Black Bellied President Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 — It Takes a Villain to Beat a Villain

Jing Yichen softly heaved a sigh, nodding towards Ah Hu. Only then did Ah Hu abandon what he was about to do.

Lin Yu released a breath, but when she turned her head around and saw her daughter’s painfully pale face, she trembled from head to toe — it was like seeing the most terrifying devil. Her heart ached incessantly, hugging her stiflingly crying daughter, but she didn’t dare to make half a sound. She was scared, for the life of her, that it would offend the ruthless demon in front of them.

Shangguan Ning sighed even more so. Although she didn’t like her aunt and younger cousin, they were her uncle’s wife and daughter, his closest relatives — they were the ones who would accompany him throughout life. If not for that, then she wouldn’t have been this courteous.

It was only when she relaxed herself did she noticed that she had unknowingly hugged onto Jing Yichen’s arm, which prompted her to hastily released her grip in a somewhat flustered state.

The soft, warm body left Jing Yichen, letting him ease up somewhat. However, it was the first time he’d hoped that this kind of discomfort could continue for a bit longer.

A peculiar feeling bloomed in the bottom of his heart. Not only was it the kind of emotion that was that unfamiliar, but it had also came so quickly that there wasn’t enough time for him to prepare against it.

Jing Yichen felt that he was definitely going crazy.

His face was still as cold as ice, unable to make out any expression on it as he masked his inner thoughts with absolute perfection.

To Ah Hu, however, who had grew up with him, the Young Master seemed different somehow, but he couldn’t pinpoint how he was different.

Furthermore, his family’s Young Master wasn’t someone who liked to be the hero who saved the damsel in distress — “Brutal tactics and callous slaughter” was more the Young Master’s style. For example, he didn’t even blink at the breaking of the young woman’s arm just now, proving that he was really so unfeeling.

The simple-minded Ah Hu seemed to have forgotten that he was the one who had unblinkingly and swiftly broke the aforementioned arm just a moment ago.

Seeing that Jing Yichen didn’t seem to have any reaction to her action, Shangguan Ning secretly relaxed a breath.

She remembered Zhao Anan had once said that her brother especially liked cleanliness, and that he was not fond of having bodily contact with other people.

When she saw the mother-daughter duo’s hatred but also fear, Shangguan Ning truly felt somewhat appeased. She had been bullied by them for so many years, but because of her uncle, she had always endured in silently. Jing Yichen had really helped take revenge for her today.

The atmosphere between everyone was very stiff, but Jing Yichen didn’t take notice of it at all as he composedly turned around and headed towards the elevator.

Ah Hu was like his shadow, following after him while Shangguan Ning was hastily catching up, fearing — for the life of her — that her aunt would start to frenziedly retaliate after Jing Yichen left.

After the three of them left, Huang Xinyi immediately wailed loudly, completely disregarding her own image of a gentle beauty.

“Mom, help — I’m going to die! It hurts so much, Mom……”

In actuality, her arm was indeed in very much pain, but more importantly, she felt that she had utterly lost her face today!

She didn’t know when Shangguan Ning that slut had actually hooked up with such a handsome guy, that he would protect her like that and had even broke her arm without blinking an eye!

She was born this pretty and lovable, but he was actually still able to act against her! He was simply more of a devil than the devil himself!

Lin Yu gnashed her teeth in hatred, helping her daughter into the her family’s brand new BMW. She consoled her daughter as she quickly drove the car: “Good daughter, bear with it for a while longer. We’ll be at the hospital very soon. I definitely won’t left Shangguan Ning that little bitch off. Don’t you worry, she will absolutely suffer tenfold — hundredfold more than you! We’ll complain to your father when we get home, let him take a look at how vicious his good niece is!”

Although that male looked to be wearing matching couple outfits with Shangguan Ning, but she kept feeling that the the relation between the two were average at most. It didn’t look like they knew each other very well and thinking back, Shangguan Ning had been very surprised at that man’s arrival. He wasn’t someone to be trifled with, but he couldn’t be at Shangguan Ning’s side at all times!

While Lin Yu drove away with her daughter, Shangguan had followed Jing Yichen to wait for the elevator.

After Shangguan Ning mollified her anger, her entire person cooled down but she was somewhat worried.

Her aunt would complain to her uncle for sure. Shangguan Ning wasn’t afraid that her uncle would misunderstand her. With her uncle’s keen mind, he would immediately know that her aunt had came to demand for the apartment again. When that time comes, there was no doubt going to be another unavoidable disturbance.

She didn’t feel sorry for her aunt, she only felt sorry for her uncle. He was striving his utmost in the outside world, yet still had to deal with a dispute when he returns home. There didn’t seem to be any means for him to get a good rest.

This was all her fault. If it wasn’t for her, perhaps her uncle would have a more relaxed lifestyle. At least, he wouldn’t quarrel with her aunt because of her.

Jing Yichen had obviously felt Shangguan Ning’s declining mood as he nonchalantly started to speak. “Was it too much?”

When Shangguan Ning heard his deep, melodious voice, she was startled slightly. It was only when she came to did she replied to him. “No. Rather, I want to thank you for today.”

She quelled those worries of hers down, her delicate face revealing a trace of a smile. “Actually, I have wanted to strike a long time ago. I was only afraid that I would bring trouble to my uncle, is all. If not, then I would’ve already use those few taekwondo moves that I’ve learned from Anan! Although it wasn’t me who acted, but, today’s the best day I had! There was finally someone who could punish them for me! Let’s see if they will still have the guts to act arrogantly in the future!”

Her look of happily using powerful connections to intimidate people gratified Jing Yichen, the corner of his lips contained a trace of joy as it faintly curved into an attractive arc. “It takes a villain to defeat a villain. I can do this kind of thing easily, you can’t.”

Shangguan laughed, a wave of warmth spread from the bottom of her heart as she remarked sincerely: “You’re a good person.”

Jing Yichen declined comment, but the Ah Hu behind him twitched his mouth.

Miss, you’re just too innocent. That illegally handsome face of the Young Master had swindled many people. Countless people would suffered a life worse than death with just one sentence from the Young Master. He shouldn’t even be considered as a good guy!

Ah Hu had forgotten, again, just who was the one who toyed with those people to the point that dying was better than living. Moreover, although Jing Yichen’s face was deceiving, Ah Hu took it up another level with his face deceiving people to their own deaths!

‘Ding!’ — signaled the arrival of the elevator. The three of them entered with Ah Hu pressing for the highest floor of twenty-seventh, he then gave a silly smile as he asked: “Miss Shangguan, which floor?”

He’d heard what that fierce lady had said not long ago, the girl in front in him was Deputy Mayor Shangguan’s daughter. So this was the partner that Zhao Anan had introduced to his Young Master, and it seemed that the Young Master treated the other differently than everyone else!

Ah Hu got more excited as he kept contemplating about it. He couldn’t help but reveal his signature smile at Shangguan Ning.

Shangguan Ning returned the smile with a similar one. “Sixth floor, thanks.”

When she first saw Ah Hu, she had thought that he was a forthright young man — the type that even if other people took bullying to the extreme, he still wouldn’t retaliate. She didn’t expect him to have ruthless persona. She knew from just looking at that nimble yet sturdy assault of his that he had done this kind of thing countless times in his everyday life.

She stole a glance at the handsome and upright man beside her, it was the first time she was somewhat curious of his identity.

However, she absolutely would not ask what shouldn’t be asked. Besides, they still weren’t familiar to that degree.

Zhao Anan and her were best friends. They would never ask about each other’s family affairs, simply staying as the purest of friends.

A friend without benefits mixing in whatsoever gives the most comfort and last the longest.

The speed of the elevator was very fast, hence, in the a blink of an eye, it stopped at the sixth floor.

Shangguan Ning walked out of the elevator, expressing her gratitude gently again. “Thanks for today.”

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