Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 318

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“Master Gu, you came.”
When Tong Qingyuan saw Gu Cangyun come, a polite and respectful smile immediately appeared on his face.

Although he and Gu Cangyun were both pill masters, Gu Cangyun was a third grade pill maser while he was only a second grade one.

Besides, Gu Cangyun was older than him and was his senior.

Gu Cangyun nodded his head slightly before locking his eyes on Baili Hongzhuang.

“What is your name? Daring to talk to my disciple so rudely!”

His sullen voice was angry and questioning. Gu Cangyun had always protected his name, and how could he let her go when she had even insulted his most prided upon disciple like that?

No matter if it was Feng Bo Country or Clear Flame Country, very few around Wei Meidai’s age could take the pill masters examination like her.

Only Huan Chuyou’s disciple Liu Qinyue truly had enough talent to beat Wei Meidai. Other people can’t even come close.

Although this girl’s appearance was impressive, daring to look down on his disciple, she had to pay the price!

Wei Meidai stood behind Gu Cangyun, a prideful smile on her beautiful face.

She looked at her master. Let’s see if this woman still dared to be as arrogant as before.

Baili Hongzhuang frowned slightly, a trace of coldness fluttering past her inky black eyes.

The thing she disliked most was such a high and lofty, arrogant, bossy appearance as if he and other people were on completely different levels.

Since the other person was so rude, she naturally didn’t need to be polite either.

Respect was something both parties needed.

A trifling third grade pill master didn’t have the qualifications to make her reply.

Baili Hongzhaung glanced at Gu Cangyun and Wei Meidai, not replying.

Seeing Baili Hongzhuang continue her arrogant act, Wei Meidai was stunned. Did this woman not know her master’s identity?

Anyone in Azure Water City would treat her master with due respect as soon as they saw him. So how could this woman from who knows where have the impertinence to ignore her master?

“Hey, my master is asking you something. You dare to ignore him?”

Wei Meidai raised her voice at Baili Hongzhuang, her appearance as if Baili Hongzhuang had done something unbearably ungraceful.

Baili Hongzhuang’s face was cold, her inky black eyes estranged and indifferent.

“You questioning me doesn’t mean I have to reply.”

Her cold, clear voice was sweet and pleasant, but her words made the scene freeze.

Tong Qingyuan stared at Baili Hongzhuang, astonished. Although he thought that this was mostly due to Wei Meidai’s arrogance, Baili Hongzhuang’s rudeness to Gu Cangyun was truly out of his expectations.

The crowd watching was also shocked. Wasn’t this Baili Hongzhaung really too audacious?

Usually, nobody would dare to speak against Gu Cangyun and Wei Meidai in the Pill Masters Guild. Even in all of Azure Water City, there wasn’t anyone who dared to slight them.

But now, Baili Hongzhuang actually dared to face Gu Cangyun so rudely?

It had to be said, her courage alone was admirable.

“Master Gu is famous for his narrow mindedness. Baili Hongzhaung really dares to offend him?”

“Wei Meidai’s usual actions are always spoiled by Master Gu. Baili Hongzhaung’s actions actually make me a bit happy.”

“Ai, but offending Master Gu, Baili Hongzhaung definitely won’t have a good time in Azure Water City….”

Everyone sighed, looking at Baili Hongzhaung regretfully.

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  1. No one ever gives Baili Hongzhuang the benefit of a doubt.They are so quick to challenge and ridicule her.But , She is used to it. So this time is no different from others.

  2. Literally everyone knows BHZ has the channel opening pills. Even if they assumed it was her “master” who refined those pills they should still consider what sort of master is able to refine those kinds of pills.

  3. Ai so slow… really drives a person crazy the way they drag it out. Also was everyone on scene kicked in the head?, BH came to take a 2 level exam, previously traded a second level extinct pill, would of thought rumours of the auction in the sect would spread showing she has more, is it that hard to connect the dots. Since most people in the crowd know who she is, they should at least know her status as a special enrolment student. If nothing else, do they really think she is so bored as to come take an exam she couldn’t pass, to lose her face like that. There may be glory in taking the challenge, but not when it would merely prove her to be an idiot. If she was an idiot, she wouldn’t of met the requirements to become a special enrolment student.

    Hope they hurry it along, I enjoy them slapping their own faces, but it doesn’t need to take so long to set it up.

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