Black Bellied President Chapter 32

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32 —- Prince Charming is Urged to Get Married

In the early winter morning, the sun lazily rose up in the sky. A warm and soft ray of sunshine penetrated the high-quality patient ward of Mu Hospital.

Shangguan Ning’s biological clock woke her up from her dreams at exactly 6:30am.

A layer of pure whiteness entered her vision. A hint of faint disinfectant was in the air, along with a pleasing fragrance of lilies.

Shangguan Ning laid on the bed and blanked out for a moment, wondering, where was she?

She raised her arm, hoping to brush away the stray strands of hair in front of her eyes when she noticed a warm hand that had grasped her.

Her movement woke up Jing Yichen who was leaned over on the bed, resting.

He raised his head, looked at Shangguan Ning as she opened her eyes wide in alarm, and couldn’t help revealing a slight grin: “You’re awake?”

His voice was slightly hoarse, yet still very pleasing to hear. His faint smile even made the morning sunlight that shone into the room lose its splendor.

Shangguan Ning’s heart began to beat slightly louder. She quickly diverted her attention, quietly opening her mouth to speak: “Where am I?”

“Mu Hospital, you fainted last night.”

After listening to Jing Yichen, last night’s events immediately poured into Shangguan Ning’s mind. She only remembered crying loudly in his arms, she didn’t expect that she had fainted after.

This was slightly humiliating.

Her emotions lost control yesterday, all the grievances that had accumulated for years had exploded in a split second. At the time, all that she had longed for was a stable embrace for her to lean on. Thinking about it now, she felt that her actions were inappropriate.

In addition, from the way he looked, it seemed like he had stayed at the hospital to accompany her for the entire night!

Her heart was slightly moved, and she knew that she owed him another favour.

“About yesterday, thank you. You helped me once again.”

Shangguan Ning spoke as she slowly sat up. She wanted to take advantage of this motion to pull her hand seamlessly out from Jing Yichen’s grasp.

Jing Yichen felt the motion of her hand pulling away, but he didn’t let go, in fact, he clenched onto her even tighter. Her hand was delicate and fair, soft as if there were no bones, feeling especially comfortable as he held onto it.

Shangguan Ning’s hand was wrapped tightly by his larger fist. Blazing warmth was transferred from his palm to her hand, so hot that it immediately made her face turn red.

Jing Yichen watched as her face instantly became as red as a ripe apple. He couldn’t help laugh: “Your face turns red so easily. All I did was shake your hand, it’s not like I’ll eat you.”

He released her soft hand as he finished speaking, and turned around to leave the room.

Shangguan Ning stared blankly.

Was she just….. harassed?!

She sat in the patient bed and stared blankly for a while before getting out with a strange expression. She washed her face and brushed her teeth with the hospital’s disposable sanitary products.

Although Mu Hospital provided a rich and exquisite breakfast for patients and relatives, Jing Yichen still didn’t take a single bite.

Shangguan Ning ate a simple meal and thought that the flavour was pretty good. She had learned something new about Jing Yichen’s pickiness with food.

After eating breakfast, Shangguan Ning climbed onto Jing Yichen’s car, and followed him back to Li Jing neighbourhood.

Just as she stepped in the car, Jing Yichen’s phone began to ring non-stop. He glanced at his phone and ignored it, only focusing on driving.

Shangguan Ning sat in the front passenger seat and inadvertently noticed his phone screen, displaying the words “Grandma [Paternal].”

She was slightly baffled of why Jing Yichen didn’t answer his grandma’s call, but they were not familiar enough to get involved with matters regarding his phone calls. Because of this, she sat there and remained silent, pretending as if she had never heard anything.

The phone rang ten times. Jing Yichen was defeated by the opposite party’s persistence, and picked up the call with a cold expression plastered across his face.

“Bad grandson, why didn’t you pick up grandma’s calls!” Just as the call came through, an elderly woman’s voice was transmitted through the phone. Her voice was loud enough that even Shangguan Ning could hear it clearly.

Jing Yichen’s complexion began to turn dark as he gently responded: “What’s the matter?”

“Grandma heard that you maneuvered the helicopter to Anan’s school? What happened? The newspaper reported that a rich man piloted a helicopter to pick his girlfriend up from school. You have a girlfriend?”

He knew that the elderly woman would certainly ask about this. For her to restrain herself from asking until the second day was not easy.

He lied without blinking an eye: “Anan was schemed against by someone. I went to help support her.”

The elderly woman was not stupid at all. She wasn’t easily tricked by her grandson, but she also knew that her grandson did not know how to speak of the truth. Thus, she began the old lecture: “Didn’t I say last time, I’ll introduce you to a girl. Come back home to eat tonight and you can meet her as well…..”

She didn’t even finish before she was coldly cut off by Jing Yichen: “Don’t have time.”

He then hung up.

Shangguan Ning sat beside Jing Yichen. The elderly woman’s voice was extremely loud and clear that it was impossible for her to not have heard even if she didn’t want to.

She wanted to laugh. Turned out that even the cold and handsome man was often urged to get married by his family!

When Jing Yichen saw that Shangguan Ning was trying so hard to restrain herself from laughing, his heart stifled a breath. His complexion became even darker.

He immediately sped up the car mischievously, making Shangguan Ning, who was caught off guard, cry out in alarm.

The silver-white sports car sped madly down the road, surpassing all the neighbouring cars nonstop, practically passing in a flash each time. It was even more thrilling and stimulating than a race car.

Once they reached Li Jing neighbourhood, Shangguan Ning’s complexion was already pale white.

Jing Yichen was satisfied, but also regretful. He thought that perhaps he had gone too far, unsure of whether he scared her or not.

“ Are you….. alright?”

His tone was cautious and solemn, as if he was afraid that she was mad. Shangguan Ning’s heart suddenly softened.

In fact, she was never scared. It had been a long time since she experienced this type of thriller, it felt pretty good.

She just couldn’t believe that someone as mature, steady, apathetic, and cold as Jing Yichen would do something like this.

All she did was laugh at the fact that he was being urged to get married. He had to get revenge like this, how narrow-minded.

She glanced at him and spat out a word: “Childish!”

Jing Yichen could tell that she wasn’t angry from her expression. He released a breath.

But he also knew that his actions today were indeed very childish, this was something a twenty-year-old youth could do but he was already thirty two.

He didn’t know what was the matter. When she was around, he was always relaxed and handled matters without rationally thinking it through like usual.

The corners of his mouth exposed a faint smile: “En, it’s been so long since I’ve been childish. After growing up, I’ve been entirely full of responsibilities. Being able to act childish for a while was nice. I just hope that I didn’t scare you.”

Shangguan turned around to glimpse at him. She noticed that he once again returned to the usual calm and cold expression. Unsure of why, she felt pain in her heart.

Nobody was born cold and heartless. His life must not have been very easy.

Jing Yichen parked the car and the two of them got off, heading into the elevator together.

Once they reached the sixth floor and Shangguan Ning began to exit the elevator, Jing Yichen’s deep and sexy voice echoed behind her: “Take your medicine on time. If you have a problem, come find me on the twenty-seventh floor.”

Shangguan Ning turned around, and Jing Yichen’s handsome and straight silhouette entered her vision.

His eyes seemed more spirited than usual, with a tender ray of light leaking out, making one unaware of falling into enemy hands.

The elevator doors slowly closed, separating the two of them, yet it also seemed that they weren’t separated at all.

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