Black Bellied President Chapter 57

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57 —- Confession

Shangguan Ning pushed the cup of coffee towards him and spoke with somewhat of a smile: “Nothing’s been added, you’ll know when you try it.”

Jing Yichen observed her expression. He couldn’t help trembling in his mind as he clenched his teeth and took over the cup for a sip.

It was smooth as it entered his mouth, its flavor was rich and mellow, it was the highest-quality Blue Mountain coffee.

His eyes lit up as he praised: “Not bad!”

His requirements were harsh, being able to hear a “not bad” from him was already challenging enough.

“Obviously, my skills are exceptional, of course it tastes good.” Shangguan Ning revealed a smile on her face while she praised herself generously.

“Looks like your husband’s going to enjoy fine food in the future.” Her cooking wasn’t very good, but she had some mastery in making coffee. Jing Yichen finished his coffee with a grin. Following, he stepped forward, hoping to wrap his arms around her slim waist.

Shangguan Ning moved back and dodged him, refusing to let him touch herself. The smile on her face was still present: “Alright, it’s time to go home. You’re the only one working in the entire building Mr. Chairman!”

Jing Yichen advanced forwards, forcing her towards the wall. He waited until she had no methods of retreat, before gently pulling her into his arms.

Once the beauty was in his embrace, he felt much less anxious in his heart.

Her lips reflected an alluring gloss beneath the lights, brilliant and full, presenting people the desire for a kiss.

Jing Yichen lowered his head, hoping to plant a kiss on her soft lips.

Shangguan Ning turned her head away subconsciously, the kiss landed on her white as jade cheek.

She pushed Jing Yichen away with humiliation and anger, but he didn’t move.

Jing Yichen looked down at the woman in his arms, his fingers gently streaked across her soft lips as he spoke lightly: “You’re angry?”

Shangguan Ning removed his amorous hand, looking at him silently as she spoke in a careless tone: “Why would I be mad?”

“If you aren’t mad, then why did you torture me for a week?” Noticing that she was restless in his arms, wanting to leave, he might as well surround her and press her up against the wall. His tone was teasing, the sounds he created carried laughter.

Their bodies were inseparably close that they adhered to each other, leaving no gaps, so much so that they could sense each other’s beating heart and breaths.

Shangguan Ning was slightly flurried, bashful blush flooded the surface of her pale face.

“You’re shameless, let go of me…….”

“I can be even more shameless, wanna try?”

His deep voice echoed by the ear, his lips danced faintly along her delicate earlobe and then bit onto it, sucking lightly.

Shangguan Ning felt as if she had been struck by lightning, the limp and numb feeling immediately spread to the rest of her body from her earlobe, making her entire figure soften as she rested in Jing Yichen’s arms powerlessly.

Late at night, in the chairman’s office, the atmosphere became increasingly lustful and the temperature gradually began to rise.

After quite a while, Shangguan Ning finally had the energy to push Jing Yichen aside. As her cheeks flushed red, she picked up her purse and turned around, prepared to leave.

But someone was a step faster than her, picking her up with the scoop of an arm.

Shangguan Ning resisted with humiliation: “Let go of me, I can walk myself!”

“Don’t you want to know who the person on the painting is?” Jing Yichen carried her, preventing her from repelling further, and tossed out a temptation that she couldn’t turn down.

Of course Shangguan Ning wanted to know!

She hugged onto Jing Yichen’s neck furiously, thinking angrily in her mind that she’ll let him take advantage of her for a while. He was tremendously handsome anyways, she wasn’t missing out either!

When Jing Yichen noticed that she had finally responded obediently, the corners of his mouth exposed a faint smile.

He carried her as they rode the elevator directly down the building. Even until the two had entered the car, Jing Yichen never mentioned who the young girl was.

Shangguan Ning pinched the flesh on his waist angrily, “Couldn’t tell that your imaginary world was so vivid, there’s even a Lolita girl hiding there!”

Her words had rather jealous implications, making Jing Yichen extremely happy.

“I finally know why the soup and coffee I drank were so sour recently, turns out that somebody had knocked over the bottle of vinegar!”

He sighed as he simultaneously drove towards Li Jing neighborhood rapidly.

Once they got home, Jing Yichen dragged Shangguan Ning into the art studio.

He lifted the white sheet off of the canvas, revealing the portrait of the young girl, and spoke softly: “I thought that she was dead the entire time, I didn’t expect that she was still alive.”

This sentence made Shangguan Ning’s heart tighten.

Jing Yichen took the painting down, along with the rough sketches piled together from before, and pulled out his lighter as he ignited the artwork.

He noticed that Shangguan Ning had hesitated in her speech. It seemed as if he knew what she was thinking in her mind, he opened his mouth to speak: “I thought that she was dead, so I painted her, afraid that I would forget her appearance, in case I find her but can’t recognize her. Now that she’s still alive, there’s no need to keep it. I searched 10 years for her and at long last, I found her.”

Shangguan Ning realized that there was a faint sense of frustration and disappointment between his eyebrows, but she couldn’t help asking: “Your first girlfriend?”

She wasn’t even aware herself that her tone seemed as if it carried thorns, revealing the displeasure from her inner heart.

Jing Yichen set the painting in the large crystal ashtray, allowing it to burn and no longer worrying about it anymore. Following, he lifted his hand and tucked the strands of hair by her temples behind her ear. He spoke with a serious look on his face: “My first love is standing right in front of me now, looking at me with thorns all over herself. My first romantic relationship was with a girl named Shangguan Ning. Although it wasn’t particularly successful, in fact I was the one who forced our marriage, she’s the only one in my heart, so she’ll have to put up with marrying me.”

Shangguan Ning had lived all these years, but had never been confessed in person by someone like this. She blanked out for a moment.

She was his first love?!

He was already 32 years-old, and he had never been in a relationship before?!

Jing Yichen could apparently understand the thoughts in her mind, he responded with a chuckle: “There’s no need to be skeptical, your husband, I, never dated anyone before. How could I possibly take a liking to those ordinary girls, my standards are extremely high! As for you…’re not only my first love, we’re engaged as well! Fortunately, not everyone has such good tastes like me, somebody had let you off long ago, otherwise I wouldn’t be forcing our marriage, I would be kidnapping the bride!”

Shangguan Ning suddenly felt waves emerge in her heart. She wanted to say something, but her mouth was abruptly plugged by Jing Yichen as he lowered his head.

She only felt that the atmosphere had suddenly been robbed. At first, he had made gentle attempts half-heartedly. Very quickly, be became dissatisfied and allowed his tongue to slip in deeper. In the end, he had oppressively cheated her of her beauty.

The soft feeling, the sweet taste, and the warm breaths caused Jing Yichen to lose self-control. Unable to restrain his actions, he began demanding for more.

By the time Shangguan Ning felt that she was about to suffocate, Jing Yichen finally released her reluctantly.

His breaths were extremely unstable, the color of his profound eyes were deepening continuously, carrying a peculiar type of poison.

Shangguan Ning’s face suddenly ignited, unable to look him in the eye.

Her lips were slightly red and swollen, yet it seemed increasingly attractive. Her pale cheeks were as red as apples, so adorable that he wanted to take a bite!

Jing Yichen couldn’t restrain himself and pecked her lightly. He recovered for a moment before drawing her into his arms once again.

He never thought that his desire for her was so intense, like the most poisonous drug, causing him to lose self-control.

If this continued, he would go insane.

Shangguan Ning was dizzy from his kisses, it seemed as if she was drunk. There was a faint sense of happiness.

Today’s kiss was different from the one on the day they obtained their marriage certificates. That day, she was completely unwilling, all she could sense was the feeling of sorrow. But why did it seem so sweet today?


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