The Captivating Crown Prince Chapter 5

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CCP Chapter 5: Treatment in the Cave

“You!” Han Xuan Hao fumed with rage as he watched the back of the youngster walking in front of him.This was the angriest he’d been in a long time. Even when he got injured due to someone’s schemes, he still wasn’t indignant, yet now he was truly pissed!

After he made a deal with the youngster in front of him, Han Xuan Hao had lost consciousness again. As a killer, he shouldn’t have even made such a deal, let alone lose his consciousness in someone else’s presence. But who knew why, he felt that although this youth was very cold and detached, he wasn’t someone who would betray others. A ridiculous notion, wasn’t it?

However, he woke in pain due to being harshly dragged by the youngster. The sand and pebbles on the ground endlessly scraped against his back, breaking the skin. He thought of the boy’s promise to help and treat him, he had also believed he would support him on his back on the way there. But he’d never expected to be treated like an unimportant object to be dragged. What irked him even more was the boy was dragging him by the foot, going so far as tearing a piece of his own clothing to wrap around his hand, as if Han Xuan Hao was some kind of virus. Han Xuan Hao was always the one to shun others, when was it that others had ever shunned him.

The discomfort of the person being dragged fell onto deaf ears. Shang Wuxin loathed people’s touch ever since that year she had turned eight, when she had started shielding herself from others. If she hadn’t found the man useful, she wouldn’t have bothered saving him.

Shang Wuxin dragged Han Xuan Hao into the cave she had recently left. Since their transaction had been agreed upon, she would, of course, take care of the man.

Seeing that he was being dragged into the cave, Han Xuan Hao was relieved. He felt that if she continued to drag him like this he wouldn’t be afraid of becoming seriously injured, but dead. And although the cave was desolate, it would be able to provide protection against the wind and rain. He didn’t believe he would keep his life if he fell ill on top of his current situation.

*Thump!* Shang Wuxin abruptly let go of Han Xuan Hao. He had mentally prepared himself, but it was difficult to even move with such an injury. On top of that, he was being thrown around in this condition, it was enough to make him want to spit out blood. Han Xuan Hao smiled coldly, his eyes emitting menace as he watched ominously while the boy was preparing to light a fire. But looking at that busy youth, even with his undoubtedly ice-cold appearance, Han Xuan Hao felt warm at heart. Han Xuan Hao thought it was probably because of his heavy injuries that his mind wasn’t all there, or else why would he carry so many thoughts and emotions tonight?

After Shang Wuxin made a fire, she finally stepped beside Han Xuan Hao’s body and carefully examined his condition. Internal injuries were harder to treat compared to external ones. When the man was unconscious earlier, she had used her internal force. Although she couldn’t fully utilize it yet, it was helpful to a point.

Shang Wuxin sat behind Han Xuan Hao, causing his body to stiffen up as having someone behind him in such a condition was a very dangerous thing to a killer. He tried to relax himself, since he’d already guessed what the boy wanted to do. When he first saw the youth, Han Xuan Hao was surprised by his looks and temperament, but he didn’t think he knew any martial arts. Moreover, the boy himself was definitely in a difficult situation as well. Could it be that he also had people scheming to kill him? Forget it, it wasn’t related to him, so why think about it.

Shang Wuxin placed both her hands on Han Xuan Hao’s back. Even if she highly disliked

this kind of physical contact, now that she had newly arrived in a different world with no capital, she couldn’t be picky. Shang Wuxin’s hands started to slowly feed the inner force’s pure essence into the man’s torso, repairing his chest. This method was merely a temporary solution. In the future he would still need to take medication, but for now, it would preserve his life.
When the sky gradually brightened, welcoming an early morning, Shang Wuxin withdrew her hands.

It wouldn’t have taken so long originally, but Shang Wuxin herself had also received a heavy injury. In addition, she hadn’t started practicing her previous life’s martial arts, but given enough time, her martial arts would surely improve by several measures. Shang Wuxin was aware of her current need to quickly grow stronger. And in the end, that man’s inner force was powerful.

Han Xuan Hao sensed that his condition seemed to have improved, also realizing that the young man had helped him. But since it wasn’t done in good intentions and only for their mutual benefit, Han Xuan Hao felt a little upset.

Shang Wuxin left the cave without a word. Han Xuan Hao opened up his mouth to say something but then stopped. He wasn’t in a position to ask any questions. At this point, he was actually wishing for this boy to leave his side as soon as possible. Because when he faced this young man, he felt a bit strange.

Han Xuan Hao lied on the ground. The fire was still burning nearby. His external wounds seemed to have gotten worse. Although he was used to being in pain, he’d rarely gotten injured ever since he grew up.

Han Xuan Hao was slowly recovering as he lied on the cold ground. He didn’t feel the boy’s presence anywhere near. He also needed to go back soon and demand a revenge revenge. However, the youngster had departed without even knowing who he was. Wasn’t that boy afraid he would break his promise?

While Han Xuan Hao was ruminating, the sound of footsteps came from the cave’s entrance, soft but orderly. Han Xuan Hao quickly sat up. Although his weapon was already lost, he picked up a wooden stick from nearby. He sat there vigilantly watching the entrance.

The one who appeared in Han Xuan Hao’s eyes was that same boy. Although he was obviously too thin, the way he walked was very steady. The sunlight shined from behind the young man, giving him a bright halo. At that moment, Han Xuan Hao felt it was one of the most beautiful scenes he had ever seen.

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