Black Bellied President Chapter 30

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30 —- Shangguan Ning’s Madness

With a loud “pa,” Shangguan Ning shook off Shangguan Rouxue’s hand. A cold expression was plastered on her face as she stated rudely: “Stay away from me!”

If she didn’t swat away that hand, Shangguan Rouxue would have once again fallen down inexplicably. And everyone would think that she pushed her.

She had already come across schemes like this countless times, from the frenetic, helpless person who attempted to explain herself as if her life was on the line, to allowing anyone to mistake her without saying a word, to striking first and gaining the upper hand now.

Shangguan Rouxue’s pampered, feeble cry of pain caught Yang Wenshu who hugged her with sympathy, urgently examining her arm.

Her beautiful pupils were flourishing with tears as if there were an endless stream of grievances: “Sister, you’re still angry at me, right?”

Shangguan Ning laughed grimly and gave her the answer she wanted to hear the most: “Right!”

Shangguan Rouxue didn’t think that she would respond like this, and replied with sadness: “SIster, I….. I truly love Zhuojun, I wasn’t trying deliberately! If you still despise me, I, I….. I will leave him and return him to you, alright? Sister, I am begging you, please forgive me, I’m so miserable…..”

Shangguan Ning did not say a word, allowing her to continue her performance in Yang Wenshu’s arms.

Shangguan Zheng could not bear it anymore. He pointed at her and angrily yelled: “Enough! Every time you come home, not even the chickens and dogs are left undisturbed in this house. Am I even your father in your eyes! Get out of here!”

A taunting smirk appeared on Shangguan Ning’s face as she mocked: “Deputy mayor, I have barely said anything since I walked in the door, your wife and daughter are the ones putting on an act. Why, now I can leave after they’ve finished their act, after they’re done performing? My act hasn’t even started yet!”

“I don’t want to hear anything. Get out of here, and don’t ever come back again! I, Shangguan Zheng, do not have a shameless daughter like you!”

Shangguan Ning was furious, and without a trace of politeness or hesitation, she exposed the deepest wound in his heart: “Ha, now you say I’m not your daughter? How come you didn’t say so when you gave me away to a vegetative human seven years ago? Wanting to throw me away after using me must be the most advantageous business in the universe!”

This phrase severely punctured Shangguan Zheng’s dignity, stabbing his self-esteem. He became furious and swung his arm, slapping Shangguan Ning on the face.

With a loud and crisp “pa,” Shangguan Ning’s face immediately swelled up. Her pale face had five bright red fingerprints that were clear and distinct for everyone to see.

She wiped away the blood that seeped out of the corners of her mouth, and laughed heartily like she had gone insane.

As she laughed, tears began to overflow.

“What, did I speak of your heart’s deepest pain? Using your daughter to trade for your career. You did it, yet you don’t want me to speak fo it?! Even you think it’s a disgrace, even you look down upon yourself right? But the person who looks down upon you the most, is me!”

“Shut up!” Veins suddenly burst out on Shangguan Zheng’s forehead as he got angrier. He clenched his fists tightly, wanting to slap her again.

Shangguan Rouxue watched as he grew in anger with the urge to hit someone. She hurriedly stepped forward and hugged his arm, softly persuading: “Father, don’t be mad. Sister said the wrong things since she was momentarily angry, don’t be mad at her!”

As she spoke, she looked over at Shangguan Ning: “SIster, you said the wrong things. Hurry, apologize to father. Father will certainly forgive you!”

Shangguan Ning turned a deaf ear to her words, as if she did not exist.

Her back was perfectly straight, she lifted her chin slightly as she glared at Shangguan Zheng with an ice-cold gaze: “I came here today only to ask you about the event at school. Were you the one who sent people to do it!”

Shangguan Zheng didn’t think that she would ask him about this. He immediately became more enraged: “What benefits would I have for sending people to do this! Are you crazy to suspect that I was involved in this! Get out of here, I don’t want to see you for even a second!”

Listening to his words, Shangguan Ning’s heart slightly released a breath.

After twenty years of being his daughter, she somewhat understood Shangguan Zheng. If he said that the event had nothing to do with him, then he surely wasn’t involved.

He didn’t find anyone to help Guo Shuai harm her, yet he also didn’t help her with this problem. Instead, he used money to settle every dispute for himself.

The tears in Shangguan Ning’s eyes gradually dried up, her expression returned back to being tranquil and cold: “You knew that I was innocent, yet you refused to confront those people, afraid that they would make the problem bigger and influence your career. It’s alright, I don’t need your help, I will figure it out myself! I will let the entire city know that Shangguan deputy mayor’s daughter was framed!”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Shangguan Zheng’s entire body was trembling from anger. Nowadays, due to his eminent status, it had been years since someone dared to speak to him like this.

A lot of things only make matters worse, therefore this issue must be under control and must not be exposed, no matter what the truth is. None of this is important, the most important thing is making everyone shut up!

“Why would I not dare! My fiance is gone, my home has fallen apart, my job has been lost, I had almost lost my life! My path is exhausted, I will risk my own life to fight. As long as I’m not dead, don’t even think about living an easy life!”

Shangguan Zheng grew in anger, picking up the teacup and smashing it on Shangguan Ning’s body.

Shangguan Ning ducked, dodging the teacup, but the hot tea in the cup spilled across her face.

The teacup smashed the floor, immediately splitting up into pieces.

“How dare you go against me! You unfilial daughter! I raised you until you grew up, is this how you are repaying my favour!” Shangguan Zheng believed that he raised an ingrate.

From childhood he raised her with brocade garments and jade meals, yet she grew up wanting to take revenge on him! As a daughter, isn’t it her duty to help her father with some things!?

Shangguan Ning’s complexion lost its colour, allowing the droplets to slide down her face. She responded coldly: “My mom was the only one who gave birth to me, who raised me [1]. You gave all your paternal love to your illegitimate daughter, you never gave me any!”

“Your mom is already dead!” Shangguan Zheng bellowed with rage.

Shangguan Ning’s calmness immediately disappeared, her entire body was trembling. Her sharp voice exposed the indescribable pain in her heart: “Then tell me, how did my mother really die! Why would she abandon me, why would she commit suicide!”

This was Shangguan Ning’s deepest wound in her heart, a wound nobody could touch.

Once someone touches it, she will immediately become frantic, immediately become hysterical.

“Hehe……” Her laughter was hoarse and unpleasant to hear, carrying a frightening feeling that made one’s hair stand on end.

“My mother’s blood is all over this house. She died so miserably, so painfully, she mustn’t have died contentedly! You guys sleep here every night, has she never found you? Don’t tell me that you guys are sleeping peacefully in the room that she decorated herself? Hopefully my mother did not wait too long for my revenge.”

His late wife’s death was a thorn in Shangguan Zheng’s heart, a thorn not to be easily touched. Today, Shangguan Ning forcibly used this thorn to stab his heart.

He couldn’t help furiously replying: “She committed suicide, what does it have to do with anyone else! It was her fault that she was so narrow-minded, unable to tolerate other people!”

Shangguan Ning glared at him and let out a grim chuckle: “You’re so generous, why can’t you even tolerate your own biological daughter! Why should my mom tolerate a woman of unknown origin bringing a child of unknown origin to our doorsteps! They’re your own mistakes, why should my mom take on the consequences!”

She lifted her hands to wipe the tea stains off her face, and said something that alarmed the three of them: “If you guys continue to pressure me, I will report you to the municipal committee, saying that Shangguan deputy mayor had an extramarital affair and gave birth to an illegitimate child with his mistress. He was afraid that his wife would expose the secret, so he and his mistress ruthlessly murdered her!”

[1] The phrase “ gave birth to me, raised me” refers to taking care of rather than the actual terms.

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