The Captivating Crown Prince Chapter 2

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Ch2: Crown Prince Shang Wuxin
A boy seemingly in his teens was sprawled inside a dim and cluttered cavern. He was lying down on the ice-cold ground, dressed in a dirty bright yellow brocade robe, that was creased and damaged in some places. If someone came at this time, they would have found that the boy wasn’t breathing and his entire body had begun to stiffen up.

Time passed slowly. When night descended, the boy’s fingers twitched slightly, almost like an illusion. But after a while, the boy’s entire hand trembled, and a little later his delicate eyebrows wrinkled gently. A pair of tightly shut eyes suddenly opened, revealing black like ink, dazzling pupils, that seemed to be able to see through anyone at a glance.

Shang Wuxin looked up at the top of the hole she was in. After a long time, she felt her body slowly warming up, and changed to a sitting position with some difficulty. She took in her surroundings, her manner calm and indifferent.

Shang Wuxin stretched out her hand, looking at its youthful appearance. These young and delicate hands seemed to belong to a young master, who’d never done manual labor.

“Ha…” Shang Wuxin chuckled, then she burst out in laughter: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha…” The sound was tinged with sorrow and arrogance, echoing in the dark cavern unnaturally.

Shang Wuxin laughed for a long time before she stopped and threw a self-deprecating glance at the darkness around her. She actually hadn’t died? As expected, even hell didn’t want her ah, because she had killed too many and sinned too much? But it didn’t matter, it was enough that she was still alive now. And she wanted to live this life as she pleased!

Shang Wuxin examined her own body. She couldn’t see the face, but the body was very weak and thin. Obviously a 15 year old, yet looked more like an 11-12 year old. She knew this body’s owner was His Highness, the crown prince of Shang (country), a seemingly formidable status. Unfortunately, this Shang Wuxin had been constantly ill and with a weak body from birth. Moreover, he lacked courage and was always getting picked on by the emperor’s children and their followers. He would only hide away afterward, feeling wronged and crying.

Shang Wuxin touched her chest suddenly, finding it very flat. Her heart was a little startled. Did she really turn into a man? Then her hand felt around below the waist, finding it completely empty. So this crown prince was originally a female.

As a female, she should have been a princess, yet she actually disguised as a man and became the crown prince. There had to be a deeper plot at play, that even the original body was unaware of! Shang Wuxin sorted through the many memories in her head, also realizing how this crown prince had lost her life.

Although Shang Wuxin was the crown prince, she was only a powerless dummy. Even the emperor seemed uncaring and indifferent to this son, but then why had he let Shang Wuxin sit in the position of crown prince?

Because Shang Wuxin was female, she was always afraid of getting exposed, and she loathed her own identity as a man. So she was always holed up inside the crown prince residence, refusing to come out. The head eunuch at her residence had been persuading her to go outside for a long time, but the moment she went out she had ran into some official’s son. That young master had ridiculed and shamed her without restraint, yet Shang Wuxin actually hadn’t dared to get angry, and could only return to the crown prince residence in tears.

Back in the residence, Shang Wuxin had closed herself in the room, without eating nor drinking, just worrying all day. At that time, a maidservant, who was close to Shang Wuxin, came to wait on her and said that there was a very effective wishing tree in the valley behind the royal mountain.

If she went there to make a wish, it could make her dream come true. The naive Shang Wuxin really got convinced, and quietly sneaked out to the valley by herself. But a variety of wild animals and vipers frightened her into running away till she fell into this place. Coincidentally, she got poisoned and died on the spot, welcoming the brand new soul of Shang Wuxin.

Shang Wuxin stroked her new cheek as she silently marveled on the inside, this Shang Wuxin was really silly ah! That maidservant was definitely installed by someone in the crown prince residence. Such a stupid trick, yet Shang Wuxin easily got fooled and lost her life. Shang Wuxin’s greatest wish was to restore her female identity, find a husband and raise some children. Dying was just as well, otherwise she would have suffered sooner or later due to her mindset.

EzoicResting for a very long time, she combed through a lot of the events in her mind. Though her brain was still groggy, and many of Shang Wuxin’s memories were chaotic, that did not affect her determination. She could take her time to slowly recall everything later, but preserving her life was more important now.

“Damn it!” Shang Wuxin cursed quietly as she considered that having crossed over, her martial arts would have disappeared, and it would be very difficult to regain them. Standing up, she used her inner force and discovered that the original Shang Wuxin actually had martial arts. Furthermore, they weren’t low quality. In spite of possessing such high quality martial arts, she was still bullied like that, and could also only flee from wild animals. From the bottom of her heart, Shang Wuxin thought the original person was senseless. In this kind of world ruled by the law of the jungle, it would have been bad enough had she been born to an ordinary family. But not only was she a child in the royal family, she was the crown prince. With this kind of disposition, it was a miracle that she’d survived til now.

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