Who are you? How can I find you?” Han Xuan Hao blurted out without thinking. He felt like giving himself a slap. Why was he behaving so unusual today? As if he couldn’t wait to be of service.

Shang Wuxin didn’t pause her strides. Her steps were gentle, as if she were treading on clouds. She looked like a graceful fairy* who was ready to fly away at any given moment. Her voice was crisp and clear like a pearl dropping onto a jade plate, ”You don’t need to know who I am. If I require your services, I’ll find you and ask for the three requests you owe me.”

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