The Captivating Crown Prince Chapter 13

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CCP Ch 13: Eunuch Hai’s Concern

Inside the Crown Prince’s study, Shang Wuxin was leaning back on her chair, while Chief Hai knelt below. He didn’t know why he was suddenly summoned. The crown prince hadn’t uttered a word since he’d come in and he couldn’t begin to guess the prince’s thoughts these days. However, whenever he saw his lonesome figure, Chief Hai found the sight even more heartrending than the constant weeping of his previous self.

“Get up.” Shang Wuxin opened her eyes and pointed at a chair as she said, “Sit.”

“This servant…” Chief Hai meant to decline. He was a mere court eunuch, what qualifications did he have to sit just like his master. His master was still so kindhearted. Thinking so, Chief Hai’s eyes got a little moist. Even if the crown prince was fearsome, a demon able to kill without a blink, Chief Hai would keep seeing him as a compassionate person.

“Sit!” Shang Wuxin insisted lazily. She had been practicing without a break for the last few days. She had not only integrated the original body’s martial arts as her own, but even added her previous life’s most despotic techniques of the Shang clan into the mix. Her current ability could be considered outstanding. Though not the best, it could rival most. But what made Shang Wuxin slightly helpless was the original’s poisoned body, which presented a very difficult problem. Moreover, she had been poisoned from birth, while in her mother’s womb. Her Imperial mother Qiu had also perished because of that poison.

Shang Wuxin was well aware she had to detoxify, but fortunately, the poison was slow-acting, so she didn’t need to worry excessively. Furthermore, her martial arts had already managed to suppress it. Though it was harmful to her body and it would be dangerous when the toxin flared up, Shang Wuxin was indifferent.

Eunuch Hai sat down nervously, but his eyes were full of joy. His expression was exactly like a father looking at his own child. Towards him, Shang Wuxin was also a lot more patient and indulgent. From a certain aspect, it could be said that Eunuch Hai was blindly loyal, and she needed those types of blindly loyal people by her side.

“Eunuch Hai, as My personal servant, This Prince has a question for you. Are you hiding anything from Me?” Shang Wuxin peered at his pair of eyes, that were obscured by fat and showing through a small gap. Her expression was indiscernible.

Eunuch Hai slid down from the chair and knelt on the ground, his voice strained. “Crown Prince… Anything this servant does is for Your sake. This servant will never do anything to harm You!” He knew the current crown prince was extremely astute, but he didn’t expect it to be to that extent. But was that sort of shrewdness good or bad, Eunuch Hai worried at heart.

“Speak.” Shang Wuxin didn’t have any emotional reaction to Chief Hai’s words. Being loyal was fine, but moving around without her knowledge was as good as betrayal. She didn’t need people making decisions for her.

“While she was alive, the Empress had a group of extremely loyal attendants. After her death, this servant immediately gathered them in secret and trained them for a very long time, thinking they could provide protection in the future, in case You encounter a mishap and need to escape.” Eunuch Hai reported as he wept.

Shang Wuxin felt somewhat gratified in place of her predecessor. In those kinds of circumstances, there had actually been someone willing make plans for her so many years ago. She couldn’t help feeling happy.

“Switch all the manservants and guards in the residence with our own people. Since you’ve raised them for so many years, and also trained them, it&

rsquo;s time to put them to work.” Shang Wuxin’s lips curled with a touch of laughter.
She didn’t need to worry about those people’s loyalty, because they were originally favored by her Imperial mother and were later guided in practice by Eunuch Hai for so long. The extent of their loyalty didn’t warrant any doubts. And she just happened to be in need of staff now. Although her own people had already received a decent training, it was still quite far from her standard. Eunuch Hai had simply resolved that issue.

“Crown Prince!” Eunuch Hai looked at her in disbelief. After finding back his voice, he asked, “Is the Crown Prince thinking of participating in the struggle for the throne?”

Shang Wuxin nodded, as if she didn’t feel a speck of pressure when it came to that matter.

“Eunuch Hai, you may know it’s often not the case that you can survive by not fighting. Instead, it’s by fighting and winning, that you can live unobstructed. Do you still not understand this after so long?” Shang Wuxin sighed with regret.

“Yes, the Crown Prince has suffered unfair treatment for too long. Moreover, You’re the Emperor’s successor, it’s only right to vie for the throne!” Eunuch Hai was convinced by her words, entirely overlooking the fact that the crown prince wasn’t actually male. But even if he was aware of it, he wouldn’t think there was anything wrong with it. His family’s Crown Prince was the best and he would be the future ruler of Shang.

“Go ahead and drive all the spies in the residence out. If any of them refuse to leave, just kill them.” Shang Wuxin waved her hand as she spoke. She had never been a soft-hearted person. Life had become a cheap thing to her, and she often wasn’t sure herself whether she feared death or not.

Eunuch Hai nodded and went out. One shouldn’t be deceived by his Maitreya Buddha-like appearance, as he wasn’t someone with a gentle heart, nor easy to deal with.

“Crown Prince!” Wu Wei entered the room. Respect rose in her when she saw the crown prince who resembled a celestial being. After practicing the martial arts from his rare book, her ability had improved tremendously. It was all thanks to him.

Wu Wei looked at the silent crown prince who had his eyes closed. She retreated to the side and waited for four hours until he opened his eyes. But once he did, Wu Wei realized that he hadn’t been sleeping. His pair of eyes were too clear.

“Crown Prince, the Emperor has selected two mentors for You.” Wu Wei reported the Emperor’s decree from today.

Because Shang Wuxin had been weak and cowardly from childhood, she hadn’t attended classes together with the other princes and princesses. She knew how to write only because Eunuch Hai had taught her, so in a sense, the crown prince did have a mentor. But all previous dynasties’ crown princes needed to have two respectable tutors by their side. She hadn’t expected the emperor to actually find two mentors for her. That sort of attention could make others speculate about the emperor’s intentions.

“Oh? Who are they?” Shang Wuxin asked carelessly.

“One of them is the country’s First Son*, Huan Mo Che. He is the only young master of the Left Minister’s house. He is admired by many, and he’s a master of both the pen and the sword. But despite the Emperor’s several attempts, he refuses to enter the Imperial court. Even when some of the princes and princesses wanted to make him their mentor, he declined them all. This person is really aloof! But when the Emperor wanted to select a tutor for You, that young master unexpectedly offered his services on his own. Crown Prince, I’m afraid there might be a hidden motive.” Wu Wei voiced her suspicions. That kind of man was very proud. Why would he suddenly want to become the crown prince’s tutor? It was impossible not to be doubtful.

“It doesn’t matter. The Crown Prince’s residence welcomes guests with hospitality.” Shang Wuxin stated as she played with a jade ornament in her hands. Regardless of who came into the residence or what their goal was, she wasn’t worried. She was more worried when they didn’t do anything.

“The other tutor is the young general who recently returned from the border, Leng Yufeng. Although he’s only 24, he’s already a general. The soldiers stationed at the border have the highest respect for him. His military glory is illustrious in each of the countries, where he has gone to campaigns in previous years. This person can prove to be very useful to the Crown Prince, but he’s like a wild stallion that’s not easy to tame. I’m afraid he would be difficult to control.” Wu Wei arrived at the crown prince’s side and prepared some tea.

Shang Wuxin smiled, then glanced at Wu Wei and said, “Not bad. Your recent progress is rather quick.” When she had just started work, Wu Wei was overly cautious. But now, not only was her martial arts excellent, she handled her tasks with precision. If she was a man, she would have absolutely been able to set up a business and start a career.

“Thank you, Crown Prince.” Wu Wei rejoiced. Due to the crown prince’s praise, she felt that her great effort these days was worth it. If it wasn’t for him often giving her advice, as well as putting trust in her, it was improbable that she would grow so much. The crown prince was her benefactor.

“Mhm, accompany me to take a look at the people that Chief Hai has trained.” Saying so, Shang Wuxin got up and left the study.

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