The Captivating Crown Prince: Active!

Hellooooo! This is Vin again, and I have great news.

GirlyNovels is back! She will continue translating The Captivating Crown Prince on IsoHungry. 

Since she’s such a perfectionist, she wanted to move over every translated chapter from GirlyNovels.wordpress and Vintaege.wordpress to IsoHungry, so we’ve done that and the chapters will no longer be available on our respective websites. I’ve spoken to a mod and the NU chapter list will be altered to correspond with our changes soon.

Girly and I have very contradicting translation styles, so we’re working on making chapters 1-28 more consistent. I’m really pleasantly surprised about this turn of events :p now I can focus on Wild Malicious Consort too~ And no, I am not collaborating with Girly on this. She will be the sole translator.

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