Black Bellied President Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 — Hurry, Take This Chance to Knock Her Up!

Shangguan Ning, who was receiving the admiration and envy of all of the females of X University, wasn’t so blessed at the moment. Because at this very moment, she felt very dizzy and her entire body was in so much pain that it hurts to even breath — none of which, however, was the most pressing issue.

The most pressing issue was that she was currently burning up all over, giving her a desperate urge to find something to cool herself down and leading her to continuously to try to tear her clothes off, thinking that this could help her cool down.

But in reality, she was only covered in a thin blanket after the doctors removed most of her clothing for a better examination of the condition of her injuries.

The female head of the medical team was near fifty years of age who was once a well-known doctor and with her abundant of experience, she was able to reach a conclusion in no time.

“How is she?” Zhao Anan, who had followed from the start, asked anxiously. “Is it serious?”

The female doctor patted her hand with a ━ “she’s fine”, letting the assistant doctors bandage Shangguan Ning up. She then exited out of the aircraft’s custom-built examination room to report the situation to Jing Yichen.

She understood Jing Yichen’s way of handling things very well; therefore, she mentioned the most important details the moment she spoke. “There’s no danger to the patient’s life. The bleeding of her internal organs and her head has already been stopped. She only needs to recuperate with care.”

Jing Yichen expressionlessly nodded his head.

“The cause of her to not be able to wake up is because she was injected with a strong aphrodisiac drug. I have done my best to minimize the side effects, but I couldn’t completely remove it; unless…” The female doctor didn’t continue down the line.

Jing Yichen understood her meaning as he indifferently answered: “Use medication to alleviate her sides effects. Apart from that, she has to tolerate the rest.”

let her endure through it.”

The female doctor nodded, turning around, and went back in.

Although there was a strong need to seek pleasure after being injected with a strong aphrodisiac drug, it wouldn’t cause death if the person didn’t carry it out like what most people would think.

Ordinarily, there wasn’t a need to worry about dying. It was just very difficult to tolerate it, that’s all.

Jing Yichen’s hands closed tightly into fists as he cast a glance at the bloody-faced Guo Shuai, who was already beaten by Zhao Anan into unconsciousness, trying to retrain the strong urge to have him thrown down the aircraft personally.

A few minutes later, the helicopter landed on the lawn within one of the luxurious villas located in A City’s suburban areas.

The medical team carried Shangguan Ning on a stretcher into the villa, before very quickly coming back out. They then followed the aircraft team back to Jingsheng Group’s main headquarters.

Guo Shuai was taken away by Ah Hu and the subordinates under him. It can be surmised that the man will very quickly be able to have a taste of what it means to want to die rather than to live.

Zhao Anan already settled back down after knowing that Shangguan Ning would be fine. She then suddenly remembered that she still needed to go proctor, but unless she took the helicopter back, she would definitely not have enough time to make it back.

She didn’t want to return to the university, she would only feel at ease when she sees Shangguan Ning wake up.

She kept watch by Shangguan Ning’s side, watching the latter pulling the blanket off and unconsciously taking her own clothes off. The action scared Zhao Anan, prompting her to hastily cover Shangguan Ning back up with the blanket.

Preposterous, her cousin was still here!

Shangguan Ning’s figure was attractive enough to have the female her wanting to give the former second glances, let alone men!

Although he was a cousin closer than a blood-related brother, he saved Shangguan Ning just moments ago, and her cousin’s self-control was not the same as the rest. She still couldn’t let her good friend suffer any losses!

Zhao Anan saw that Jing Yichen didn’t show any signs of leaving; she couldn’t help but glare in his direction. “Why haven’t you left yet?”

From the start of the incident until now was merely a span of no more than ten minutes, the effect of the drug in Shangguan Ning’s body was only starting to show.

She had asked the doctor before, this drug needed at least two hours before it could die down,  and this was due to the drug being counteracted by medication if not, then the duration would be even longer.

During this period, Shangguan Ning would surely have that kind of physiological need.

Her older cousin clearly understood, yet he was still sticking around! Don’t tell her that he wanted to take the opportunity to eat tofu?!

Jing Yichen turned a blind eye to Zhao Anan’s derision as he woodenly spoke. “This is my house; where I go is my decision. As for you, why are you still here?”

Zhao Anan was boiling with anger, but just when she was about to retort, she had second thoughts. She went to his side, elbowing him as she teased, “Did you fell for our family’s little belle?”

Jing Yichen didn’t comment; instead, he took half a step to the side, just enough to avoid Zhao Anan’s touch, and letting her arm hit the air.

Zhao Anan grew up with him since she was little, so she naturally knew he didn’t like other people touching him. She only wanted to verify something just now, and her suspicions were confirmed.

“See? You don’t even like this Miss touching you, so why weren’t you the least bit averse to carrying the little belle just now?” She started laughing as she jabbered on and on. Following soon after, she whispered suggestively, “Big brother, how about this, why don’t you quickly take advantage of her situation and bang her up?”

One moment, she was still guarding against him like guarding against a wolf, but in the next, she’d already changed into the wolf itself

Jing Yichen couldn’t help but frown. “In which side are you on exactly?”

Zhao Anan walked back to Shangguan Ning’s side, giggling as she recovered the latter with the blanket she kicked to one side. “To be honest, you two are rather well-matched for each other, and so, I won’t fight you over her!”

After she finished, she skipped out of the room, leaving Jing Yichen to keep watch over Shangguan Ning himself.

Zhao Anan knew Jing Yichen’s character. If he didn’t take a liking to Shangguan Ning, the man would absolutely refuse to touch her.

It looks like I’ll be getting one hell of a sister-in-law in the near future, how wonderful~!

Shangguan Ning’s previous clothes were already thrown away by Zhao Anan when they came to the villa, and she was changed into a pair of loosen pajamas — ones that Jing Yichen never wore before. There wasn’t anything to be done about that. There was not a strip of women’s clothing here since no women would usually come here.

His pajamas were somewhat large when worn on her body, and with Shangguan Ning’s constantly pulling, her long, pure white legs were very quickly revealed along with her faintly discernible peaks.

Bruises formed on no few places of her body and with her skin being ever-more fair and tender, it made people pity her even more.

Jing Yiche’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he slowly stepped forwards.

Shangguan Ning’s mouth constantly issued alluringly light sounds of moaning, her entire person squirming. Her previously fair body was getting more and more red that it could be compared to a ripe apple.

The levelheaded Jing Yichen felt his own self-control was rather weak right now.

It was only when he relaxed for a moment that he could slowly suppress the stirring restlessness within his heart. He reached out to cover Shangguan Ning properly with the blanket, tenderly hugging her for a second.

Feeling a slightly cool presence nearing her, the fervently-burning-up her didn’t hesitate the slightest to hug that cold body, immediately feeling more comfortable. She then tried to rub against that cold body, appearing to thirst for it even more.

Jing Yichen’s entire person turned rigid, and a certain part in his lower body swiftly gave a reaction.

He muttered a – “dammit” before cruelly pry apart the two as-beautiful-as-white-lotus arms that had held onto him and quickly leaving the room.

It was currently the severe winter phase, the difference in temperature between indoor and outdoor was huge. Ice-cold air followed along with his inhaling into his lungs, letting Jing Yichen slowly recovering his calm.

He felt that if he continued to stay in there, he would definitely do something he would regret.

He stood outside for a good while before going back inside, and blanketing Shangguan Ning back up again.

Despite it being warm indoors, it was currently winter and with Shangguan Ning repeatedly kicking the blank away. She could easily get catch a cold.

A moment later, Jing Yichen went back outside again.

He repeated this routine over and over again many times, yet he was unwilling to call anyone else over to take care of Shangguan Ning.

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  1. Zhao Anan… I don’t know what to say. Careful with these kinds of friends. They’ll sell you off and then get you to help count the money.

    Couple edit suggestions:

    “Big brother, how about this, why don’t you quickly take advantage of her situation and bang her up?”
    ^ I would use “knock her up” instead of “bang her up”. We know Zhao Anan is suggesting to take sexual advantage. “Knock her up” means to get someone pregnant, while “bang her up” just means physical abuse.

    “psychedelic drugs”
    ^ Should be “aphrodisiac”. Shangguan Ning isn’t suffering from hallucinations (LSD), she’s suffering from aphrodisiac effects. They’re not the same kind of drugs. Psychedelic drugs won’t cause a body to “burn with sexual desire”.

    1. With friends like Zhao Anan is it safe to go out anywhere with her. But, in this case her hidden deal will benefit both parties involved

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