Black Bellied President Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 — Rescued

Zhao Anan had been a proctor for three days in a row, causing her entire person to not only be exhausted but antsy too.

Proctoring exams was something that could bored people to death; it was something that the energetic her could absolutely not tolerate.

It wasn’t easy for her to last one round; hence, she briskly snuck off to the office to get something to eat something to replenish her strength.

However, just when she was about to enter the office, she saw a male student sticking his head out and look around nervously while standing in front of the Department Director’s office nearby. One glance was enough for her to know that he was up to no good.

Her suspicion rose as she hollered without thinking, “What are you doing sneaking around like that?!”

The male student was terribly contrite to begin with, so when he heard someone shouting and saw that it was Zhao Anan, who was always on good terms with Shangguan Ning, he was scared to the point that he ran away with his tail between his legs — no longer caring to guard the door for Guo Shuai.

Seeing him leave like that gave Zhao Anan a reason to chase without hesitation.

As an expert in taekwondo and as well as softening being forced to place tennis with Shangguan Ning, Zhao Anan’s physique was much better compared to that skinny and short male student; therefore, the latter hadn’t run far from the faculty building before Zhao Anan caught up.

Zhao Ana never had the demeanor of a model teacher; hence, she ungraciously kicked the person to the ground while speaking fiercely. “Handing over whatever you stole, if not, you’ll face expulsion!”

She thought that the student came to steal the test questions from the staff office because ever since the start of the exams week, there were already many students making all sorts of attempts to come steal them.

The moment the male student was booted down from his hasty escape by Zhao Anan, his entire person was having intimate contact with the Earth. He only felt that the bones in his entire body were about to break into pieces.

He thought that the incident was exposed — that Zhao Anan already knew, so in fear of being taking more beating, he immediately passed the key while crying loudly. “I was forced! I never intended to harm Professor Shangguan!”

“What did you say?” Zhao Anan was startled, then fretted. “What about Professor Shangguan?! Hurry up and speak!”

As she demanded, she gave the male student two more blows with her foot.

Suffering from misfortune, that person was forthwith as he screamed the answer. “Shangguan Ning is being locked in the Department Director’s office! Professor Guo intents to violate her!”

Zhao Anan only felt a huge bang in her brain. No bothering with anything else, she immediately snatched the key and charged back to the office using her faster speed to open the door.

The scene that followed was Guo Shuai pinning the already fainted Shangguan Ning while beating and cursing the latter at the same time tearing her clothes apart.

Her eyes promptly turned red and rushed over, exerting the most strength she had in her lifetime to kick Guo Shuai away.

Guo Shuai was sent flying several meters away, his entire person knocked into the corner of the office desk, leading him to immediate passing out.

“Ah Ning,” Zhao Anan pulled Shangguan Ning up into a hug, bawling. “Are you okay? Wake up; it’s me, Anan! Don’t scare me like this!”

Shangguan Ning’s hair was in dishevel; her countenance swelled beyond recognition; what’s more, blood was ceaselessly spilling from her mouth. Her already tore white fur sweater that was smeared with blood was a ghastly sight to see. The inner flesh-colored warm clothes were shed halfway. The only piece of clothing that was still considered in good condition on her body was the light blue jeans; however, it was gradually turning red from the blood seeping out from the wounds on her legs.

She held onto Shangguan Ning’s hand and touched the back of her head, the feeling was tepid and moist.

She pulled her hand back and saw blood covering it entirely.

Zhao Anan was both alarmed and scared, the her who never shed a tear was immediately hiccupping in tears.

It was fortunate that she came today, fortunate that she had impulsively roared that one sentence.

“Ah Ning……” She hugged Shangguan Ning while calling to the latter incessantly. “Ah Ning, wake up……”

Dazedly, Shangguan Ning heard someone calling her.

She pried open her eyes with great effort and taking a good while before she could register clearly that it was the familiar face of Zhao Anan.

Her consciousness already started to blur, but she forced herself to stay awake as she stammered incoherently. “H-hospital……drug…… Hospital……”

Zhao instantly understood. “We’ll go to the hospital right now! Ah Ning, you have to hold on!”

With a hand holding onto Shangguan Ning while with her other hand swiftly fished out the phone on her body and dialed.

The call was quickly accepted, and Zhao Anan could not care for anything else as she wailed loudly. “Big Brother, we’re at school — Ah Ning’s in trouble, you have to hurry and bring a doctor over!”

No matter what happens, her very first thought was her older cousin. If there was a problem not even her older cousin could resolve, then she reckons no one else could.

Jing Yichen momentarily panicked. Zhao Anan was the type that will not shed a tear even if the sky collapses down. For her to cry like this now, he was afraid that something major must have happened to Shangguan Ning.

His heart unfathomably clenched tightly, a never before felt emotion spread from within his heart to his four limbs and the hundreds of bones in his body.

Disregarding the executives that were currently giving him reports of the corporation’s operations, Jing Yichen left the conference room while simultaneously instructing Ah Hu. “Prepare the helicopter! Bring the medical team and head over to X University!”

Ah Hu’s affirmative was forthwith. He called for a helicopter and medical team soon after.

X University was situated in the suburban areas. The distance between it and the city-centered Jing Sheng Group was more than half of A City.

However, not long after Zhao Anan hung up, Jing Yichen appeared in front of her and Shangguan Ning with a mere six minutes’ time gap.

She inwardly relaxed a breath when she saw her cousin appeared; her entire person went limp.

Jing Yichen knew that Zhao Anan was fine, so he directly strode to Shangguan Ning’s side without glancing at the former.

When he saw Shangguan’s situation, his heart couldn’t ache more than it was.

He removed his jacket and wrapped it around Shangguan Ning, lightly carrying her up princess-style. He proceeded to walk out of the faculty building and into the helicopter.

“Check her over, nothing can happen to her.”

His tone was ice-cold, his entire body from top to bottom emitting a chilling vibe yet there wasn’t any expression on his sharp, distinct face.

However, those who were familiar with Jing Yichen knew that the latter was on the edge of erupting into a rage.

Jing Yichen knew what kind of things happened in the office the moment he entered. When he saw that someone had harmed her, he had a wanting-to-tear-someone’s-heart-and-split-someone’s-lungs kind of anger.

He never realized that Shangguan Ning had already taken root in his heart.

All the people from the aircraft and medical team followed Jing Yichen over the years, yet they’ve never seen him carry any kind of women before. What was even more impressive was that he had never seen him this furious off before.

Finally, the medical team finally understood why of the members that came this time were all females.

They immediately scanned Shangguan with medical instruments one after the other and begin giving her a body examination.

Seeing her cousin carried Shangguan Ning out, she could finally relax somewhat. At the turn of an eye, she saw Guo Shuai lying half dead on the ground and went up to give him some furious kicks, inherently waking him up from his unconscious state.

“Take him away!”

With the great Miss Zhao giving the order, the people that Jing Yichen brought promptly dragged Guo Shuai away.

After waiting for Zhao Anan to get on the aircraft, it very quickly took off and left the school premise.

At the same time, the entirety of X University entered into a state of fervor because of the helicopter’s arrival.

“Which professor have this kind of good fortune for her boyfriend to go as far as coming to pick her up by helicopter?! That’s too freakin’ awesome! All BMWs and Mercedes-Benz are crap compared to this!

“Who said that it has to be a professor if it’s in the faculty building? Her being a student isn’t out of the question! Though, this girl really makes people envious!”

“If there’s someone willing to pick me up with a helicopter, I’ll marry him immediately! I won’t even care how he looks!”

“Aiya, don’t tell me you didn’t see it?! The guy that came out of the helicopter was super handsome! His entire person looked as though he came out of the TV; I have never seen a person this handsome before!”

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  1. So glad the Yichen is the hero and has S-ning in his heart already, I hope that creep Guo Shaui gets life in prison, what an idiot to think he can rape her without any consequences!
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