Black Bellied President Chapter 15

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  Chapter 15 — I’ll Vent on Your Behalf

Shangguan Ning hoped that her uncle didn’t know about her moving out of the complex and buying a new house — and her aunt would not tell uncle herself that she’d demanded the apartment back, Shangguan Ning was sure on that.

Although Shangguan Ning didn’t like her aunt, but other than that cold-blooded father of hers, she only had her uncle as a close relative. He had doted so much on her, so she shouldn’t be too selfish — she couldn’t let her Uncle’s family fall into chaos because of her.

“Aunt, you should go back, but don’t let Uncle know of what happened today. I will move out as quick as possible.” If worse comes to worst, she could rent an apartment first.

“Hmph, you only know how to pretend.” Cousin Huang Xinyi snorted, her lips curled into a sneer. “If you want to act, then act in front of my dad. What’s the use of acting shamelessly in front of us?”

Shangguan Ning’s expression chilled, her brows knitted but she made no comment.

There were some matters that couldn’t be cleared up with just an explanation — the conflict with her cousin and her aunt wasn’t a one or two day thing.

She had always tried her hardest to resolve the issue, but her effort bore no fruit whatsoever. The best method so far was just not to speak, otherwise, this mother-daughter pair would quarrel with her till the break of dawn.

Lin Yu felt that her daughter’s words were completely correct. Shangguan Ning this damn brat had hogged innumerous benefits from their family. If it hadn’t been for her obstruction, then Lin Yu was only afraid that the house would’ve long since been emptied out by that husband of hers with his elbow turning outwards1!

“Although our family works as a real estate agency, this apartment didn’t come without a price — not to mention that this district isn’t developed by Huang’s Real Estate, but by the Jing Sheng Corporation. Their ask prices were always as high as the sky itself, so we didn’t buy this for the sake of letting an outsider take advantage of it!”

Huang’s Real Estate was originally singlehandedly established by Shangguan Ning’s maternal grandfather and later on, it underwent a rapid growth in her Uncle’s hand. Nowadays, it was already one of A City’s very best real estate companies.

Of course, this couldn’t even be compared to the Jing Sheng Corporation. The Jing Sheng Corporation had branched off into electronic technology, the entertainment industry, hospitality industry, shopping centers, real estate, and many other fields. Its branch companies had long since spread to cover every part of the country. There were but only a few real estate projects situated in A City, but they were all high-end residences.

The relationship between her Uncle and Jing Sheng Corporation’s current chairman, Jing Zhongxiu was pretty good, therefore, this apartment should’ve been bought at the lowest possible price. However, her Aunt was in the dark about this.

Aunt Lin Yu’s sharp voice echoed in the parking lot, leading to several people who had parked their cars to look in her direction.

Shangguan Ning didn’t want to cause trouble, but just as she was turning around with the intention to leave, she was pulled to a stop by Lin Yu.

“Just look at your clothes, look at your car, this extravagant but you still can’t afford a house? Aren’t you also a university professor? I’ve heard that those professors’ salaries aren’t low. Oh right, doesn’t the school offer faculty housing? You don’t have one? Or is it that it was provided but you purposely hid it so that you could insist on occupying ours?!”

The price of Shangguan’s set of white NIKE branded sportswear plus her sports shoes — would never be worth as much as one of Cousin Huang Xinyi’s LV handbag. Moreover, which university nowadays would offer housing permissively like in the past?

Lin Yu was but being an annoying pest, that’s all.

To begin with, she was very tired after just finished playing tennis. Hence, at this moment, she only felt drained from head to toe, getting more and more beaten by the second.

She forcefully tugged her arm out of Lin Yu’s grasp, but just when she was about to take a step, she was tripped over by a suddenly extended foot.

Shangguan Ning’s entire person fell onto the ground in the next moment. The fall was so painful that she couldn’t restrain from letting out a – “Ah!”

Huang Xinyi smugly withdrew her foot, putting on an act as she spoke. “Aiyo, older cousin, you’re honestly too careless!”

Lin Yu looked as if she had finally appeased of her anger. Just as she pulled Huang Xinyi, wanting to leave, both of them were blocked by tall, sturdy-built man.

“Who are you? What’s your deal? What, are you this cheap brat’s helper?! Quickly scram and don’t block our way or you won’t be able to face the consequences otherwise!”

Ah Hu, who was obstructing the two, remained unmoved, his eyes staring unblinkingly at his Young Master. After so many years, this was still his first time seeing the Young Master holding a woman like this.

Jing Yichen reached out and fastened an arm around Shangguan Ning’s waist, slowly supporting her up. Seeing her tiny face scrunched up in pain, he couldn’t help but frown. “Why didn’t you dodge when other people play their shenanigans?”

Her white sportswear was mostly stained with dirt, her hair was somewhat disheveled — she appeared to be in a very sorry state.

Jing Yichen, however, didn’t take notice of any of this at the moment despite having always preferred cleanliness. He only thought that the girl caused people’s heart to very much ache for her.

It was only after being supported back to her feet did Shangguan realized that the person who had helped her was surprisingly the very Jing Yichen that she had parted from just moments prior.

Then upon hearing his words, her heart warmed up, which was then followed by surprise. “Why are you here?”

Seeing that she could stand by herself, Jing Yichen withdrew his hand and nodded faintly. “I just moved here.”

That day’s truck, crane, and furthermore, that luxurious, eye-catching Aston Martin flickered through Shangguan Ning’s mind. She then lifted her head and saw the man simple and honest-looking man from that day, prompting a revelation in a flash.

It turned out that the one who moved in on that day was actually him!

No wonder she saw that car at Victorian that day.

“So it was you.” She softly mumbled.

Lin Yu and Huang Xinyi being obstructed over there had originally been extremely irritated, but at a glance of the handsomely featured and perfectly tempered Jing Yichen, their anger was rapidly replaced with ecstasy in the blink of an eye.

Although the two of them didn’t recognize Jing Yichen, but with just one look at Jing Yichen’s exception bearing, that face that was even better looking than A City’s handsomest male celebrity, and adding the cherry on top was Ah Hu, who was the kind of bodyguard that gave gave people the feeling of being under a formidable pressure — one would know that he was the son of an influential family.

Both of Huang Xinyi’s eyes lit up, her expression was one that made Shangguan Ning feel awkward.

Lin Yu restrained herself a bit, but it wasn’t any better because it was as if she treating Jing Yichen like a son-in-law. Her expression immediately switched to that repulsive unctuous smile of hers, pulling her blushing daughter as she spoke. “What’s this Young Master’s name? Have you married before? My little girl — Huang Xinyi is the Young Miss of Huang’s Real Estate and it’s only heir apparent. I don’t know if she has the fortune to get acquainted with you?”

She’d thought that if she were to put Huang’s Real Estate out on the table, the other party would surely take the initiative to befriend them.

What was unexpected, however, was Jing Yichen’s wooden expression — like he hadn’t heard anything at all as he coldly instructed Ah Hu. “Break an arm per person.”

Receiving the order, Ah Hu’s response was direct and efficient as he ruthlessly exerted all of his strength, making a large contrast between his action and his honest-looking appearance. Even the set of spotlessly white set of teeth he revealed let people feel cold and threatening.

“You can’t!” Shangguan Ning scared to the point of being drenched in cold sweat as she hastily stop it.

However, it was already too late.

There was only the extremely miserable and blood-curling – “AH!” – and one of Huang Xinyi’s arms dangled loosely at her shoulder.

The moment she saw Ah Hu releasing Huang Xinyi’s arm, turning picking up Lin Yu’s arm, Shangguan Ning immediately hugged onto Jing Yichen’s arm.. “Don’t, don’t, don’t — she’s my aunt! Don’t hurt her!”

Jing Yichen had heard their conversion when he was in the car. He knew that of these two, one was Shangguan Ning’s aunt and the other was her younger cousin. He was only disgusted at the fact that these two were clearly her relatives, yet they were still this ruthless to Shuangguan Ning.

Only, with Shangguan Ning’s anxiousness at the moment, coupled with the subtle pleading on her delicate yet beautiful face and her hugging his arm so tightly to the extent that he could clearly feel her soft body and her…… slight trembling, a trace of softness suddenly penetrated into Jing Yichen’s ice-cold, stone heart that had long since been lying untouched.

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