The Captivating Crown Prince Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

It was the first time that Han Xuan Hao found a man even more refined and beautiful than himself. In a flash, his gaze locked onto the lethargic youth beside his body, who was fixedly sizing him up with narrowed eyes. His robe was tattered and the color was somewhat faded, yet it didn’t damage the youth’s imposing manner even a bit. It made him appear especially dazzling instead, like a brilliant natural pearl, with a splendid noble air, unrestrained to the greatest extent. But it wasn’t the man’s appearance that surprised him, it was his eyes.

The black eyes of the man squatting by his side shone as if the stars from the night sky had fallen in. So deep and detached, one couldn’t see the bottom. The pupils were bright and clear, looking a little indifferent. It seemed as if no one within his sight could enter his eyes. At this moment, Han Xuan Hao suddenly wished he could appear in that pair of eyes.

The next moment, Han Xuan Hao wondered whether he was insane, why would he have such thoughts. He was an extremely selfish person, when had he ever felt like this for someone else? Han Xuan Hao nipped the preposterous thoughts from just now in the bud. But once the peaceful without a ripple ocean in his heart had been disturbed by the wind, how would it not have a mark left behind?

“Want to live?” Shang Wuxin looked at this more beautiful than a woman male. She had seen many handsome men and beautiful women in her life, but seeing such a person, whose sex couldn’t be easily distinguished, was a first for her. Shang Wuxin didn’t know what her own appearance was like, but she believed that if this man was a woman, he’d be known as a first under heaven beauty.

But once Shang Wuxin returned to the crown prince residence and saw her own face, she would drop this notion…

Han Xuan Hao looked at the crouching man. The man’s expression lacked the slightest emotion, as if he was observing something dead. Han Xuan Hao couldn’t deny, if he provoked this odd man’s anger, he would definitely get killed. Normally, he would be fearless, but not now. He simply wouldn’t be able to evade the next killing strike.

“I must live!” Han Xuan Hao stated as he watched the man by his side. The pain made him slightly crease his brows, but he couldn’t let it show, since that man’s disposition was too strange. He still didn’t know whether he was an enemy or a friend.

Shang Wuxin’s lips slightly curved. It was obviously meant to be a smile, yet it didn’t seem one bit like a smile. She observed the man on the ground appreciatively. He had skill, willpower, and the ability to read the mood. She was aware that if she wanted to hold onto the crown prince position, she needed to have useful people at hand. Though this person was a very good candidate, Shang Wuxin wasn’t arrogant enough to believe she could use him. Because this kind of man was aloof, and wouldn’t be tamed.

However, even if he couldn’t be tamed, it was possible to make use of him. Shang Wuxin knew he may enter a cooperative relationship with her, but not a friendship. Why? Because she was very clear that while he looked like a delicate bewitching demon, he was actually cold-blooded and ruthless. Such a person could not become a friend. Moreover, Shang Wuxin disdained the word “friendship”.

“I can help you!” Shang Wuxin roughly examined the man’s wound, finding out that he hadn’t only received this extremely serious internal injury, but there were also bruises of all sizes on his body, with some of them affecting the muscles and bones. If he wasn’t treated as soon as possible, he’d suffer repercussions even if he kept his life.

Han Xuan Hao felt his own severely wounded body, and took a look at his surroundings. Then he once

again glanced at the seemingly waiting for an answer youth, but it was obvious the youth basically didn’t care what his answer was. While he had clearly said he could help him, it seemed just as likely he could kill him at any time.
“Conditions? What do you want me to pay?” Han Xuan Hao asked, smiling as he looked at the youth. The smile made Han Xuan Hao’s face even more enticing. Whether men, or women, it would be rare to find someone, who could resist this kind of appearance, yet he’d never used his own face as a weapon. Today he needed to, but regretfully, the seemingly very young adolescent remained unmoved by his breathtaking appearance. If Han Xuan Hao wasn’t certain that his face had no injuries, he might have doubted whether or not it was disfigured. Once, he had extremely disliked these infatuated by his appearance people. The majority of those, who had seen his stunning looks, had been dealt with by him. Yet now he was hoping this man would like his appearance, even though he himself couldn’t understand why he would have such a feeling.

Admiration flashed through Shang Wuxin’s heart, that man was indeed very clever. There was no free lunch under heaven, the man obviously understood this principle very well. Tsk, it was a real pity. If such a person became her subordinate, he could definitely become her right-hand man. But this much was also good enough.

“If I have a need in the future, you do three things for me!” Shang Wuxin said indifferently, but killing intent rose deep within her eyes. If he refused or made a fake promise, she would immediately end his life.

Han Xuan Hao saw the man’s eyes. He had to decline. Due to his own former temperament, he had to decline, since he couldn’t allow anyone to threaten him or hold his favors hostage. But this time, he didn’t refuse. He sensed that if he did, he would not only throw away his life, but also lose out on something.

“Within the extent of my abilities, within the scope of what I find acceptable!” Han Xuan Hao spoke in his lofty, cold manner.

“Good!”Shang Wuxin’s eyes sparkled with a strange light…

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  1. Both of them are injured and for various reasons they need one another. Each feel that they must maintain their independence at all costs. But they need each other to survive at this point in time

    Thank you for this chapter translation

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