The Captivating Crown Prince Chapter 3

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Ch3: Encounter at night

Within the dense foliage of the mountain woods, one could sometimes hear a beast’s low roar. The crescent moon was hanging high in the sky, where dark clouds floated, and the whole mountain was transformed into pitch-black scenery. The quiet in this kind of atmosphere provoked even more terror.

Shang Wuxin breathed out softly. Her every step was nimble, not making a single sound. She had gone hungry for several days already, and more importantly, she had clearly detected that her body was poisoned and in poor health. If she met a wild animal at this moment, even if she didn’t die, she would lose half her life.

Even when her body was weak and she felt faint, Shang Wuxin’s back was perfectly straight, head held high. Though she cut a sorry figure right now, she was still like the king of this forest. That pair of wild animal-like keen eyes were constantly on the alert as she looked over the surroundings. If any situation arouse, she was prepared to fight back. Even if she was currently no good, she would at least be able to skin an animal.

Shang Wuxin’s frosty eyes looked at a corpse-like motionless man lying down ahead. Since she still hadn’t adapted to her body, even if the original’s martial arts was very high, the night prevented her from clearly seeing the appearance of the man on the ground. But it didn’t matter, because Shang Wuxin didn’t plan to mind other people’s business. In this life, she only wanted to be a heartless person. Shang Wuxin (heartless). Whether it was the previous her, or the current her, she should stay true to her own name.

Just as she was about to expressionlessly walk over this corpse, the corpse suddenly groaned. However, that didn’t change Shang Wuxin’s mind as she went on walking. She needed to return to the crown prince residence as soon as possible, and take control of her own birthright. Shang Wuxin was well aware that no matter where or when, status and influence were essential. Even when she was reborn, she didn’t intend to lead a dull, secluded life. As long as she grasped the authority in her hands, she could command her own fate, and truly qualify to become an unrestrained (wuxin) person.

However, the corpse on the ground grabbed Shang Wuxin’s bare foot, causing her whole body to emit a thick sense of hostility. Shang Wuxin’s foot turned, directly giving a kick to the man, who had his eyes open. The kick was aimed for his solar plexus. If it landed, in addition to his severe injury, he basically wouldn’t be able to survive.

But that man was obviously not an ordinary person. If he was, how would he possibly find himself here, and with such a serious wound as well. As Shang Wuxin’s kick approached his chest, he swiftly rolled away. Though it looked strained, Shang Wuxin could tell his martial arts weren’t low, and his endurance was very strong. Still so alert when he had such a bad injury, moreover, being capable of such an accurate evasion. An obscure gleam flashed through Shang Wuxin’s eyes.

She brought her body to a squat unhurriedly. She wasn’t slow on purpose, but her body had received so many injuries, even squatting down was very difficult.

The dark clouds parted, gradually revealing the crescent moon, spreading some light in the mountain woods. Shang Wuxin borrowed the moonlight to take a look at the person on the ground. Entering her sight was a man with demonic beauty. His long black hair was untied, scattered behind him on the ground littered with dry leaves, yet it didn’t appear dirty or messy. It was smoothly spread out like fine silk. Under the delicate, feminine-looking brows was a pair of bewitching eyes that could steal a person’s soul. Because they were on guard and were showing a killing intent, the outer corners were slightly raised up, increasing their allure even more. His pale red lips were gently pursed in a faint smile, but Shang Wuxin could sense the immense killing intent aimed at her right now. This evildoer’s heart was certainly black. Skin fair like snow seemed to give off a silvery glow, but Shang Wuxin could smell the thick scent of blood on him. It was the unique scent of someone who had murdered too many, unable to wash off the stains.

Han Xuan Hao had lost consciousness just recently, due to his injury. In a daze, he’d felt someone passing by, thus he’d instinctively wanted to grab the presented opportunity. But he’d unexpectedly sensed a dense aura of death, so he endured the pain gushing from his chest, and hastily dodged to the side. Even if he was severely hurt, he knew that if he hadn’t dodged, he’d already be registering in hell. If he wasn’t injured, how would he possibly be reduced to this state. He decided he would absolutely kill this person.

Han Xuan Hao looked at the man slowly squatting down, his whole body brimming with killing intent. He highly loathed other people standing too close to him. Whether it was men, or women, no one dared to get close to him, or else they’d be slain immediately. It was a first for him to be so helpless.

When he noticed that person approaching while assessing him, Han Xuan Hao also started sizing him up. But he actually got a shock.

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